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US sanctions are ‘an irritant but don’t bite, doomed to fail in Iran, Turkey and Russia’

There is no ethical basis for US sanctions anywhere as they are aimed to serve US interests wherever it is needed, international oil economist and professor, Mamdouh Salameh told RT. Donald Trump’s efforts to punish Russia for its alleged election meddling could end up hitting US consumers in the pocket because aluminum imports are about to get more expensive. Since ...

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Hubble trouble: Deep space telescope in ‘safe mode’ after mechanical fail

It’s been used to date the galaxy and study black holes but now NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is taking a break from activities due to a mechanical fault. Launched into deep space in 1990, the large, long orbit telescope is packed with instruments like cameras, spectrographs and interferometers to clear up mysteries of the universe. But now NASA has been ...

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‘Woefully uninformed’: 81% of Americans under 45 would fail basic ‘US citizenship test’

An overwhelming majority of Americans have no clue about their history or civic culture, with only 36 percent of natives able to pass the US Citizenship Civics Test taken by foreigners, a new study has shown. Surprisingly enough, those born with the inherent right to be called Americans failed to answer even the basic questions about their history and culture, ...

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‘Trump will fail’: Iran won’t abandon its ‘missiles that make America angry’, Rouhani says

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says that Trump is doomed to fail against Iran “just like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein did”, and that Tehran will not bow down to Washington and get rid of its “defensive” weapons. Should the worst-case scenario occur and Washington attacks Iran, the US would face the same fate as Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Rouhani warned, referring to the ...

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Grammar fail! Pompeo annoyed with State Dept's inappropriate use of commas, staff given lessons

There’s undoubtedly a lot going on in Mike Pompeo’s head at any time, from Syria to North Korea. But the secretary of state apparently still has time to be a stickler for grammar, with his staff sending out memos on comma usage. Pompeo’s top staff have sent out two emails to State Department employees in the last few months, according ...

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Republican congressman calls Syrian President Assad ‘the Butcher of Baghdad’ in war geography fail

In a clumsy attempt to attack a non-interventionist congressional colleague, Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger got his war geography mixed up — referring to Syrian President Bashar Assad as “the Butcher of Baghdad”. In an interview with CNN at the weekend, Kinzinger lashed out at his Democratic House colleague, Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, for her controversial decision to meet with Assad ...

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Slapstick stick-up: Would-be robber botches heist with spectacular fail (VIDEO)

An armed robber who got the jitters at the worst possible moment is being mocked for fumbling his gun over the counter mid-heist, with the store giving the unknown stick-up merchant some words of advice: find a new career, pal. Footage has emerged of the haphazard attempted robbery which occured recently in Aurora, Colorado in a store selling e-cigarettes. It ...

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No more science for you: Liquid nitrogen experiment fail caught on camera (VIDEO)

The Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas is beloved by locals and known for its hands-on approach to science education. However, things got a little out of hand at a recent event combining magic and science. At the museum’s Science After Dark: Wizards, Muggles and Science, Harry-Potter themed science event, exhibitors were closing their demonstration by showcasing what happens ...

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Facial recognition fail: Amazon project mistakes lawmakers with suspects

Amazon’s facial recognition tool wrongly identified 28 members of Congress as police suspects, disproportionately matching lawmakers of color with the mugshots, according to the ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) used Amazon’s powerful image ID software, Rekognition, to compare photos of members of Congress to a database of 25,000 police suspects. We used Amazon’s facial recognition tool to compare ...

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Surprise! Top sites still fail at encouraging non-terrible passwords

You would think that Amazon, Reddit, Wikipedia and other highly popular websites would by now tell you that “password1” or “hunter2” is a terrible password — just terrible. But they don’t. A research project that has kept tabs on the top sites and their password habits for the last 11 years shows that most provide only rudimentary password restrictions and ...

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