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‘Confronting possible enemies’: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards admit holding Gulf naval war games

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has acknowledged its warships took part in a naval exercise in Persian Gulf over the last few days to hone skills in “confronting possible threats” posed by enemies. “This exercise was conducted with the aim of controlling and safeguarding the safety of the international waterway [in the Persian Gulf],” said General Ramazan Sharif, spokesman for Iranian Revolutionary ...

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Iranian rial falls to record low against the US dollar & central bank blames ‘nation’s enemies’

The unofficial rate of the Iranian rial plummeted to a record low of 112,000 rials against the dollar on concerns over the imminent return of full US sanctions. The rial has lost more than a half of its value against the dollar in just four months, having fallen to the 50,000-mark for the first time in March. Iranians have been ...

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External enemies are to blame for igniting domestic protests in Iran – Defense Minister

Iran is facing growing external pressure from its adversaries, who are seeking to sow dissent in the country and pit the people against the government, Iran’s’ Defense Minister has said, adding that they won’t succeed in doing so. “Today, the flimsy coalition of the arrogant, reactionary and hypocritical [countries] led by the US is seeking to portray the Islamic Republic ...

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‘Incompetent enemies’: John McAfee blasts ‘poisoning’ attempt from his hospital bed (PHOTOS)

John McAfee says he has survived an attempt on his life after his “enemies” tried to poison him. The cybersecurity pioneer made the startling claim on Twitter and shared images of himself lying in a hospital bed covered in tubes. “My enemies managed to spike something that I ingested,” McAfee wrote. “However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone ...

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‘Don’t repeat Hitler’s mistake’ – Kadyrov warns Russia’s enemies

The head of the Chechen Republic has called upon foreign nations to not repeat Hitler’s mistake and to avoid antagonizing Russia without learning the history of failed attempts to conquer it. Ramzan Kadyrov issued the warning through his Telegram Messenger blog on Friday as Russia was marked the Day of Memory and Grief – the anniversary of the Nazi Germany’s ...

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Top secrete: Kim 'brings' portable toilet to Singapore to ‘deny enemies insight into his stool’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly gone to extreme measures to prevent his enemies getting an insight into the state of his health during the Singapore summit – including bringing his very own toilet. Kim arrived in the city with a bullet-proof limousine and a portable toilet in tow, according to South Korean newspaper Chosun. The purpose of the ...

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US torture program is greatest recruiting mechanism for our enemies – John Kiriakou

We like to believe, and we want other countries to believe, the US is a shining beacon for human rights, civil rights and civil liberties. It’s simply not true, whistleblower John Kiriakou told RT’s On Contact host Chris Hedges. Hedges discussed the CIA and torture with whistleblower and former CIA analyst and case officer John Kiriakou. John Kiriakou is the ...

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'With friends like that who needs enemies’: Tusk lashes out at Trump

European Council President Donald Tusk derided US President Donald Trump over his administration’s “capricious assertiveness” and called on the EU to unite on the Iran nuclear agreement and tariffs. Speaking at a Western Balkans summit in Sofia, Bulgaria on Wednesday, Tusk didn’t hold back in his assessment of the US, saying EU members should unite to face “a new phenomenon ...

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Kadyrov can punish Russia's enemies under the law, not 'cowboy justice,' Chechen minister claims

Ramzan Kadyrov can punish all of Russia’s enemies without using “outlaw methods.” A government minister made the assertion while commenting on the Ukrainian man who spread fake news about the Russian shopping mall fire. “We are not some cowboys to put a price on someone’s head,” Chechen Minister for Information and External Relations Djambulat Umarov said in an interview with ...

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No artificial timelines, no longer telling enemies our plans – Trump

During his first State of the Union Address to Congress, President Donald Trump announced there has been a change in how US forces will conduct the war in Afghanistan. Trump lauded a new executive order that keeps Guantanamo Bay detention camp open. “I am asking Congress to ensure that in the fight against ISIS [Islamic State], we continue to have ...

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