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Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi banned from traveling abroad, her father claims

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi and her family have been banned from traveling abroad, the activist’s father said. Tamimi, who is considered to be a symbol of Palestinian resistance, was freed from jail in July. The Tamimi family planned to travel to Europe via Jordan in order to participate in events and speak about Palestinian resistance, as well as Ahed’s experience ...

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Texas father stabs toddler to death while screaming ‘Jesus is coming’

Texas police are investigating the motive behind a senseless act of violence in which a screaming man stabbed his 16-month-old toddler to death in public, despite an armed neighbor’s intervention to stop him. The attacker was heard shouting gibberish before charging his kid with a knife in a common area of the Oak Forest Apartments on Sunday, Lewisville police department ...

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In a haunting 360 VIDEO, listen to father relive his daughter's death amid ruins of ghost city Mosul

Panoramic footage from the ruined old city of Mosul, Iraq lets you take a walk through the husk of what was once a bustling economic center, and later a stronghold for ISIS terrorists. Now, what it resembles most is a cemetery. Former Old Town resident Mohammed Qadir walks through the decrepit shell of his former home, detailing the horrors witnessed ...

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Teen fakes her own kidnapping to get $400 from father

A Kentucky teenager has been accused of going to extreme lengths to get some spending money from her father. Police say she staged her own kidnapping and demanded a $ 400 ransom. Mark Farley of Corbin, Kentucky went to the police to report his 19-year-old daughter Abbygail missing on Monday. The following day he is said to have received a ...

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Security footage of moment when Moscow sisters ‘brutally killed father’ released by investigators

The footage shows apparent shock on the face of one of the alleged killers, whose father was stabbed more than 30 times, in a criminal case that has stunned and divided Russia. “Moscow investigators are studying security camera footage from the public areas inside the apartment block where the sisters killed their father,” read the message posted on the investigative ...

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3 daughters ‘snapped’ & stabbed father to death after years of alleged abuse in Moscow horror drama

His body lacerated with dozens of stab wounds, Mikhail Khachaturyan stumbled from his Moscow flat and collapsed dead by the elevator. Disturbingly, for his teenage daughters, his death came as a relief after years of abuse. Khachaturyan’s daughters – Kristina, 19, Angelina, 18, and Maria, 17 – have been arrested and charged with stabbing their father to death on Friday, ...

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California father ‘swings baby like a baseball bat’ in fight with girlfriend (VIDEO)

A man in California is facing child abuse charges for using his 18-month-old son as a weapon to fend off his girlfriend during a skirmish. In the CCTV clip, the man is seen swinging the child around and dropping him on the ground. A domestic brawl at Riverwalk Montecito Estates has led the District Attorney office to file charges against ...

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Dramatic rescue: Father pulls son from burning race car (VIDEO)

Dramatic footage shows the moment a NASCAR driver was pulled from flaming wreckage by his father after his car hit a wall and caught fire during a race at the South Boston Speedway. The tense scenes unfolded at the NASCAR Late Model race in Virginia during Father’s Day weekend. Mike Jones was hoping to secure the lead in the race ...

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‘Loss of father of 3 only worth a penny’: Family lawyer on man killed by cop tells RT

The attorney of a family, whose father was shot dead by police inside his own garage, cannot imagine how to tell the three children the young man left behind that their “pain and suffering… is only worth a penny,” he told RT. Gregory Hill was killed by police in Florida in January 2014 when they were responding to a noise ...

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