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Drunken man falls from Ferris wheel in failed selfie attempt (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

An attempt to take a spectacular selfie almost ended in a tragedy for a man in Irkutsk in Russia’s Siberia.The man’s horrendous fall from a Ferris wheel was captured on video by his shocked friends in Irkutsk, Siberia. The victim was drunk and climbed on the 50-meter-high ride to take a spectacular selfie. On Wednesday, four friends who had been ...

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‘Most new drugs are from the US and Europe, not China’ – Beijing on the opioid epidemic

China has rebuffed allegations that it is flooding the American market with “cheap and deadly” designer drugs. Beijing says the US should do more to crack down on its domestic manufacturers instead. Last year’s US congressional report labeled China the “primary source” of fentanyl, a popular synthetic painkiller that is 50 times more powerful than heroin and leads to thousands ...

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Moscow 100 years ago: Panoramic photos from the Romanov private archive

With tourists flocking to Moscow for the World Cup, RT looks at what the city was like 100 years ago through the lens of the royal family. #Romanovs100, RT’s historical photo-puzzle project, has published some astonishing panoramic images from the Romanov private archive, taken when they visited Moscow in the early 1900s. See if you can recognize the city of ...

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Russophobia acceptable from of racism – Experts to RT after journos kicked from Ukraine

Ukraine is unlikely to see criticism from the West, where “Russophobia has become an acceptable form of racism”, experts told RT after Kiev stopped journalists in Russian media from attending OSCE press freedoms conference. Ukrainian authorities expelled RT’s Middle East Bureau correspondent Paula Slier and Rossiya 24 news channel’s Evgeny Primakov, both of whom had travelled to Kiev to attend ...

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‘Erratic’ woman removed from Spirit Airlines flight in apparent PTSD-triggered episode (VIDEO)

A distressed veteran suffering from PTSD was removed from a Spirit Airlines flight after it was diverted to Minnesota for a medical emergency. The incident took place after the Houston-bound flight landed in Rochester International Airport. The woman in question, who is believed to be a military veteran, became panicked and wanted to get off the plane. Video footage taken ...

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Get your trusted midterm elections news from us, says Apple

Apple News has a new old mission: Curating political news and analysis by paying a team of experienced human editors to quality-assess journalism, rather than letting unchecked algorithms run wild and exaggerate anything — no matter how awful, obnoxious or untrue. ‘Fakebook’ eat your heart out. Apple says human curation is not a new direction for Apple News — describing ...

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Surgeons remove 2 liters of poop from man’s colon to save paralysed leg (SCANS)

Doctors in Australia have reported an extreme case of constipation where two liters of faeces were found compacted in a patient’s intestines. The severe blockage had even caused paralysis in the man’s right leg. The 57-year-old patient was rushed to the emergency room in Victoria, Australia, where medical staff made the startling discovery. Left untreated the condition is almost certain ...

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Beijing signals yuan devaluation to protect its exports from Trump’s tariffs

Chinese authorities have reportedly deployed the country’s central bank to resist intense trade pressure from Washington as nearly 85 percent of China’s sales to the US were hit with export tariffs amid an escalating trade war. The People’s Bank of China has announced first steps towards easing monetary policy, pledging to boost demand for the national currency. The regulator said ...

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Rocky road: Motorist’s miraculous escape from shocking landslide (VIDEO)

A New Zealand motorist had a remarkably lucky escape after he narrowly avoided being crushed by a powerful landslide – and still managed to film the dramatic brush with death. The rock-laden slip came barrelling down the Waioeka Gorge in the Bay of Plenty on the country’s North Island, just meters away from the plucky camerman’s vehicle. Michael Tabudravu was ...

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Blaster beats lightsaber: Han Solo’s iconic weapon from Return of the Jedi sold for $550,000

Han Solo’s legendary blaster that he used to confront stormtroopers in Return of the Jedi has been sold for a truly out-of-this-world price, leaving Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the first two films light-years behind. “Sold for $ 550,000! An original Han Solo blaster used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi! Sold today in our ‘Hollywood Legends’ memorabilia auction,” Julien’s ...

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