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Handicapped kid removes prosthetic legs to win street fight (VIDEO)

A video shared by UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis shows a handicapped boy remove both of his prosthetic legs, before unleashing the mother of all MMA beatdowns on his opponent in a street brawl. In the video, the handicapped boy appears to have the measure of his tall but cagey opponent. Halfway through the fight he turns things up a notch, ...

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‘Come and take it’ – Meme warriors fight California plastic straws ban

With plastic straws banned throughout California and offenders in one city facing possible jail time for using them, dissidents have assembled to resist the only way they know how: By sharing memes on the internet. The Californian city of Santa Barbara banned single-use plastic straws earlier this month, in a bid to reduce marine pollution. The city ordinance states that ...

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Twitter vows to continue spam fight despite negative impact on user numbers

Twitter has no intention of easing up on its fight against spam users and other factors that jeopardize the “health” of its service, despite the approach costing it three million in ‘lost’ monthly active users. Investor panic sent Twitter’s stock price down by nearly 20 percent in early trading today following its latest financial report. Twitter posted a record profit ...

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Bid to fight Russia’s sham marriages by legally binding foreigners to same region as spouses

In a bid to fight sham marriages and extremism, Russian lawmakers have prepared a bill requiring foreigners, who marry citizens and receive a residence permit, to live and work only in the same region as their spouses. The bill has been developed by the Interior Ministry and will most likely be drafted in the State Duma in September, the Izvestia ...

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NSA sets up task force to fight ‘Russian cyberattacks’

The NSA and the US Cyber Command have created a special unit tasked with combating hacks and spying allegedly coming from “near-peer threat” Russia. It comes as ‘election meddling’ accusations keep being hurled at the Kremlin. “I stood up a Russia group, a Russia Small Group, the RSG,” NSA chief General Paul Nakasone said on Saturday, confirming earlier media reports ...

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Russian pilot jailed in US vows to continue fight for return home

Konstantin Yaroshenko, the Russian pilot jailed in the US for 20 years following a sting operation, has told reporters that he and his family will continue their fight for his return to Russia. In his latest interview with the Izvestia newspaper, Yaroshenko said that he had no intention “of twiddling his thumbs” and that he and his family would press ...

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When fake news kills: India’s top court and WhatsApp aim to fight mob violence over false rumors

At least 25 people have been lynched in recent months in India after false rumors were posted on WhatsApp and social media. The Supreme Court is calling for anti-lynching laws, while the app launched a campaign against fake news. Acts of brutal ‘vigilante justice’ have spiked over the last few months. Enraged mobs across India ambush and kill people suspected ...

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California father ‘swings baby like a baseball bat’ in fight with girlfriend (VIDEO)

A man in California is facing child abuse charges for using his 18-month-old son as a weapon to fend off his girlfriend during a skirmish. In the CCTV clip, the man is seen swinging the child around and dropping him on the ground. A domestic brawl at Riverwalk Montecito Estates has led the District Attorney office to file charges against ...

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Fist fight causes evacuation at US mall, shoppers fear active shooter (PHOTO, VIDEOS)

Terrified shoppers ran for their lives in a California mall after a mass brawl sparked panic that led some people to believe that there was an active shooter in the area. A vicious fist fight on Saturday caused an evacuation in Ontario Mills food court, with people reportedly running for the exits. The sudden hysteria led some people to believe ...

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Facebook tests 30-day keyword snoozing to fight spoilers, triggers

Don’t want to know the ending to a World Cup game or Avengers movie until you’ve watched it, or just need to quiet an exhausting political topic like “Trump”? Facebook is now testing the option to “snooze” specific keywords so you won’t see them for 30 days in News Feed or Groups. The feature is rolling out to a small ...

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