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Half of all Russians and Ukrainians want friendship & open borders between two nations, poll shows

About a half of Ukrainian and Russian people want their countries to remain independent but friendly, with open borders and mutual visa-free regimes for citizens, according to a joint poll by Russian and Ukrainian think tanks. In Russia, 45 percent of respondents supported the idea of a friendly alliance with Ukraine without customs of visa barriers, similar to the relations ...

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Offer of friendship with India is no ‘weakness’ – Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Pakistan’s leader Imran Khan warned India that his offer of friendship should not be seen as “weakness,” while urging India to abandon “arrogance” to enable peace talks. Pakistan’s prime minister made the comments in response to what he branded India’s “arrogant” decision on Friday to cancel a meeting between the countries’ foreign ministers in New York on the sidelines of ...

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Duterte rejects ‘imposed friendship’ & questions US reputation as 'peerless' arms supplier

Despite getting no guarantees that Philippines’ colonial-times ‘friend’ the US would ever supply him with weapons, President Duterte says he’ll meet top US officials, who want to stop him from buying arms from Russia and China. “It’s hard to say we are friends. We are friends but remember we are friends because you made us a colony years ago…It was ...

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Flagging friendship: New Zealand demands Australia change national banner

The once-close relationship between allies Australia and New Zealand is cracking under unprecedented pressure after the NZ prime minister accused the Aussies of copying his nation’s flag design – and demanded they change it. New Zealand voted against changing their own flag back in a 2015 referendum. Read more “We had a flag which we had for a long time ...

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Offended by Trump’s comment, Montenegro claims ‘permanent friendship’ with US

NATO’s youngest member claimed it had a ‘history and tradition and peaceful politics’ and pledged permanent friendship to the US, after President Donald Trump called Montenegro’s people ‘aggressive’ and capable of starting WWIII. “Montenegro is proud of its history and tradition and peaceful politics that led to the position of a stabilizing state in the region,” the Montenegrin government said ...

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Nationalist opposition leader wants Russia to scrap friendship treaty with Ukraine

The head of the populist-nationalist Russian party LDPR has asked Vladimir Putin to terminate the friendship treaty with Ukraine as a document which had lost all of its urgency and was not working in practice anyway. “LDPR Chairman Vladimir Zhirinovsky has addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin with a letter in which he proposed to send a message to Ukrainian leaders ...

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‘Beautiful friendship’? Trump and Macron’s awkward body language (VIDEO)

During his state visit to the US, French President Emmanuel Macron has been very ‘handsy’ with President Donald Trump. Do the hugs, kisses, back-pats and arm-wrestling exchanged suggest friendship or tension? On the surface of it, the two presidents have a “beautiful friendship” straight out of that closing scene of ‘Casablanca.’ Yet Macron’s insistence on touching Trump has raised some ...

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Pain, tears & friendship: Behind-the-scenes look as Medvedeva & Zagitova bid for gold (VIDEO)

As Russian figure skating stars Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva face off for Olympic gold, RT follows the trials and tribulations the pair have experienced together, as well as their enduring friendship. Tensions often run high on the rink, but once off the ice and out of the spotlight, the pair are close friends, giving each other a helping hand ...

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Putting a $70mn price tag on friendship: Ukraine seeks to sell cultural center in Moscow

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 14:54 A group of Ukrainian lawmakers are lobbying to repeal a treaty with Russia governing information and cultural centers, which would allow the Kiev government to sell its cultural-center building in Moscow, according to a Russian daily newspaper. Izvestia reported on Tuesday that a number of Ukrainian MPs led by MP Irina Friz have prepared ...

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Tyron Woodley: Forget Friendship, Andre Ward and I Should Fight

Tyron WoodleyLet’s Get it On, Andre Ward …Money > Friendship!!! 9/10/2017 12:15 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Tyron Woodley is friends with Andre Ward … but the UFC champ says he’s down to put that aside to scrap with the boxing superstar — if the price is right.  “I’d honestly rather train with Andre Ward … “BUT if it’s an opportunity to make ...

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