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‘Enemy of the people’: Almost half of Republicans say Trump should be allowed to close media outlets

President Trump’s attacks on the media, whom he dubbed “enemies of the people,” have struck a chord with supporters. A new poll found that 43 percent of Republicans want to give him the power to shut down certain news outlets. Public trust in the press has diminished since the days of Woodward and Bernstein, falling by 30 percentage points since ...

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‘Fake news media is the enemy of the people’ – Trump

Published time: 3 Aug, 2018 07:26 US President Donald Trump has once again taken to Twitter to air his grievances with US news outlets, claiming that “fake news” – which constitutes “a large percentage of the media” – is “the enemy of the people.” The president’s comments were in response to a statement made by his daughter, Ivanka Trump, who ...

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CNN’s Acosta spars with Sanders after she refuses to repeat that ‘press are not enemy of the people'

Jim Acosta walked out of a stormy White House briefing after press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would not contradict Donald Trump by saying that that the “press are not the enemy of the people.” CNN’s Acosta began his line of questioning by saying that the journalists “deserved” a reassurance that their work was valued by the President, and it would ...

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Flip-flopping Trump vows to be Putin’s ‘worst enemy’ if US-Russia relationship doesn’t pan out

Amid a puzzling week of flip-flopping on Russian meddling, Donald Trump has promised to be Vladimir Putin’s arch nemesis if re-engagement with Moscow is a dud – while underscoring that getting along with Russia is desirable. Speaking with CNBC on Thursday, the US president said that he would become Putin’s “worst enemy” if his dealings with Russia failed to produce ...

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'MSM wants us to cast Russia as an enemy & it's wrong' – Ron Paul to RT

The meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is a “step in the right direction,” former US Senator Ron Paul told RT, while also addressing the “propaganda” notion that the US must have an enemy in Russia. “I was very pleased with what went on today,” Paul said. He added that if the two leaders ever had a serious discussion, ...

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US psy-ops vision: Leaflets that cry ‘surrender now!’ as they rain down on enemy troops

The US may soon add talking leaflets to their psychological warfare arsenal. The devices would play pre-recorded 30-second messages to whoever picks them up and may even soon listen back to the response they get. A prototype of a weaponized version of a musical greeting card has been developed by the US Special Operations Forces Command, or US SOCOM, which ...

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War games: Liberals slam Trump for using ‘language of the enemy’

President Donald Trump’s pledge to end “war games” in South Korea came as a surprise to commentators, and was viewed by many as a weighty concession to Kim Jong-un. To Twitter liberals however, the issue was a semantic one. Trump spun the concession as a money-saving decision, as well as a goodwill gesture to Kim.   “We will be stopping ...

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‘We cannot declare Russia, the country and its people, to be an enemy’ – German president

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for ending the demonization of Russia and its people on Sunday. He added that Germany should do more to help de-escalate tensions, given his country’s unique history with Russia. Steinmeier warned that the US-led airstrikes in Syria in the early hours of Saturday morning raised the risk of direct confrontation between US and Russian forces ...

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Russian military to ‘drill’ enemy defenses with new gliding bomb

Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 15:17 Russia’s military is about to adopt a state-of-the-art aerial bomb, called ‘Drel’, or drill, which can be dropped by a bomber without entering an enemy’s airspace, due to the weapon’s ability to glide for dozens of kilometers. The head of Russian munitions developer Techmash, Vladimir Lepin, described ‘Drel’ as a “gliding bomb cartridge with ...

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Su-30 pilot who covered Putin’s plane in Syria: Jets were ‘heat traps’ for possible enemy missiles

Published time: 16 Dec, 2017 21:19 One of the Su-30SM pilots who covered Vladimir Putin’s plane on his recent trip to Syria opened up on the mission. The jets were “heat traps” ready to take possible enemy missiles upon themselves, he said. “In this case, the task was to meet [the Russian President’s plane] and escort it to the landing ...

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