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Former FBI #2 McCabe’s case referred to US attorney for possible criminal prosecution – reports

The Justice Department’s inspector general has sent a criminal referral to the US attorney’s office in Washington, regarding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according to reports. The IG found that McCabe “lacked candor” when discussing his leaking of confidential information to The Wall Street Journal. In FBI language, “lacking candor” translates as “[making] false statements, misrepresentations, the failure to ...

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Former Brazil president Lula da Silva loses appeal against 12yr corruption sentence

Former Brazil president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has had his latest appeal against his conviction for corruption and money laundering rejected by a federal court. Lula, who this month began a 12-year jail term, was convicted on serious fraud charges in January. His attempt to appeal the sentence was thrown out by a Federal Regional Court Wednesday. He is ...

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Former First Lady Barbara Bush dead at 92

Published time: 17 Apr, 2018 23:49 Edited time: 17 Apr, 2018 23:57 Barbara Pierce Bush, wife of one US president and the mother of another, has passed away at the age of 92, according to a statement from her family. Barbara and her future husband George Herbert Walker Bush met in 1941 and married in 1945. They were married for ...

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‘Do not publish’: CBS News mistakenly reports death of Former First Lady Barbara Bush (PHOTO)

US television channel CBS appear to have wrongly reported the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, who is in fact still alive but gravely ill. The blunder occurred on Sunday following reports that the health of Mrs Bush, wife of former US President George H W Bush, is failing. It’s understood she has declined further medical care. Bush served ...

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Former FBI #2 McCabe press leaks ‘violated DOJ policy’ – Inspector General

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe leaked to press in violation of Department of Justice policies and “lacked candor” in discussing the leaks with FBI officials, the DOJ Inspector General said in a damning report. McCabe authorized the leak to the Wall Street Journal for a story about an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation scandal in 2016. This was ...

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Fashion statement: Paris refugees wearing clothes of former French president Chirac

Refugees in Paris are wearing the clothes of former French President Jacques Chirac, after his daughter donated his old attire to a local charity. Chirac’s daughter Claude donated the clothing this winter. Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand told L’Obs of how he put out a call to his contacts for old clothes after a nun who takes care of refugees in Paris ...

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Vatican's former top diplomat in US is arrested over 'child pornography allegations’

Vatican police have arrested a clergyman and diplomat who has reportedly been identified as a suspect in a child pornography case. Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella was detained by Holy See security officials on Saturday, the Vatican said. The suspect formerly worked as a Vatican City diplomat to the US, reported La Republica, but was suddenly recalled from his position in Washington ...

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Former Mt. Gox CEO claims he ‘doesn’t want’ $1 billion in leftover liquidation funds

The former chief executive of Mt. Gox, once the largest bitcoin exchange, said that he found the billion dollar windfall, which will come about as a result of the exchange’s bankruptcy procedures, to be “distasteful.” Mark Karpeles who was talking at a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, said the exchange would receive more than “160,000 bitcoin and bitcoin cash” ($ 1 ...

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'Unchallenged US domination becoming a thing of the past' – Former Russian ambassador to US

Americans are not used to treating others with equal respect, and are trying to impose their “exceptional leadership” on Moscow, not fully aware that things have changed, Russia’s former envoy to Washington, Sergey Kislyak, said. The US is presently going through a “difficult period of adaptation to a new alignment of forces and influences in the world,” Kislyak told Kommersant ...

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Escalation in West-Russia tension is frightening & dangerous – former diplomats

What is most alarming, both in terms of the politicians and spokespeople on both sides, is that nobody seems to understand the danger of this steady escalation between the US and Russia, former US diplomat John Graham told RT. Russia will expel 60 US diplomats and close the US Consulate in St. Petersburg in response to similar actions by Washington ...

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