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Facebook rolls out photo/video fact checking so partners can train its AI

Sometimes fake news lives inside of Facebook as photos and videos designed to propel misinformation campaigns, instead of off-site on news articles that can generate their own ad revenue. To combat these politically rather than financially motivated meddlers, Facebook has to be able to detect fake news inside of images and the audio that accompanies video clips. Today its expanding ...

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Shaping printable guns debate as anti-Trump issue a ‘hysteria not based in fact or reality’ – Lionel

A move to ban blueprints for 3D-printable firearms is framed by sponsors as protecting the public after the failure to do so by the Trump administration. But the narrative is detached from reality, media analyst Lionel told RT. In a last-minute intervention this week the authorities of several states blocked the distribution of plastic firearms blueprints by the company Defense ...

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Fact stranger than fiction: Chinese crime novelist exposed as murderous robber

A famous crime fiction writer in China’s Zhejiang Province has turned out to be a robber with four deaths on his conscience. He and his accomplice were exposed two decades after the crime thanks to new DNA testing technology. The writer, Liu Mouyi, and a second man, Wang Mouming, were convicted by a court in the city of Huzhou on ...

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Gasp! Rachel Maddow reveals shocking fact that North Korea has a border with Russia

Regular MSNBC viewers will be familiar with Rachel Maddow and her affinity for Russiagate speculation; but the conspiracy-happy host has finally gone off the deep end with her coverage of the Singapore nuclear summit this week. On Tuesday’s episode of her show, Maddow launched an 18-minute long attempt to prove that the person who benefited most from US President Donald ...

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Economy ‘in tatters?’ Russian PM invites Obama to do fact check for himself

The Russian economy has been resilient to external pressure and has resumed growing, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said. He has invited former US President Barack Obama to see for himself. Medvedev recalled Obama’s 2015 words, when he said that the Russian economy was “isolated’ and “in tatters” because of the US-led Western sanctions. Read more “Let him come to look ...

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Haley uses child victims as tool v Russia – after US called civilian casualties a ‘fact of life’

Children suffering in war have become tools for the West, with Nikki Haley stating that Russia’s hands are “covered in their blood” in Syria. However, the US seems to not mind “collateral damage” in the wars it’s backing. READ MORE: 3yrs of civilian deaths in Yemen don’t hold US & allies back from selling arms to Saudis – Amnesty Speaking at ...

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Facebook teams up with ‘third-party fact checkers,’ and guess who they are

Facebook has announced that it will step up its efforts to filter “fake news” from its platform. The company will partner with “third-party fact checkers,” including AP and AFP, to verify news, photos, and videos. The company’s fact-checking measures come as part of an overall strategy aimed at stopping the spread of content that could influence elections. This content was ...

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‘A lot of arbitrariness & little fact’: German swimmer slams Olympic ban of Russian athletes

The banning of Russia’s top athletes from PyeongChang 2018 was unjustified due to the lack of presented evidence, German open water swimmer Marco Henrich told RT’s Ruptly, calling the IOC move politically motivated. “There are very few facts and it is absolutely not right,” Henrich said, adding that the Russian athletes were excluded from the Winter Games by the International ...

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How Trump and media got the same fact wrong in different ways

It’s like advanced-level fake news: President Trump and the news media have been getting the same fact wrong in different ways. Trump has been fixated in the past couple of weeks on media reports that erroneously said 17 U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Russia meddled in the 2016 campaign. He was still at it on Sunday, writing in the middle ...

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