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Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen after Houthis target ‘military airport’

Saudi air-defense systems have reportedly managed to intercept a ballistic missile launched from Yemen after Houthi rebels said they had targeted a “military airport” in the city of Jizan. The alleged Scud-type missile was destroyed before the projectile hit the intended target in the port city, which lies in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia and directly north of the ...

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EU companies may withdraw from Iran, words of support for nuclear deal not enough – FM Zarif

Iranian FM Javad Zarif told the EU energy chief that the bloc must take “practical steps” to strengthen economic ties with Tehran after Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal, saying that “political support” was not enough. “With the withdrawal of America, [Iran’s] public expectations of the European Union have increased in order to maintain the deal’s gains, and in the ...

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Saudi Arabia intercepts missile fired from Yemen

Saudi Arabia has managed to intercept a ballistic missile launched from Yemen into a “civilian area,” according to the Arab coalition. Houthi rebels meanwhile claimed they had targeted and successfully hit a Saudi military base. Two ballistic missiles were fired on Saturday evening from Yemen into Saudi Arabia, allegedly targeting Khamis Mushait, a city in the south-west of the country, ...

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To orbit and back: Russia developing Soyuz-based pilotless craft to retrieve cargo from space

Russia is developing an unmanned spaceship able to retrieve cargo from orbit and get back. It doesn’t look like a fully reusable craft, but this is the closest you can get after the demise of the Shuttle program. The state-of-the-art vehicle – dubbed Soyuz GVK (Cargo Retrievable Spacecraft) – will be capable of delivering two tons of cargo to orbit ...

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Drone footage shows US troops’ last stand & dramatic escape from Niger ambush (VIDEO)

Newly released footage from the Pentagon shows how US troops ambushed in Niger prepared for their last stand, the aborted French airstrike on Islamic State militants, and friendly fire by Nigerien rescuers. The US Department of Defense has put together a 23-minute video showing the October 4, 2017 ambush of US special forces operatives and their Nigerien hosts outside the village of ...

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First PHOTOS from Cuba plane crash as rescuers look for survivors

Published time: 18 May, 2018 18:39 Edited time: 18 May, 2018 18:40 A Boeing 737 has crashed after takeoff from José Martí International Airport in Havana, reportedly carrying over 100 passengers. Photos from the scene show rescue workers combing through the twisted remains of the plane. Flight CU972 crashed shortly after takeoff at 12:08 local time, smashing into an area ...

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Protesters defy 1,500 French riot police in renewed expulsions from ‘eco-camp’

Police deployed tear gas during clashes with squatters on Friday as they attempted to clear an encampment on what, until recently, was the site of a planned airport in western France. One person has reportedly been seriously injured in the course of the second deportation wave initiated Thursday morning, a month after the first clearing operation failed to evict the ...

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Trump can’t tell HIV from HPV but knows ‘scary’ amount about my daughter – Bill Gates

Donald Trump doesn’t know the difference between HIV and HPV, but knows in “scary” detail what the daughter of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates looks like, Gates himself has said. While speaking at an event at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the tech guru and billionaire philanthropist said that the US president inquired about the difference between HIV and HPV ...

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Ammo can drops from US military helicopter over Texas elementary school

A US military helicopter dropped a whole box of ammunition on an elementary school in El Paso, Texas. It’s not the first time that a US army aircraft lost objects while flying over civilian buildings. The military ammunition can landed on Parkland Elementary School at 3:45pm on Thursday. Conflicting reports say the helicopter either dropped the box or it just fell ...

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Europe moves to protect its firms working in Iran from US sanctions

The European Commission has officially adopted measures to protect its companies working in Iran if the US reimposes sanctions against Tehran. The EU will remain committed to the Iran nuclear deal, the Commission said on Friday. “In Sofia, we saw a show of European unity. As long as the Iranians respect their commitments, the EU will of course stick to ...

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