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WATCH Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jets nearly hit landing strip in ultra-low flying stunt

A video circulating online captured the dramatic moment a pair of Su-25 warplanes almost touched the ground as they buzzed over an airfield in Ukraine, while flying at a dangerously low altitude. Several people can be seen running away from the landing strip right before the pilots in their Su-25MS1 jets execute the daring move, while a number of large transport ...

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US military grounds its entire fleet of F-35 fighter jets in the wake of South Carolina crash

The entire fleet of F-35 fighter jets has been grounded to inspect the aircraft for suspected faulty fuel tubes, the US military said. The decision comes in the wake of a Marine Corps’ F-35B crash in South Carolina last month. The grounding order affects all variants of the advanced fighter jets, including the Air Force’s F-35A and the Navy’s F-35C. ...

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US Defense Secretary Mattis wants 80% of key fighter jets ready for war

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has called on the Pentagon to bring at least 80 percent of its key fighter jets to combat readiness. For a country always at war with someone, surprisingly few of its warplanes are kept sky-worthy. True to Washington’s increasingly saber-rattling rhetoric, the world’s largest military is putting its money where its mouth is.  Secretary of ...

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Mig-29 fighter jet crashes in Moscow region, both pilots survive – reports

Published time: 5 Oct, 2018 08:42 Edited time: 5 Oct, 2018 08:56 A MiG-29 fighter jet has crashed in the Moscow suburbs. Both pilots managed to eject from the aircraft, local media report. The twin-engine jet belonged to the Gromov Flight Research Institute, media reported, citing sources in law enforcement agencies. Both pilots ejected from the aircraft and survived. The ...

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Russia field-tests ‘microwave guns’ that 6th-gen fighter jets may use – major weapon producer

Microwave directed-energy weapons are reportedly being tested at firing ranges in Russia. The prototypes are designed to burn missile-homing systems, and may be incorporated in the arsenal of sixth-generation fighter jets. Read more The cutting-edge weapons systems “exist and progress quite effectively,” said Vladimir Mikheev, deputy head of KRET, a leading electronic warfare contractor. “Tests are being conducted constantly, both ...

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Iranian F-5 fighter jet crashes at air base, killing one pilot

An Iranian Air Force F-5 fighter jet crashed on a training mission in the southwestern Khuzestan Province. The pilot was killed, while the co-pilot survived and was hospitalized. The jet was flying a training mission when it crashed while trying to land on a runway at Dezful Air Base in the southwestern Khuzestan Province on Sunday, Iranian media reports. The ...

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Inspired by Top Gun: Japan’s first female fighter pilot breaks air force's glass ceiling

Japan has welcomed its first-ever female fighter pilot into the air force – and you need not guess which high-octane movie the pilot watched as inspiration. Lieutenant Misa Matsushima had dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot since watching Tom Cruise don a flight suit in the film Top Gun. Unperturbed by the fact that Cruise’s character, Maverick, was somewhat responsible ...

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Russia’s 5th-gen Su-57 stealth fighter will have AI combat mode – report

Russia’s newest supersonic stealth fighter jet, the Su-57, will have a “fully automatic” mode during combat, according to reports. The multi-purpose fifth-generation warplane is scheduled to officially join the military next year. The jet’s control and target acquisition systems will have a “fully automatic combat regime,” a source within the aviation industry told RIA Novosti news agency on Friday. The ...

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‘Russia hacked the birds’: Social media mocks Swedish paranoia after birds take down fighter jet

News that a Swedish fighter jet crashed after colliding with a flock of birds has left some on social media joking about Russian involvement – Sweden’s go-to scapegoat for all unforeseen phenomena, real or imagined. A JAS Gripen fighter plane crashed on Tuesday near the town of Ronneby in southern Sweden, with the pilot reportedly ejecting safely from his aircraft. ...

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Swedish fighter jet crashes after collision with birds

Published time: 21 Aug, 2018 10:11 Edited time: 21 Aug, 2018 10:34 A Swedish fighter plane has crashed in the southern part of the Scandinavian country after colliding with a flock of birds. The pilot ejected from the aircraft and has been taken to the hospital, according to reports. Sweden’s Armed Forces said one of its Jas Gripen jets crashed ...

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