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Japanese ‘facing extinction’ as humans turn to silicon sex dolls (VIDEO)

As Japan’s birth rates fell below the 1 million mark last year, experts have pointed the finger at the rising popularity of sex dolls for singletons. The issue is the focus of the RT documentary ‘Substitutes,’ in which experts warn that sex dolls are fueling a national mood of loneliness and alienation, making people less interested in human relationships and ...

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‘Mass extinction’ volcanic eruptions could wipe out life on Earth, new study claims

Devastating volcanic eruptions, caused by excess carbon in the atmosphere, could one day lead to the mass extinction of all marine animals, and possibly all life on Earth – so says a new study. The dire warning comes amid dramatic seismic events in Guatemala and Hawaii, where hundreds of people have been either killed or displaced from their homes in ...

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Scientist predicts our future will be ‘worse than extinction’

A Russian theoretical physicist has predicted a grim future for our civilization that “is even worse than extinction.” Alexander Berezin, a highly-cited scientist from Russia’s National University of Electronic Technology Research, outlined his bleak prediction in an article entitled ‘First to enter, last to leave: a solution to Fermi’s paradox’. Fermi’s paradox is the contradiction that’s been maddening scientists for ...

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Prehistoric Antarctica forest fossils offer scientists ‘glimpse of life before the extinction’

Published time: 11 Nov, 2017 22:39 Edited time: 11 Nov, 2017 22:49 Scientists exploring the frozen wilderness of Antarctica have discovered new fossils that provide further detail about the 260 million-year-old forests that existed there long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. During the Antarctic summer, which lasts from late November through January, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) geologists Erik Gulbranson and ...

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