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Mexican players fight for ball of flames in indigenous game (VIDEO)

An old Aztec ball game dating back to 1500 BC really heated up in Mexico city Saturday as teams battled for possession of a flaming ball of fire. Pelota purepecha is an indigenous ball game during which players use sticks to hit the ball around the pitch in a game that is similar to hockey, minus the flames.   “I ...

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'Resistance' poster-boy Avenatti is picking a literal fight with Donald Trump Jr.

Abrasive attorney Michael Avenatti may soon have the opportunity to do what every Democrat dreams of doing: taking a swing at Donald Trump. During a lunch date with MSNBC reporter Dylan Byers, Avenatti proposed a three-round MMA fight with Trump Jr. for charity. In a later tweet, he clarified that his half of the proceeds would be split between the Rape, ...

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Russia will fight other nations’ attempts to contain its activities in global arena – prime minister

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said Russia will not hide behind protectionist barriers as the world becomes more turbulent and competitive. The country will fight for a dominant place in the global economic system, he added. Medvedev outlined Russia’s position concerning current international and political relations in an extensive article published in Economic Issues magazine. Every time our country actively ...

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Kim Dotcom jokingly mulls ‘insanity defense’ as he vows to fight ‘deep state’ (VIDEOS)

Facing the real prospect of extradition to the US on several copyright charges, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has again publicly vowed to “fight for internet freedom” and joked how his lawyers advised against an insanity plea. Dotcom’s years-long battle through the New Zealand court system against criminal copyright and racketeering charges abroad took a hit earlier this year when it ...

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Microsoft joins the LOT Network to help fight patent trolls

The LOT Network has been around for a few years now. Its mission is to fight patent trolls and it does so by having all of its members commit to a pledge that ensures that whenever they sell a patent to a company that’s in the business of patent trolling, all of the members will automatically get a free license ...

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Twitter widens its view of bad actors to fight election fiddlers

Twitter has announced more changes to its rules to try to make it harder for people to use its platform to spread politically charged disinformation and thereby erode democratic processes. In an update on its “elections integrity work” yesterday, the company flagged several new changes to the Twitter Rules which it said are intended to provide “clearer guidance” on behaviors it’s cracking ...

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Indonesia launching public ‘fake news’ briefings to fight hoaxes

The Indonesian government has stepped up its fight against ‘fake news’ in the lead up to next year’s presidential election by launching weekly briefings aimed at informing citizens of false reports. “Every week we will announce hoax news,” Communications Minister Rudiantara told CNN Indonesia. “The ministry will not just stamp a story as hoax, but we will also provide facts.” ...

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Terrorists no longer leaving Russia to fight in Syrian conflict, claims main anti-terrorism body

International extremist groups are no longer calling on operatives to join the war in Syria, and are instead asking them to remain in sleeper cells in Russia, a senior member of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee has said. The revelation was announced by the first deputy of the agency’s information department, Andrey Kokourov, at the Tuesday session of the Russian nationwide ...

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Adblock Plus maker has a new taskforce to fight publisher efforts to reinject ads

In the arms race of ad blocking there’s clearly never a dull moment as efforts to block ads are combated by publisher and platform countermeasures trying to fox the blocks. This is why Adblock Plus maker, eyeo, says it’s getting more serious in how it tackles what it dubs “circumvention technologies” — by setting up an interdisciplinary team internally that’s ...

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Google executives called Trump voters ‘extremists’ & vowed to fight populism (VIDEO)

Video of an internal Google meeting shows the company’s top officials talking about using AI to fight populism and “low-information voters” in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US presidential election. The 1-hour “confidential, for internal use only” video was posted by Breitbart on Wednesday. It has gained traction online, and is cited by pro-Trump commentators as ...

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