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US charges Russian gun activist Butina with acting as agent of foreign government

A US grand jury expanded the indictment against Russian citizen Maria Butina, arrested on Sunday in Washington and charged with conspiracy to act as a foreign agent, to include charges of her actually acting on behalf of Moscow. On Tuesday, the Department of Justice added another charge against Butina, 29, a Russian gun activist who is currently awaiting a hearing ...

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‘Trump seems to have bad relations with the whole world’ – Spanish foreign minister

Donald Trump’s recent remarks suggest he has bad relations with the whole world, the Spanish foreign minister said, hours before the US leader’s landmark meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. “What I do know is that [Donald] Trump says he does not expect much from the meeting [with Putin] and that relations with Russia are very bad,” Josep Borrell said ...

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All eyes on Putin’s limo: Russian president’s supercar sparks interest among foreign customers

The manufacturers of a custom-made supercar have seen an increase in foreign interest since the vehicle was added to the motorcade of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to one of its developers. A custom-made version of the car from the ‘Kortezh’ project made its inaugural appearance at Putin’s swearing-in ceremony in May. The domestically produced limousine was in the spotlight again ...

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‘4% on military spending will not make world more secure’ – German Foreign Minister

Increased defense spending championed by the US President Donald Trump at the NATO summit will not make the world safer, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said, adding that respect for international order is needed instead. “We know that peace and security come at a price,” Maas said in a Twitter post on Saturday, just days after the end of ...

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Mueller indictment ‘aims to spoil’ Trump-Putin summit – Russian Foreign Ministry

Published time: 13 Jul, 2018 19:41 Edited time: 13 Jul, 2018 19:42 The indictment of 12 Russians for allegedly hacking the Democratic Party in 2016 appear to be politically motivated, with the goal of spoiling the upcoming Helsinki summit, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “It is regrettable that spreading false information has become the norm in Washington, and indictments are ...

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‘Europe will not be destabilized’: French, German foreign ministers slam Trump

With the NATO summit barely finished foreign ministers from France and Germany have spoken out against the antagonistic conduct of Donald Trump, accusing the US president of trying to destabilize European unity with his antics. While an interview with the commander-in-chief featured in the UK’s Sun newspaper on Friday, German newstands were filled by news of an attack on the ...

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UK should investigate Salisbury & Amesbury incidents instead of blaming Russia – foreign ministry

London should focus on the actual investigation into the poisoning incidents in the towns of Salisbury and Amesbury, Russian diplomats said, responding to the new accusations against Moscow produced by the UK defense secretary. Russia’s Embassy in London extended its condolences to the relatives and friends of Dawn Sturgess, who died late on Sunday. The woman and her partner, Charlie ...

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‘Washington should remove Russian media from foreign agents list’ – embassy statement

The Russian Embassy in Washington has stated that if the US wants its state-funded media to be taken off Russia’s ‘foreign agents’ list, it should do the same for Russian-funded media outlets at home. “Washington does not like it when the rules that it has set for others are applied to itself. The State Department is unhappy over the fact ...

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Senior lawmaker calls on colleagues to visit endangered Russian war memorials in foreign countries

The issue of Soviet-era memorials is becoming increasingly politicized, State Duma’s deputy speaker Irina Yarovaya has said as she urged other Russian politicians to pay tribute to such sites when visiting foreign nations. “I think that this must become a common practice: during any working trip or official visit abroad we, as parliamentarians, must personally attend various memorials and lay ...

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Russian court fines Radio Liberty over violation of Foreign Agents Law

A magistrate in Moscow has imposed a $ 1600 fine on US-funded media outlet, Radio Liberty, over violation of the law on ‘foreign agents’ in mass media, in particular over the failure to present a report about its activities. “The magistrate of the Tverskoy District Court has found the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty  guilty of a civil offence and ordered ...

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