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Copycat fruit saboteur? Needle found in banana as Australian strawberry contamination spreads

Australian police are continuing their manhunt for the country’s infamous strawberry saboteur as needle-contamination fears spread across the country, bringing the fruit industry to its knees. Police in Western Australia confirmed on Monday that they are investigating the first reported case of suspected needle contamination in the state. Previously, almost a dozen incidents were reported in six brands of strawberries across ...

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Belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate found by fisherman in Norway

Norwegian police have found the belongings of Julian Assange’s associate, cyber security expert Arjen Kamphuis, who mysteriously went missing in late August. The 47-year-old co-author of a handbook for investigative journalists on how to keep themselves and their work safe from government spying, has been missing since August 20. At that time, Kamphuis checked out of a hotel in the town ...

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Oregon man sentenced to 50 years exonerated after dog he ‘shot’ is found alive

An Oregon man sentenced to 50 years in prison for sexually abusing his daughter has had his conviction overturned and received an apology from the state, after a dog he allegedly shot was found alive and well. Deschutes County district attorney John Hummel apologized on behalf of the state for prosecuting Josh Horner from Redmond, Oregon. The 42-year-old plumber was ...

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Has this Google Maps sleuth actually found missing flight MH370 in Cambodia?

A British man is sticking to his claim that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 may be in the Cambodian jungle, after a Chinese satellite firm disputed his find. Ian Wilson now wants the site to be examined by helicopter. Wilson has discovered what looks like the shape of an aircraft on Google Earth amid a thick patch of forest ...

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‘No place like home’: Dorothy’s slippers from ‘Wizard of Oz’ found 13yrs after theft

The iconic sparkling ruby red slippers worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 movie ‘Wizard of Oz’ have been uncovered after being stolen more than 13 years ago. The FBI is set to announce details behind the recovery of the sequined shoes at a press conference at its Minneapolis headquarters Tuesday. The iconic sparkling footwear were stolen from the Judy ...

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‘Open season for poachers’: 87 elephant carcasses found in Botswana

Scores of elephant carcasses have been found near a wildlife sanctuary in Botswana in what conservationists say is the largest case of poaching ever seen in Africa. Elephants Without Borders is conducting an aerial survey in the area near Okavango Delta and found many of the elephants were killed in the last fortnight and were targeted for their tusks. Five ...

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Ancient Greek vase found from tourist’s holiday photos

A tourist looking back over his holiday photos accidentally discovered a remarkably intact ancient amphora, estimated to date from the Byzantine period, floating in the sea off a beach on Greece’s largest island, Crete. The man noticed the suspicious object on Thursday afternoon while looking back at pictures he took of the calm sea at the popular Arina beach in ...

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Body of Russian climber missing for 31 years found preserved in ice like a 'wax doll'

The mummified body of a Russian climber who went missing 31 years ago on Europe’s highest mountain has been found. Elena Bazykina reportedly looked like a “wax doll” as her body was pulled from Mount Elbrus in southern Russia. The mountaineer was 36 when she died alongside another six of her friends after they were hit by an avalanche back ...

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Bags with human flesh found in NYC’s Bronx

Two bags containing human remains have been discovered in the Bronx, New York City, triggering a massive police response. The gender of the victim remains unknown. Police have set up a large crime scene investigation in Crotona Park South and Franklin Street on Friday afternoon, after a local park employee discovered two suspicious bags by a sidewalk. The employee immediately ...

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Russian hackers not found… again: DNC retracts claim voter database targeted by cyber-attack

The latest alarming news on a sophisticated cyber-attack on the Democratic National Committee’s voter database may have cemented one’s worst fears over Russia hacking into the US elections… except it was really a “phishing test.” Bob Lord, the committee’s chief security officer, raised the alarm on Wednesday after detecting a fake login page that mimicked the access page for Votebuilder, ...

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