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Gold medal for enthusiasm: All eyes on N. Korea’s cheerleaders in PyeongChang (VIDEOS)

North Korea’s cheerleading squad has become the unlikely center of attention at this year’s Winter Olympics, mesmerizing audiences with their highly synchronized routines. The 229-member cheer squad are part of a last-minute North Korean delegation to the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Dressed in matching red tracksuits, the group sings and cheers in unison, competing with the athletes for ...

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All eyes on the Revolution, vote #1917LIVE in prestigious Shorty Awards

RT’s historical re-enactment on Twitter dedicated to the Russian Revolution is back in the spotlight, competing in the 10th annual Shorty Awards to be held in April 2018. You can help #1917LIVE win by casting your vote online. The project has already scored numerous awards, including in “one of the most competitive and prestigious” categories of the Shorty Awards – ...

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US eyes partitioning of Syria, gave up on promise that fighting ISIS ‘only goal’ – Lavrov

The US appears to be aiming at dividing Syria, as US troops still linger in the country even after its promise to end the mission after driving out Islamic State fighters, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. “It’s very likely that the Americans have taken a course of dividing the country. They just gave up their assurances, given to us, ...

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Project Veritas talks Twitter’s prying eyes & MSM agenda

HomeWorld News Published time: 16 Jan, 2018 20:13 Edited time: 16 Jan, 2018 22:44 Get short URL Project Veritas’ communication director, Stephen Gordon, speaks to RT about allegations of Twitter’s prying eyes and the agenda of social media’s big guns. Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT World News

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Automotive Grade Linux gets support from Toyota and Amazon as it eyes autonomous driving

Open-source software was once something that large businesses shied away from, but over the course of the last few years, it’s made inroads into virtually every enterprise company. With Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), the Linux Foundation hosts a project that aims to bring open source to the car industry. As the AGL group announced at CES in Las Vegas today, ...

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It's all in the eyes: Drone controlled through AR tested in hostage simulation in Russia (VIDEO)

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 18:56 Russian scientists have tested a quadcopter operated through an augmented reality (AR) helmet. The technology enables the user to be in control of the drone with eye movement only, freeing the operator’s hands to carry a weapon. With the AR helmet on, the drone operator can see both footage from the drone and images ...

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Young mother Mustafina eyes return to elite gymnastics in spring

Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina has resumed training after giving birth to her daughter in June and plans to make her competitive comeback at the 2018 European Championships, where she aims to participate in the all-around event. The two-time Olympic champion told R-Sport that she has been preparing for the Russian nationals and the continental tournament which will take place in ...

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Japan startup smashes SpaceX record, eyes moon landing by 2020 (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A Japanese aerospace startup has broken the fundraising record for commercial space exploration, far exceeding SpaceX. The company plans to land a rover on the moon’s surface by the end of 2020. Tokyo-based ispace, founded in September 2010, aims to be the first Japanese company to land on the moon, joining the former Soviet Union, China and the US as ...

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US military goes green, eyes creation of ‘spy plants’

Published time: 27 Nov, 2017 11:24 Edited time: 27 Nov, 2017 11:25 A new research program commissioned by the US military could turn horticulture into a form of spycraft, potentially sparing humans the need to work in dangerous environments. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to genetically engineer plant-based sensors as battlefield surveillance tech. The agency, which reports ...

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Broke Rome eyes up Trevi Fountain cash to bolster city finances

Published time: 11 Nov, 2017 14:09 The Eternal City that is Rome is going through somewhat of a budgetary crisis at the moment, and with cash in short supply, officials are now even eyeing up the city’s iconic Trevi Fountain. Every year, millions of tourists flock to the former seat of empire to view the city’s many sites. A good ...

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