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Almost 80% of Russians want death penalty to fight corruption, Twitter poll shows

Some 79 percent of Russians want their country to use Chinese means to fight corruption, with the death penalty for large-scale bribery, according to a Twitter poll conducted by the head of the Defense Ministry’s public council. Earlier this week renowned Russian journalist and military expert Yuri Korotchenko asked his Twitter following to answer the question: “Does the Russian Federation ...

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Philippines plans to give free guns to ‘clean’ community leaders willing to fight drugs & crime

The Philippines’ Interior Ministry has announced plans to provide some 42,000 community leaders with free handguns to ramp up the statewide battle against drugs and crime, which continues to draw the ire of human rights defenders. The decision to give state-issued handguns to the community leaders – known locally as barangay captains – was announced by the ministry on Wednesday. ...

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White South African farmers trained by Israeli special forces to fight off violent attacks

With rising violence, being a farmer in South Africa has become a dangerous job. Some are hiring former Israeli special forces experts to teach them self-defense. There were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks primarily on white farmers in 2016-17, according to minority rights group AfriForum. “Current murder tendencies indicate that we will lose more people on farms than in ...

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Atlantic Council: Pro-NATO pressure group uses distortions to fight ‘disinformation’

Fueling hysteria about ‘Russian disinformation,’ ‘Russian meddling,’ and ‘Russian propaganda’ has quickly become a lucrative pastime. Now NATO’s Atlantic Council has gathered the leading proponents under one umbrella. ‘Russian’s everywhere, everywhere Russians’ – that’s long been the mantra of NATO’s propaganda wing, the Atlantic Council. And, since 1961, the American lobby group’s raison d’être has been to convince the world ...

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Lawmakers want to scrap teens’ patient confidentiality in bid to fight STDs and unwanted pregnancy

Russian MPs have drafted a bill that, if passed, would cancel doctor-patient privilege for people under 18, claiming that such a move would better enable parents to fight post-puberty problems and substance abuse. Business-oriented mass circulation daily Kommersant reported on Wednesday that the legislature of central Russia’s Samara region had prepared a draft increasing the age at which patients can ...

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Irish pro-choice voters rejoice as opposition to abortion vow to fight on (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The courtyard of Ireland’s Dublin Castle and social media erupted in celebration as the nation voted to repeal their strict abortion laws. Pro-life groups, however, have vowed to continue the debate that has divided the country. More than 1,429,981 people voted in favor of ripping up the Eighth Amendment of the country’s constitution in what was a divisive referendum on ...

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Want to visit Germany, ‘fight Nazis’ & burn police cars? There’s a guide for that!

As the German right-wing party AfD prepares for a convention next month, a 44-page guide has been released for people who want to arrive at the scene and riot against them. The printable German-language brochure and website are entitled ‘Guide to Augsburg for riot tourists,’ after the city in Bavaria where AfD (Alternative for Germany) plans to hold its two-day ...

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Afghans question US worth in Taliban fight as Pentagon watchdog admits ‘lack of progress’

Despite committing additional resources to Afghanistan, US troops and local security forces have made little inroads against the Taliban. Some Afghan lawmakers are questioning whether the country needs US assistance at all. Read more A report to Congress prepared by the Pentagon’s inspector general challenges an earlier assessment of the US military that the latest increase of support to the ...

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WhatsApp revamps Groups to fight Telegram

Facebook just installed its VP of Internet.org as the new head of WhatsApp after its CEO Jan Koum left the company. And now Facebook is expanding its mission to get people into “meaningful” groups to WhatsApp. Today, WhatsApp launched a slew of new features for Groups on iOS and Android that let admins set a description for their community and ...

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Female student strips during thesis presentation in ‘fight for equality’ (VIDEO)

After her outfit was questioned by her female professor, a Cornell University student stripped live on Facebook during her thesis presentation and invited others to join in. Letitia Chai told the audience that she was making the peculiar protest in an effort stand up against “oppressive beliefs.” She decided the demonstration was necessary after her professor, Rebekah Maggor, queried the shorts ...

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