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‘Jesus Christ! Open the door!’ Terrifying VIDEO from Mexico plane crash emerges online

A passenger has shared the recording of what appear to be the last seconds of Aeromexico Flight 2431 and the panic that followed the crash. The man, a Christian pastor, also accused authorities of covering up passengers’ deaths. The video shows the Embraer 190 jet with 103 on board trying to take off in a rainstorm at Durango airport, failing ...

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Missing: One semi-demonic black cat from Bulgakov House museum plagued with mystery

Bulgakov House, a museum in Moscow, launched a search for a kidnapped employee on Wednesday – a black cat with ‘stern character’, who was named Behemoth after the eponymous demonic character in the writer’s best-known novel. While Mikhail Bulgakov was an accomplished author with many great books, his masterpiece “The Master and Margarita” enjoys cult status in Russia. Focused on ...

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Google’s Clock app can now wake you up with music from Spotify

You probably never think about the Google Clock app on your Android phone. And unless you are one of those happy early risers, it’s not exactly an app that brings you joy. But every day, it wakes you right on time, with either some annoying chirps or other sounds that, over time, will stress you out. But stress no more. ...

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Texas cops notch up another bizarre call-out as fish-lover masterminds shark-nap from aquarium

A man has been arrested in connection with the theft of a horn shark from a public aquarium in San Antonio, Texas. The suspect and his accomplices wheeled out the animal wrapped in a blanket and in a baby carriage. The almost cartoon-like heist, which the local police initially thought was a hoax, played out on Saturday afternoon in San ...

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NYT columnist fantasizes in article from a future in which Trump loses 2020 election to rival Warren

It is the year 2020 and Donald Trump has just lost his bid for reelection for president of the United States — at least in the mind of one New York Times scribe, who has envisioned a Trumpless future in his latest column. Columnist David Leonhardt has penned an article billed as a “sneak peek” at analysis from November 4, ...

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Rock & hard place: Saudi flag-bearer runs from Israeli flag… to stand next to Iran’s (VIDEO)

A Saudi winner of a chemistry tournament has found himself the subject of social media attention after he moved from standing next to an Israeli participant – only to find himself beside an Iranian flag-bearer. The awkward incident, the video of which has been widely shared, happened during the 50th International Chemistry Olympiad which was co-hosted by Slovakia and the ...

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From vineyard to graveyard: Creepy animal skull spooks Reddit users (PHOTO)

A Reddit user’s account of their day at a vineyard took a rather macabre turn and sparked a rip roaring debate online after they claimed to have pulled up a vine root embedded inside a tiny animal skull. Posted to the online forum on Friday by user Zuelk, the photo reveals a plant growing from the eye socket of a ...

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Congress members demand answers from Amazon about facial recognition software

When we called the ACLU’s Amazon’s Rekognition press release an “attention-grabbing stunt” when we wrote about it earlier today, well, consider that attention grabbed. Several Democratic members of Congress have responded with a strongly worded letter to founder Jeff Bezos. Reps. Jimmy Gomez and John Lewis issued a letter to Bezos, after the ACLU noted that the facial recognition software falsely ...

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Cartoonist fired from Israeli mag for drawing Netanyahu as an Orwellian pig

An Israeli cartoonist has been fired for depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others as pigs from George Orwell’s Animal Farm. He had worked for the magazine for three decades. Jerusalem Report cartoonist Avi Katz drew Netanyahu and other members of the Likud party as pigs, with a quote added from Orwell’s novel, “All animals are equal but some are ...

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Wildfire drone footage: Incinerated landscape from Greek inferno laid bare (VIDEO)

Devastating drone footage has captured the sheer scale of the damage caused by the deadly wildfires that charred the Greek towns of Mati and Penteli. The wildfires spread at blistering pace on Monday, killing at least 81 people and injuring 187 in the worst blaze the country has seen in decades. The cause of the fire is yet to be ...

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