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Israeli police fail to respond to crimes against Palestinians – rights group

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 17:56 Israel’s police fail to bring Israeli citizens to justice for ideologically motivated crimes against Palestinians in the occupied territories, bringing charges in little over 10 percent of all cases, a rights group says. Israeli human rights group Yesh Din monitored 225 complaints into hate crimes committed by Israelis against Palestinians from 2014 to August ...

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Tech giants should face prosecution if they fail to combat trolling & abuse – official report

Published time: 13 Dec, 2017 10:09 Tech companies Facebook, Google and Twitter should be forced to take responsibility for trolling and online abuse they host, Britain’s official ethics watchdog says. Its highly critical report heaps pressure on the firms to police their websites more closely. In a government-commissioned review published on Wednesday, the Committee on Standards in Public Life said ...

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‘Too big to fail’ bank rules targeted, as Senate panel rolls back Dodd–Frank Act

Banks and credit unions may soon be relieved of regulations added after the 2007-2008 financial crisis, as the Senate Banking Committee repealed provisions of the Dodd–Frank Act. The senate panel approved bill S.2155 in a 16-7 vote Tuesday, to raise the threshold at which bank holding companies are considered “too big to fail,” removing the financial stress test and capital-planning ...

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F-35 fail: US fighter jet loses panel during 'routine training mission' in Okinawa

The US Air Force has encountered yet another issue with its aircraft in Okinawa, after an F-35 jet lost a panel during a “routine training mission.” It comes just months after several US aircraft were forced to make emergency landings on the same day. The F-35A Lightning II lost a two-foot-wide (0.6-meter) panel during the routine mission last week, the ...

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‘This is not a failure’: UK, EU fail to reach Brexit agreement

Published time: 4 Dec, 2017 16:55 Despite excited speculation, Britain’s and the EU’s negotiators have yet to strike a deal which would allow Brexit talks to enter a second phase. The European Commission head insists that this is not a failure, despite Monday’s missed deadline. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, speaking alongside UK Prime Minister Theresa May, announced to an ...

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Macron comes to Kurdish leader’s rescue after epic translation fail at Elysee (VIDEO)

Published time: 3 Dec, 2017 14:45 French President Emmanuel Macron had to switch to English at his Paris press conference with Nechervan Idris Barzani, the prime minister of Iraq’s Kurdistan region. The conference had been interrupted several times due to translation problems. The event was plagued by a series of translation glitches, with the French president eventually halting the presser ...

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36% of govt websites fail ‘important’ security tests – study

Analysts who studied hundreds of federal websites found more than one-third did not have security measures to prevent hackers from intercepting visitors’ sensitive information or redirecting traffic to malicious phishing websites. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a science and tech policy think tank, released a report Monday that said hundreds of federal websites “continue to fall short of ...

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German president says country faces situation not seen in decades after coalition talks fail

Published time: 20 Nov, 2017 13:40 Edited time: 20 Nov, 2017 13:59 German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier says Germany is facing an unprecedented situation after coalition talks for the new government failed. Read more Steinmeier said that he will be holding talks with the leaders of all parties involved in the discussions, along with German institutions. He also stressed that all ...

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‘Better not to rule than rule badly’: German coalition talks fail, shaking Merkel's position

The pro-business Free Democratic Party abruptly announced its exit from three-way talks to form the German government on Sunday, citing a lack of common ground. The setback may see Germany hold new elections, challenging Merkel’s all but secured chancellorship. The chances for a so-called “Jamaica coalition” of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU), the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens ...

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Not just the Air Force: US Army fail to report up to 20% of crimes to FBI

Published time: 16 Nov, 2017 04:59 After an Air Force veteran with a criminal history was able to buy guns and kill 29 people in a Texas church, a Pentagon-wide investigation found that the Army is failing to alert the FBI about soldiers’ criminal histories in a “significant amount” of cases. On Wednesday, Gen. Mark Milley, the Army chief of ...

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