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‘Trending’ no more: Facebook removing controversial news feature

Facebook is abandoning its Trending news feature, which has been dogged by controversy over editorial bias against conservatives and accusations that it promoted “fake news” during the 2016 US presidential election. “We introduced Trending in 2014 as a way to help people discover news topics that were popular across the Facebook community,” Alex Hardiman, Facebook’s head of news products, wrote ...

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Facebook kills its ‘Trending’ section

Facebook really doesn’t want to be a media company. The social network announced this morning it’s removing its often controversial “Trending” section from its site next week, in order to make way for “future news experiences,” it says. These experiences include things like a dedicated section for news videos on its video hub Facebook Watch, a breaking news label publishers ...

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Teens dump Facebook for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat

A Pew survey of teens and the ways they use technology finds that kids have largely ditched Facebook for the visually stimulating alternatives of Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. Nearly half said they’re online “almost constantly,” which will probably be used as a source of FUD, but really is just fine. Even teens, bless their honest little hearts, have doubts about ...

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Facebook didn’t see Cambridge Analytica breach coming because it was focused ‘on the old threat’

In light of the massive data scandal involving Cambridge Analytica around the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a lot of people wondered how something like that could’ve happened. Well, Facebook didn’t see it coming, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said at the Code conference this evening. “If you go back to 2016 and you think about what people were worried about in ...

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Facebook mistakes Kentucky woman for a Westworld bot

PSA: Don’t use a popular brand name for your online accounts. Facebook’s social media team accidentally directed users to the Messenger account of a random Facebook user this morning, instead of the new HBO Westworld Messenger account it was trying to promote. On Twitter, the Messenger account instructed followers to chat with “Tes, the host of the new @WestworldHBO experience on ...

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Facebook accused of ‘tricking’ users into signing privacy agreement

The evil geniuses at Facebook are camouflaging consent provisions and manipulating users into hastily accepting their tracking terms by showing them fake notifications, a new lawsuit says. The accusations were made in a complaint filed by the European Center for Digital Rights on behalf of an anonymous Facebook user. The lawsuit, filed against Facebook Ireland Ltd. (where the social network ...

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How much: Facebook user puts personal data up for sale to highest bidder

An entrepreneurial Facebook user who tried to cash in on his own data, by putting it up for auction on Ebay, appears to have had his pioneering plan stopped in its tracks. Oli Frost posted an advert to Ebay on Saturday offering the entire contents of his downloaded Facebook file to the highest bidder. “Everyone else’s making money off it, ...

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Papua New Guinea threatens to close Facebook for a month to investigate its harmful impact

Facebook is proving problematic for many governments worldwide, but few would think to shut it down entirely. That’s exactly the approach that Papua New Guinea, the Pacific sea island nation located near Australia, is proposing to take with a new measure that could see the social network closed off for a month. During that period, the government plans to investigate the ...

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Facebook has a very specific Pepe the Frog policy, report says

Facebook doesn’t ban fictional characters with hateful content as a rule, but interestingly Pepe the Frog is well enough established as a hate speech symbol that Facebook has a very particular policy devoted only to the cartoon frog. Motherboard got their hands on some content moderation policy documents from Facebook that show Pepe, a cartoon frog harmlessly created by cartoonist ...

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Hillary Clinton Wants to be CEO of Facebook

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg better watch out, as Hillary Clinton said she would like to be the company’s CEO because of its power as a media outlet. Clinton was speaking at Harvard University, where she was awarded the Radcliffe Medal on Friday. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey asked Clinton if she could be CEO of any company, what would she choose. ...

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