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Turkey ‘may face sanctions’ for buying Russian S-400 missiles and not toeing US line – diplomat

Ankara’s decision to buy S-400 air defense systems from Russia exposes Turkey to possible US sanctions and may bar it from getting F-35 jets, a State Department official said, adding that Turkey should “align with the West.” The warning came on Wednesday from Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell, who spoke to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on behalf of ...

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Russian economy resilient in face of latest US sanctions – Moody’s

In its latest review of Russia, US-based ratings agency Moody’s said that the country’s strong public and external finances would shield its economy from the impact of the latest US sanctions. The Russian banking system has sufficient earnings capacity to absorb credit losses arising from exposure to the sanctioned companies, Moody’s said. It added, however, that the sanctions will be ...

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Over-budget, problem-plagued US Navy ships face deployment delay – report

The US Navy’s problem-plagued Littoral Combat Ships may not deploy this year due to maintenance issues, the US Naval Institute reported, raising suspicions that the navy has all but given up on the costly, ill-fated vessels. Read more Scheduled to deploy to Bahrain and Singapore this year, the navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) fleet likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon ...

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Italian officials & German firm face lawsuit over arms sales to Saudi Arabia

A complaint has been filed by a coalition of human rights groups against Italian government officials and a major European arms manufacturer over their alleged involvement in the aerial bombing of Yemen. The legal action was launched by the Berlin-based European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), the Yemen-based Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, and the Italian Rete Italiana ...

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Toulouse riots: Police attacked as woman arrested for refusing to remove Islamic face veil

A deprived district of Toulouse, France has been rocked by two nights of furious riots, triggered by the arrest of a woman who refused to remove her Islamic full-face veil for police. Some 18 people were arrested. Hundreds of police units were deployed after young residents threw stones, torched cars and set fire to garbage cans, police told the AFP. ...

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London should face uncomfortable questions from G7 over Skripal poisoning – Russian senator

G7 nations should be asking uncomfortable questions of London rather than probing Moscow about the circumstances of the Skripal poisoning, according to the head of the Russian Upper House committee for international relations. “The G7 member nations must urgently ask questions about Salisbury, but they should ask London instead of Moscow. There, they know everything. Why were the animals cremated? ...

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Slander websites face crackdown under new Duma measures

The Russian lower house has passed a bill allowing court bailiffs to restrict access to websites that refuse to delete slanderous information about citizens or businesses. The bill changes the current situation, under which owners of websites that publish slanderous reports can be ordered to delete them and can be fined for refusal to comply, although there are no legal ...

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Convicted pedophiles face life sentences under Duma proposals

The Russian lower house Committee for Family, Women and Children has approved calls to hold a vote on introducing life sentences as possible punishment for sex crimes against children. If passed, the bill would change the current situation in which the maximum punishment for sex crimes against persons under 14 years of age is 20 years in prison. It also ...

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Sarkozy to face trial for alleged spying on probe into campaign corruption

Ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy will stand trial for allegedly misusing his influence to spy on an investigation into his 2007 presidential bid. It was claimed the campaign was funded by former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. France’s financial prosecutor has confirmed that the former president will stand trial for influence peddling, according to Reuters. He’s accused of securing leaked details of ...

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Officers who killed Alton Sterling won’t face charges

Two police officers who shot and killed a black man outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will not face criminal charges. Protests over the 2016 incident culminated in the deaths of three police officers. Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry ruled out charges against the officers on Tuesday. The state had been investigating the shooting since the US Department ...

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