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Belgium disrespects laws on information access – European Federation of Journalists chief to RT

The head of the largest journalist organization in Europe told RT that Belgium doesn’t respect the basic rules on access to information, blasting nation’s decision to charge the press with ‘security fees’ at the EU events. The Benelux country is under fire for wanting to force local journalists and reporters into paying €50 ($ 60) every six months for mandatory ...

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'Wrecking ball' Trump rolls over European 'surrender monkeys' on trade – Max Keiser

Brussels has caved in to US pressure by agreeing to buy more American liquefied natural gas (LNG) and certain food items in return for eliminating tariffs on EU steel and aluminum, says Max Keiser, host of RT’s Keiser Report. In May, the White House slapped hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from European countries. The EU responded with three ...

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Russia ramping up domestic car exports to European market

Sales of Russia-made Lada cars increased by almost 11 percent across the EU in the first half of 2018, data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) shows. According to ACEA, January-June exports amounted to 2,770 vehicles. Last month, exports rose by more than 15 percent compared with June 2017. In general, export sales of Russia’s AvtoVAZ, which manufactures Lada ...

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Insults, demands & advice: Trump’s whirlwind European tour causes stir online

On his EU visit, US President Donald Trump lectured Germany on doing business with Russia, demanded tribute from NATO and offered advice on British politics. Many Europeans were having none of it, venting their spleen on Twitter. Trump flew into Belgium for the NATO summit on Wednesday, then jetted to the UK for a state visit on Thursday. He is ...

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Trump ruffles allies' feathers with indelicate statecraft during European tour

President Trump is not exactly known for his subtlety, but few could have predicted the smorgasbord of candid (and at times uncouth) remarks directed at US allies during the president’s European tour – and it’s only Friday. Amid strained relations between Washington and its transatlantic allies, US President Donald Trump arrived in Brussels on Tuesday for a weeklong trip to ...

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European MEPs vote to reopen copyright debate over ‘censorship’ controversy

A 318-278 majority of MEPs in the European Parliament has voted to reopen debate around a controversial digital copyright reform proposal — meaning it will now face further debate and scrutiny in the parliament, rather than be fast-tracked towards becoming law via the standard EU trilogue negotiation process. Crucially MEPs will have the chance to amend the controversial proposals. Last ...

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European Union extends economic sanctions against Russia

EU leaders have extended economic penalties against Russia for six months until the end of January. The decision prolongs the ban on doing business with Russian banking and financial institutions and new energy projects. “We had a very short discussion on Russia, Ukraine and the Minsk Agreements that led to a political decision to extend the sanctions for another six ...

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EU leaders reach deal on migration at European Council summit

Following nearly ten hours of tense deliberation, the leaders of the 28 European Union member states have reached an agreement on the migration issue. “EU28 leaders have agreed on (summit) conclusions, including on migration,” the European Council president Donald Tusk said. Earlier in the day, Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte had refused to approve an EU summit statement on the ...

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Trump threatens 20% tariffs on all European cars coming into US

Published time: 22 Jun, 2018 14:50 Edited time: 22 Jun, 2018 15:00 US President Donald Trump has issued another warning to the EU, threatening to slap the bloc’s automakers with 20 percent tax levies unless trade barriers placed on American corporations are lifted. The warning comes two days after US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the White House had ...

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Dazzling fireball streaks across sky over European Russia (VIDEOS)

Residents of the European part of Russia have reported a bright fireball lighting up the sky, which was emitting a blinding light. Theories on social media varied from a simple meteor to aliens arriving for World Cup 2018. The glowing object was spotted in the sky from Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tula and Oryol regions on Thursday morning, according to photos and ...

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