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Bulldozers, injuries & arrests: Israeli forces prepare to demolish Khan al Ahmar (VIDEO)

Four people have been arrested for attempting to stop bulldozers entering the village of Khan al Ahmar in the West Bank. A number of people were injured by Israeli security forces. Two Israelis and two Palestinians were arrested for obstructing the bulldozer in the midst of high tension over the pending demolition of the village, the Times of Israel reports. ...

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US won’t give ‘one single dollar’ for Syria reconstruction until Iranian forces are out – Pompeo

The US will spend no more money on the reconstruction of war-ravaged Syria if it does not see off Iranian troops, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said. The US previously said it would stay in Syria as long as Iran is there. Speaking to the pro-Israel Jewish Institute for National Security of America on Wednesday, Pompeo said that ...

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Serbia puts military on high alert over incident involving ‘Kosovo special forces’ – local media

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic has ordered the country’s armed forces to be on the highest combat readiness, local media reported. All police units have also been placed on high alert. Vucic’s order was handed over to the chief of the Serbian army general staff, Serbian agency Tanjug reported citing the president’s office on Saturday. READ MORE: Balkans shouldn’t be forced to choose ...

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No ifs, no buts, no Anus: Facebook forces political candidate to change his ‘rude’ real surname

Cheeky censors at Facebook have made one man’s local election campaign in Belgium somewhat harder after his real surname was deemed too offensive for him to register a Facebook page. Luc Anus, 26, was hoping to use the social networking site to help spread his campaign ideas and gain enough votes for a position on his local council in Lobbes, ...

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Israeli forces shoot Norwegian peace activist twice in one week (VIDEO)

Norwegian Palestine-solidarity activist Kristin Foss was shot twice in a week by Israeli soldiers. The first time she was shot whilst standing with her hands raised, and the second occured when she was retreating from tear gas. Foss was standing still with her hands raised when she was shot in Kafr Qaddum during a weekly demonstration last Saturday. Video taken ...

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Taliban 'at its strongest since 2001' as it batters Afghan forces in strategic city of Ghazni

Around 100 Afghan troops were killed in fighting with Taliban over the strategic town of Ghazni. The group will be making new gains if the US keeps relying on force alone in Afghanistan, geopolitical analyst Ali Rizk told RT. For the last four days, the Taliban has been clashing with government forces for control of the Ghazni Province and its ...

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'It's abuse': School officer forces 10yo with autism to ground, handcuffs him (VIDEOS)

Body cam footage has emerged showing the moment a school resource officer forced a 10-year-old boy with autism to the ground and handcuffed him. The child’s mother says the entire incident amounts to “abuse.” The video begins by showing the young boy, Thomas, sitting in a cubby by himself in a classroom at Lee Elementary School in Denton, Texas in ...

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Scared dog forces emergency landing after opening luggage compartment mid-flight

A passenger jet was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing in Moscow after a small dog, which somehow opened the luggage compartment from the inside, triggered an alarm onboard. The commander of a Boeing 737 travelling from St. Petersburg informed the ground services of the complications as it was approaching the Russian capital on Sunday. The alarm went off ...

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Global war without oversight: US special forces deployed to 133 countries in first half of 2018

US special forces have already deployed to 133 nations in the first half of 2018, signaling a sharp increase in the Pentagon’s shadowy operations when compared to previous years, according to a new report. Read more America’s Special Operations forces (SOF) are stationed all around the world, where they participate in a wide range of missions, including special reconnaissance, unconventional ...

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N-word snafu forces Papa John’s founder to resign

The founder of Kentucky-based pizza chain Papa John’s has resigned from the company after earlier apologizing for using the N-word during a conference call designed to help him improve his handling of public relations. News of John Schnatter’s usage of the word was first reported by Forbes on Wednesday, after Schnatter confirmed in an email that he used the word ...

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