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Firefighters blast rotting fish off US highways after Hurricane Florence (VIDEO)

Emergency services were stretched during Hurricane Florence; leading evacuations, search and rescue operations and distributing supplies. Now, firefighters in the Carolinas have been enlisted to hose rotting fish off the roads. Penderlea Fire Department shared video of some of their team blasting countless fish off of Interstate I-40 Saturday, as residents try to return to life as normal, fighting the ...

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Hurricane Florence flooding kills millions of farm animals

Millions of birds and thousands of pigs have died as a result of Hurricane Florence, according to North Carolina agriculture officials. That number may rise due to additional flooding. An estimated 3.4 million chickens and turkeys, as well as 5,500 pigs, have been lost as a result of the flooding, according to a preliminary report by the North Carolina Department ...

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Google will match up to $1M in donations for Hurricane Florence relief

As cities in Hurricane Florence’s path deal with its aftermath, Google will match up to $ 1 million in donations to help with relief efforts. The disaster’s death toll is currently 35 people and about 343,000 people in North Carolina are without electricity. The hurricane caused widespread flooding and property damage throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Google drew ...

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‘It’s like a bomb went off’: US braces for flash floods as Hurricane Florence hits land (VIDEO)

Hurricane Florence has made landfall over the eastern US, battering the coastal states of the Carolinas and Virginia overnight. Authorities and residents are braced for flash floods as winds remain high over the weekend. Army units have been put on standby and relief crews have moved to rescue residents stranded by the rising waters. Authorities are rushing to restore electricity ...

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Hang in there! Weather anchor dramatically braces against Hurricane Florence winds (VIDEO)

A video of Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel battling wind gusts in the eye of hurricane Florence has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, after two men casually walking by in the background were spotted on live broadcast. During a live Weather Channel broadcast from Wilmington, North Carolina, Seidel is seemingly holding on for his life. He has been ridiculed ...

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Fake hurricane Florence image depicts Sharknado scenario

Ever wonder what happens to the thousands of evacuees who flee the state to wait out an impending natural disaster, while fretting about what will be waiting for them when they return? Why they create fake news, of course. Category 1 hurricane Florence made landfall on the US East Coast early Friday, and already more than 60 people have been ...

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Time-lapse footage captured hurricane-hunting plane fly through Florence (VIDEO)

Incredible time-lapse footage filmed from a hurricane-hunting plane shows what’s it’s like to fly through the eye of Florence, the storm that’s already forced more than 1 million people to evacuate. The video was recently captured by scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) aboard a specialized four-engine aircraft. The researchers continuously track the hurricane as it makes ...

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245,000 ordered to evacuate in Virginia as powerful Hurricane Florence descends on US

North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia have declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence’s arrival. Governor Ralph Northam issued a mandatory evacuation order for 245,000 Virginians in low-lying, coastal areas. “Hurricane Florence has the potential to cause catastrophic flooding, especially in our coastal areas,” Governor Northam said in a statement. “This evacuation is for the safety of thousands ...

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State of emergency: Evacuations as raging Hurricane Florence inches closer to East Coast (PHOTOS)

South Carolina has ordered the mandatory evacuation of its entire coast, and evacuations were also ordered for several North Carolina towns, as Category 4 Hurricane Florence continues her aggressive pursuit towards the states. The governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, ordered the mandatory evacuation of the state’s entire 187-mile coastline at noon on Tuesday. NEW: Florence is now a category ...

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‘Monster’ hurricane Florence predicted to hit US southeast coast as devastating Category 4

The US southeast coast is on alert for a potentially deadly strike from Hurricane Florence as forecasters predict it will strengthen to a Category 4 hurricane before making landfall later in the week. The National Hurricane Center classified tropical storm Florence as a Category 1 hurricane, Sunday, warning that it would rapidly intensify into a major hurricane by Monday and ...

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