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Live from Apple’s iPhone event

Gooooood morning, Cupertino. Today’s the big event at Apple HQ. 2018’s been a slow year for Apple hardware (including a complete no-show at WWDC a few months back). As ever, we’ll be on-hand to help make sense of all of the news as it breaks, and you can follow along with our handy liveblog below. For those who want it ...

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Google gets more RCS messaging support from Samsung

Google has secured a bit more buy in from Samsung for a next generation text messaging standard it’s long been promoting. The Android OS maker’s hope for Rich Communication Services (RCS), which upgrades what SMS can offer to support richer comms and content swapping, can provide its fragmented Android ecosystem with a way to offer comparably rich native messaging — a la ...

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Taking candy from a baby: Russian lawmaker wants to ban children from buying sweets

A Russian lawmaker has proposed fighting child obesity with radical measures – banning the sale of candy to children under 14 and marking foods which have a high sugar content with graphic warnings, similar to cigarettes. “Children know no measure in their love of sweet foods: when they have pocket money they often spend all of it at once, and ...

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One man’s journey from anti-Putin artistic star to inmate ‘tortured’ by French prison guards (VIDEO)

RT recounts the rise and fall of Pyotr Pavlensky, who used to garner international praise and support for staging anti-Putin ‘performances’ and is now complaining that the French prison he is in is worse than the Russian one. While in Russia, Pavlensky drew public attention with several acts, including nailing his scrotum to the pavement of Red Square and setting ...

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Russian military servicemen banned from sharing any info on internet in government bill

The Russian government has drafted a new bill which, if passed by parliament, would ban military servicemen from disclosing on the web any information about themselves, their units and other military staff. The bill specifies that members of the military of any rank should not post information on the internet about themselves or other servicemen, including pictures and videos, as ...

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What not to expect from Apple’s hardware event

Tomorrow’s the big day. You’ve no doubt heard all the rumors by now, but for those who need a little help getting up to speed, check out the rumor roundup we ran last week. As ever, though, it’s important to lower expectations as much as possible, so as to not wallow in one’s own inevitable crushing disappointment. It’s a philosophy ...

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Dog helps Oregon man to be exonerated from 50 year prison sentence for child sex abuse

An Oregon man sentenced to 50 years in prison for sexually abusing his daughter has had his conviction overturned and received an apology from the state – after a dog was found safe and well. Josh Horner from Redmond, Oregon, got an apology on behalf of the state from John Hummel, the Deschutes County district attorney whose office was responsible ...

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AI detects ‘mysterious repeating’ signals from ‘alien galaxy’ 3 billion light years away

Researchers at Breakthrough Listen, a project involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), have used AI to study signals from distant galaxies and found that we may have missed a lot in the hunt for alien life. The team, led by UC Berkeley doctoral student Gerry Zhang, examined a phenomena known as Fast Radio Bursts or FRBs. These are ...

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Trump receives ‘positive’ letter from Kim Jong-un requesting new meeting – White House

Donald Trump has received a “warm” letter from North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un about scheduling a second meeting, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has confirmed, adding that conversations about a new summit are underway. Speaking during a news briefing on Monday, Sanders said that a second meting with Kim is “something we want to take place.” Read more “The ...

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CIA builds new drone base in Niger, lethal Libya mission may have been launched from it – report

Since February, the CIA have been developing a drone base in a tiny Niger town in the middle of the Sahara desert – which may have already been used to fly a lethal mission in southern Libya, the New York Times reports. Located in the oasis town of Dirkou, the new base was built next to a civilian airport, growing ...

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