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Russian opposition activist Navalny detained moments after walking free from police custody

Published time: 24 Sep, 2018 06:50 Alexey Navalny has been detained shortly after being released following 30 days in police custody, his aide said. He is now being investigated for breaking Russian laws in relation to public gatherings, according to local media. Navalny was detained right on the doorstep of a detention facility, top aide Leonid Volkov wrote on Twitter. ...

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New iPhones courageously ditch the free headphone dongle

Apple is under the impression that its “courage” has already paid off and that it no longer needs to ship a headphone dongle with its new phones. Mission accomplished! The new iPhone XS and XR models will not include the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, and users will have to buy it separately for $ 9. The iPhone 8 ...

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Free cheese for Swiss? Hundreds sign up to get $2,500 a month under basic income trial

Some 600 people have enrolled in a private basic income experiment in Switzerland, less than a week after it was announced. The trial apparently aims to find out what the citizens are going to do if granted over $ 2,500 monthly. Some 590 people in the Swiss town of Rheinau have reportedly agreed to receive a monthly universal basic income ...

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Does Twitter really care about pluralism and free speech? Let’s follow the money

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has vigorously defended his platform as a place for free speech and political pluralism, but there’s one easy way to determine how much he really cares about all of that: Look at who Twitter gives money to. In testimony to the US Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, Dorsey proudly reminded senators that Twitter had last year ...

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Censorship or battle against hate & abuse? Infowars Twitter ban fuels free speech debate

Twitter’s move to ban controversial political commentator Alex Jones from the platform has been cheered by critics but called ‘unconstitutional’ by supporters, and reignited a fierce debate about freedom of speech and censorship. Amid a visible rejoice across Twitter that the company has finally found an excuse to follow the suit of other tech giants and ban the notorious ‘conspiracy ...

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Russian daredevil rams police cars in high-speed pursuit, escapes free (VIDEO)

A Russian daredevil managed to outwit police in a high-speed pursuit, ramming and dodging the police cars before making a dramatic off-road getaway, leaked dashcam footage revealed. In a police dashcam video shared by Telegram viral news channel Mash, the suspect leads police on a chase through Russia’s Voronezh region. Ignoring the cops’ demands to stop, the driver artfully dodges ...

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French terrorism suspect walks free – twice – due to bureaucratic ‘dysfunction’

A terrorism suspect, allegedly involved in plotting an attack in Lyon, France, in 2014, was mistakenly released from custody after a judge forgot to renew his pre-trial detention, the French government has confirmed. The French judicial system is under extremely tight scrutiny after a satirical weekly newspaper ‘Le Canard Enchaîné’ published a piece alleging that a suspected jihadist, Oualid B, was ...

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Australians troll MPs for free photos of Queen Elizabeth after news article tells them they can

Everybody loves free stuff and Australians are no exception. Many are demanding portraits of Queen Elizabeth after a news report mentioned a little-known rule which entitles them to receive a complimentary photo of Her Majesty. No one seemed to know about the rule, which has existed since 1990, until Vice News ran a story on it. Now everyone seems interested – ...

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Political prisoners must ‘be free tonight’, we won’t negotiate release with Madrid – Catalan leader

Catalonian government head Quim Torra told RT’s Alex Salmond that he is ready to negotiate with Madrid on the status of the province, but that the release of those jailed for organizing a secession referendum is “non-negotiable.” An ally of his exiled pro-independence predecessor, Carles Puigdemont, Torra was elected after three other politicians were disqualified by the central government and ...

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Apple’s response to Congressional privacy inquiry is mercifully free of horrifying revelations

It’s not infrequent these days if you’re a big tech company to receive a brusquely worded letter from a group of Senators or Representatives asking you to explain yourself on some topic or another. One recent such letter sent to Apple and Alphabet asks specifically about practices meant to track users or their interactions with the phone without their knowledge ...

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