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‘Ukrainian president’s statements of Russian plans to rig elections lack proof:’ Experts to RT

Several politicians and experts told RT that the Ukrainian president’s fears of Russian meddling in future elections were completely unfounded and simply imitated the demagogic tactics used previously by Western nations. In a conversation with RT State Duma MP from the Crimean city of Sevastopol, Dmitry Belik, said he doubted the existence of the unnamed sources from which Petro Poroshenko ...

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A new Berlin Wall? US is see-sawing Europe in half by trying to isolate Russia – experts

The US is hurting Europe by pushing EU and NATO integration eastwards and by bullying East European nations into cutting ties with Russia, which is contrary to their natural inclination to seek out partnerships, analysts told RT. Last week the Balkans, aka “the powder-keg of Europe” came into the international spotlight after a border incident. The leader of Kosovo, the ...

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Ahvaz was ‘soft target’ for terrorists, likely backed by Saudi – Iranian experts

A lower security level than in the capital Tehran and a close proximity to Iraq made the Iranian city of Ahvaz an easier target for terrorists, experts told RT, noting the alleged perpetrators have Saudi backing. The militants opened fire at the parade because they “wanted to find a soft target,” Foad Izadi, professor of political communication at the University ...

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US 'protectorate' rebelling? Experts doubt EU's ability to stand up to Washington

France and Germany are gearing up – with words, so far – to take a stand against the US and Donald Trump’s “isolationism.” While the EU powers talk about defending themselves without the US, it’s unclear if they are able to do so. On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron harshly criticized what he called Trump’s “aggressive isolationism,” urging the EU ...

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‘No surprise if Moscow recalls ambassador’: Russia will lash out against new sanctions, say experts

Washington’s latest sanctions have left no room for a constructive response from Moscow, analysts explain, but opinions differ widely on how much the measures will affect relations between the two countries. All interviewed by RT railed against the framing of the sanctions, nominally prompted by the alleged use of chemical weapons against the Skripals in the UK back in March. ...

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Democracy v meritocracy: Study reveals young Swedes want experts instead of elected govt officials

Sweden may not be the bastion of democracy that the world seems to think it is. A new poll has revealed that a large portion of Swedish youths would prefer experts to run the country in lieu of democratically elected politicians. The survey was carried out by analysis firm Kairos Future and was issued to 6,000 Swedes, most of whom ...

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No long-term benefit for Turkey to alienate Iran on America’s whim – experts on oil sanctions

Turkey has vowed to oppose US efforts to smother Iranian crude exports. Ankara is in a strong position to disobey Washington and has plenty of reasons not to start a quarrel with Tehran, experts have told RT. On Wednesday, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara won’t abide by the US oil sanctions against Tehran since Iran is both “our ...

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Forensic experts confirm preliminary authenticity of last Russian royal family’s remains

Shortly before the centenary of the execution of the last Russian Tsar and his family, forensic experts have confirmed, in preliminary findings, that the remains found near Yekaterinburg in 1993 and 2007 belong to Romanovs. The experts used “molecular-genetic tests” to compare the remains found near Yekaterinburg and samples taken from the grave of Russian Emperor Alexander III, Investigative Committee ...

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‘Anubis’ malware steals money posing as Google Play official app, cybersecurity experts warn

Malware designed to steal login information for banking apps, e-wallets, and payment cards from smartphones has found its way onto the Google Play Store, posing as a legitimate app, cybersecurity experts have uncovered. Read more The Anubis malware – apparently taking its name from Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead – lures in victims by pretending to offer ...

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World running out of gold & there’s no substitute, experts warn

People responsible for supplying the world with gold are sounding the alarm, saying discoveries of the precious metal are shrinking and there’s no reasonable substitute. Mining companies are no longer finding new deposits of gold to replace their aging mines. South Africa’s 140-year-old gold industry – which was once the world’s largest – is currently facing a major crisis. The ...

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