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Something’s broken inside Earth? Scientists explore why millennia-old process has stalled

Scientists have diagnosed the Earth with a bizarre geological condition known as ‘stagnant slabs’, meaning tectonic rocks subducted into the fiery hot mantle mysteriously become wedged hundreds of miles below the surface. But researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder believe they have discovered the reason for what appears to be a glitch in the Earth’s internal mechanism. READ MORE: ‘Most ...

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YouTube is testing its own ‘Explore’ tab on iPhone

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on Friday promised the company would do a better job with communicating to creators about its experiments and tests. Today, YouTube is making good on that commitment with an update about a new feature it’s testing out: an Explore tab, aimed at offering viewers a more diverse set of video recommendations. The news was announced via the Creator ...

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Twitter lets advertisers ‘take over’ the Explore tab

Twitter is ready to squeeze a lot more money out of its trending topics. After minimizing its mediocre Moments feature and burying it inside the renamed Explore tab, Twitter is now starting to test Promoted Trend Spotlight ads. These put a big visual banner equipped with a GIF or image background atop Explore for the first two times you visit ...

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Russia to explore Crimean shelf for large gas deposits

A comprehensive study will be conducted off the Crimean coast where large gas fields could be located, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksandr Sergeyev has said. “We want to raise the issue of developing the Crimean shelf. The studies that were conducted earlier and those that are currently underway show there could be quite significant gas reserves,” ...

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Messenger chief leaving role to explore blockchain tech for Facebook

After four years at the helm of Messenger, David Marcus will be leaving the team to lead a small group of Facebook employees to explore what blockchain technologies can do for the social media giant. In a post on Facebook, Marcus noted that he would be “starting from scratch” in these efforts surrounding blockchain tech. His departure from Messenger comes ...

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Facebook ends its experiment with the alternative ‘explore’ news feed

Facebook is ending its short-lived (and misguided) experiment with the alternative news feed feature called “Explore.” In a blog post today, Facebook head of news feed Adam Mosseri wrote: We constantly try out new features, design changes and ranking updates to understand how we can make Facebook better for everyone. Some of these changes—like Reactions, Live Video, and GIFs— work ...

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Mark Zuckerberg is right to explore the potential of the blockchain for Facebook

In what is Mark Zuckerberg’s now-traditional New Year speech, the Facebook supremo pledged to fix the social network’s many problems which bubbled up in 2017. Perhaps understandably, that admission hogged the headlines but Zuckerberg also said he plans to study encryption and the blockchain “see how best to use them in our services.” That statement comes amid a period of crypto frenzy, ...

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Abandoned Fukushima: Filmmakers explore eerie towns evacuated in nuclear disaster (VIDEO)

Published time: 30 Oct, 2017 17:13 A team of YouTubers has braved the hazardous fallout of Fukushima to document the abandoned homes and businesses left in the aftermath of the 2011 nuclear disaster. The group, which publishes videos to YouTube under the name ‘Exploring the Unbeaten Path,’ has previously filmed ventures into places as varied and far-flung as Baikonur Cosmodrome ...

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Facebook downplays test banishing all Pages to buried Explore Feed

Facebook has caused a 60% to 80% drop in referral traffic to news outlets in six countries due to a test that removed Page posts from the News Feed and relocated them to a separate, hard-to-find Explore Feed. But now Facebook’s VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri writes that “We currently have no plans to roll this test out further.” ...

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Facebook’s discovery-focused ‘Explore Feed’ hits the desktop

Facebook’s tests of an alternative News Feed dubbed the “Explore” feed are progressing, it seems. Previously available on mobile devices in the main navigation, Facebook’s new Explore Feed is now appearing for users on the desktop. The feed is found in the left-side sidebar, within the “Explore” section – where you’ll also find links to Facebook features like Events, Groups, ...

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