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Burglar’s escape room blunder: Trapped thief asks cops to rescue him

Could an escape room get a better endorsement than being so puzzling that a burglar couldn’t find a way out? A hapless thief in Washington was so perplexed by the adventure game he broke into that he called the police on himself. The live action games, which sees people trapped in a room that they must escape from as quickly ...

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Woman falls through ceiling, man gets tasered in botched escape from Canadian police (VIDEO)

Escaping a convenience store with a can of soda proved an impossible task for a couple of Canadians who, in their cinematic getaway attempt, wrestled police, got tasered and fell through a ceiling, before ending up in jail. The botched attempt to avoid justice at a Spruce Grove convenience store in Alberta occurred after a suspicious pair of Canadians tried ...

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Rocky road: Motorist’s miraculous escape from shocking landslide (VIDEO)

A New Zealand motorist had a remarkably lucky escape after he narrowly avoided being crushed by a powerful landslide – and still managed to film the dramatic brush with death. The rock-laden slip came barrelling down the Waioeka Gorge in the Bay of Plenty on the country’s North Island, just meters away from the plucky camerman’s vehicle. Michael Tabudravu was ...

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Drone footage shows US troops’ last stand & dramatic escape from Niger ambush (VIDEO)

Newly released footage from the Pentagon shows how US troops ambushed in Niger prepared for their last stand, the aborted French airstrike on Islamic State militants, and friendly fire by Nigerien rescuers. The US Department of Defense has put together a 23-minute video showing the October 4, 2017 ambush of US special forces operatives and their Nigerien hosts outside the village of ...

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Dam, that was close: Watch construction worker miraculously escape massive wave of floodwater

A construction worker at a dam in Colombia was nearly knocked off his feet and buried under raging floodwaters of the Cauca River. Video provided by Ruptly news agency captured the intense moment that workers, at the Ituango Dam project, are seen escaping massive waves. One of them, who failed to catch up with the rest and was left behind, ...

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Swiss fly-tippers plague French towns to escape waste charges

Penny-pinching fly-tippers are reportedly traveling from Switzerland to nearby French towns to dispose of waste in order to escape their home country’s steep disposal charges. The messy phenomenon has hit parts of Franche-Comté, which sits to the west of Switzerland, with authorities reporting a rise in French nationals being caught dumping their trash across the border. Since Switzerland brought in ...

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Escape from a Nazi death camp: Film on Soviet prisoner-led revolt in Sobibor to premiere in April

Based on a true story of how a Soviet officer led a daring revolt at a Nazi death camp in Poland, ‘Sobibor’ is set to screen in late April. The film aims to preserve the historical truth about mass murders of Soviet POWs and Jews. Located on the Polish territory not far from the Ukrainian border, Sobibor was a large, ...

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‘We were about to die’: E. Ghouta civilians say militants used them as human shields & barred escape

Civilians fleeing the fighting in Eastern Ghouta in their thousands through humanitarian corridors say the militants controlling the area used them as human shields and prevented them from leaving their homes. “They fired at us, they did not want us to flee at all, they fired at the car wheels so that we could not flee… There was no flour, ...

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Venomous spiders earmarked for ‘milking’ escape egg sack in spine-chilling video

Discovering a sac filled with hundreds of spiders typically elicits a fight or flight response from most sane people – but wildlife experts in Australia are asking the public to capture the critters so they can be milked. One resident from Matcham on the New South Wales Central Coast fought all of his survival instincts and decided to take an ...

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Friends with benefits: 2 Irishmen to escape inheritance tax by getting married

Published time: 16 Dec, 2017 18:31 Two male friends in Dublin plan to bypass Irish inheritance tax law through a marriage described as a “business” arrangement. In Ireland, gifts or inheritance valued above a certain threshold are taxed at a rate of 33 percent. However, property or money received by a spouse or civil partner is exempt from the country’s ...

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