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US to expand role in Syria – Mattis

The United States will expand its role in Syria, Secretary of Defense James Mattis has said. The expansion comes in response to increased Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) offensives in the region. “Right now we are not withdrawing,” Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “We are continuing the fight, we are going to expand it and bring in more ...

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Microsoft acquires classroom collaboration startup Chalkup to expand Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is beefing up its Slack-like collaboration software, Microsoft Teams, with the technology (and the founder) from collaboration software startup Chalkup. Following the acquisition, Microsoft says it will bring some of the features Chalkup had built to the Microsoft Teams for Education product experience. Chalkup was founded in 2013 by CEO Justin Chando, who’s joining Microsoft as a result of ...

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Russian lower house ratifies deal to expand naval base in Syria’s Tartus

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 07:45 Edited time: 21 Dec, 2017 07:53 Russia’s lower house of parliament has ratified an agreement to transform the Tartus naval refueling facility in Syria into a fully-fledged naval base, capable of harboring nuclear-powered ships. The development would be for a term of 49 years and would grant the Russian Navy access to the territorial ...

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RT America to expand & use all legal means to defend itself – managing director

Published time: 15 Dec, 2017 11:10 RT America will expand and use all legal means possible to defend itself, despite its recent registration as a ‘foreign agent’, the broadcaster’s managing director said, responding to moves by the US Congress regarding the channel. “[RT America] will be expanding,” Alexey Nikolov told Sputnik news agency on Thursday. “Most people are interested in ...

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Western leaders misled Gorbachev with promises that NATO wouldn’t expand – released archives

In 1990, Western politicians repeatedly assured Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO wouldn’t expand east of Germany’s borders, but broke that promise less than a decade later, say insider archives from both sides of negotiations following the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. Researchers from the respected George Washington University-based National Security Archive, which specializes in obtaining key declassified information from ...

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Facebook to expand suicide prevention AI following successful US tests

Published time: 28 Nov, 2017 02:21 Facebook announced on Monday that, following successful tests in the US, it will roll out its pattern recognition software designed to scan for posts with suicidal intent to other countries, except in the EU. “When someone is expressing thoughts of suicide, it’s important to get them help as quickly as possible,” the company’s vice ...

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Senate Democrats press FEC to expand disclosure requirements to online political advertising

A group of 15 top Democratic senators are pushing the Federal Election Commission to expand disclosure requirements on political ads to include commercials distributed online. After months of investigations on Capitol Hill, politicians on both sides of the aisle are focusing their questioning on the role that online advertising distributed by Facebook, Twitter and Google played in Russia’s attempts to ...

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Adobe and Microsoft expand partnership with Adobe Experience Manager and Dynamics 365 integration

Adobe and Microsoft expanded their continuing partnership today when they announced that they are making it easy to share data between Adobe Experience Manager, a website marketing tool and Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s CRM tool. For a sales person that means seeing the latest sales activity and customer interactions from the company website right in the customer record. From a customer ...

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City teachers union head rips Senate GOP plan to expand charters

ALBANY — The head of the city teachers union dismissed as “a load of crap” state Senate GOP efforts to tie the renewal of a law granting Mayor de Blasio control over the city school system to an expansion of charter schools. United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said the state shouldn’t be stepping on the city’s power to ...

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Trump and Japan to expand sanctions on Kim Jong-un in vow to END 'North Korea problem'

The US leader met with Shinzo Abe to talk about secretive state following rising tensions after the billionaire tycoon sent an aircraft carrier to the Korean peninsula in a show of force against the regime, which has refused to end its nuclear weapons programme. Mr Trump insisted the “North Korea problem” would be “solved” after Pyongyang carried out repeated missile ...

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