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‘If my plane explodes, ask CIA’: Duterte denies seeking alliance with China & Russia against US

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t ruling out that the US might be very annoyed and consider a threat his decision to procure weapons from China and Russia, after Washington refused to supply Manila with arms. The Philippines has been seeking modern weapons and small arms to step up combat against ISIS-linked Islamists, ever since Duterte assumed office in June 2016. ...

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Israel hits target in Gaza with tank fire after ‘device explodes’ near IDF patrol

Published time: 17 Feb, 2018 14:35 Edited time: 17 Feb, 2018 14:50 An Israeli tank fired at an observation post located in the southern Gaza Strip, the country’s Defense Forces (IDF) said. The shelling followed an explosive device being detonated near the Israeli patrol in the area. IDF troops were patrolling an area near the security fence in the Gaza ...

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Crematorium scare: Coconut explodes in coffin, mourners warned over 'slipping in' items

Grievers in Manchester have been urged to follow crematorium rules and not slip certain items into the caskets of the deceased after a bizarre incident in which a coconut left in a coffin blew up and left staff cowering in fear. It appears that supplying the dearly departed with items to take to the next world is not something entirely ...

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Space rocket booster drops from sky & explodes near Chinese town (VIDEOS)

A rocket booster fell from the sky and exploded near a small town in southwest China following the launch of the country’s Long March 3B rocket. The strap-on booster was one of four making up the first stage of the rocket that launched two satellites into orbit on Friday. People living in the town of Xiangdu, located near China’s Guangxi ...

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Grandad’s testicle ‘explodes’ after he contracts rare strain of Salmonella

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 18:38 A grandfather whose testicle “exploded” after he contracted a rare form of Salmonella says his life has completely changed. The 59-year-old caught the disease while on a Tunisian holiday. David Worsley was on holiday with his wife Joanne in Tunisia when he contracted African Salmonella, a potentially deadly strain of the disease. Read more ...

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Man dies after object he picked up near Stockholm metro explodes

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 11:36 Edited time: 7 Jan, 2018 13:57 A man died in the hospital after sustaining serious injuries caused by an exploding object he picked up from the ground near Varby gard metro station in Stockholm, Sweden. Police first reported the incident in the Huddinge district of the Swedish capital at 11:07am local time (10:07am GMT) ...

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Video captures New York suspect as pipe bomb explodes

Published time: 11 Dec, 2017 20:52 Cellphone video appears to show the moment a man detonated a pipe bomb inside New York’s bus terminal subway station. In the video, filmed from a New York Port Authority surveillance camera of the terrorist attack Monday, commuters can be seen walking along the subway tunnel. Read more An off camera person points to ...

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Germany's homeless population explodes as refugee policy backfires

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 13:40 The latest report published by Germany’s Federal Association for Assistance for the Homeless shows the number of people living on the streets has surged by 33 percent in the two years through 2016. “In 2016 an estimated 52,000 people were living on German streets, an increase of a third on the 39,000 people who ...

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Oil pipeline explodes & bursts into flames in Bahrain (VIDEOS)

Published time: 10 Nov, 2017 21:54 A large explosion triggered a fire on an oil pipeline in Bahrain. The interior ministry said there were no casualties. Firefighters are at the scene working to bring the blaze under control. The ministry said an investigation is underway. An explosion caused a fire in an oil pipeline near Buri village. No injuries reported, ...

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SpaceX rocket engine explodes during test, probe launched

Published time: 9 Nov, 2017 11:23 An experimental next-gen SpaceX rocket engine exploded during a test at the company’s McGregor facility in Texas. The explosion, first reported by the Washington Post, occurred on Saturday but the company only confirmed the engine failure on Wednesday. No-one was injured but the explosion caused damage to the facility, the company confirmed in a ...

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