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US Army fails to provide medical care to experiment subject soldiers

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 00:25 Veterans’ rights groups are claiming the US Army is withholding crucial information about chemical and biological agents veterans were exposed to in experimentation. “The Army still has not provided notice to test subject veterans regarding the specific chemical and biological tests to which they were subjected — and their possible health effects,” attorney Ben ...

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Cardinals, Rockies fail in experiment with quicker inning breaks

The Cardinals and Colorado Rockies tried to speed up the pace of play on Tuesday night and it was hardly noticed. Major League Baseball experimented with having the timing clock between half innings set at 1 minute, 45 seconds. Since 2016, the clock has been set at 2:05 for locally televised games and 2:25 for nationally televised games, down 20 ...

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Outrage as school SEGREGATES foreign pupils from local classmates… for an EXPERIMENT

Teachers told five classes in a school in the Italian town of Vercelli they would be segregating students based on nationality.  They said students who had at least one foreign parent would be taught separately from others and then given special extra exams at the end of the school year. The teachers said these exams would test pupils on their ...

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Never Skip This Home Winterizing Task — Savings Experiment

Filed under: Savings Experiment, Home & Garden, Did You Know Cleaning your gutters twice a year, can stop your money from going down the drain. Here’s how. Clogged gutter systems overflow with rainwater and can damage the foundation of your home, costing you thousands in repairs. So how do you get them clean? It’s easy. One clever trick is to ...

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How to Save When Booking Hotels — Savings Experiment

Filed under: Travel, Savings Experiment With loads of options and reviews, online travel agencies can be useful resources for your next trip, but if you’re using them to book a hotel, you might be paying too much. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why. First, did you know that online travel agencies charge hotels up to 30 percent ...

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How to Buy Dress Shoes That Last — Savings Experiment

Filed under: Savings Experiment, Shopping It’s never a bad idea to have a nice pair of dress shoes in your wardrobe, but they can be expensive. So, how do you make sure you’re getting what you pay for? Let’s walk through a few tips that won’t trip up your savings. There are three things to look for when buying new ...

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Scary Great Ways to Save on Halloween Candy — Savings Experiment

Filed under: Holiday Shopping, Savings Experiment Halloween’s almost here, and that means trick-or-treaters and lots of candy, but how do you get all those sweets without taking a big bite out of your savings? We’ll show you how with these scary great ways to save this Halloween. First, it’s important to know when to buy your candy. When it comes ...

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Is Cheap Gas Worth the Trip? — Savings Experiment

Filed under: Travel, Savings Experiment, Gas Prices, Did You Know Driving around for cheap gas doesn’t always take your budget the extra mile. Here’s when you should make the trip. If you’re filling up you’re tank and saving 10 cents per gallon, it’s probably worth taking the detour. However, if you’re only filling up the tank half way, and prices ...

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This Trick May Help You Save on Your Next Flight — Savings Experiment

Filed under: Travel, Did You Know Did you know that your browsing history can affect your travel budget? Many travel sites store your browsing information and, in some cases, your zip code, too. Depending on how many times you’ve searched for the same fare, or if you’re browsing from an affluent area, sites can raise prices accordingly. So, how can ...

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