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Google Maps amplifies its app for electric vehicle owners

Google Maps is beefing up its app to help electric vehicle owners find the most suitable and closest place to charge up. Google Maps said Tuesday it’s adding an EV charging feature to the app that will give users information about charging stations. Google has featured charging stations for a number of years now. But now, Google Maps is displaying ...

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Gunning for Tesla? Kalashnikov to sell electric cars & bikes to UAE

Electric vehicles, made by Russia’s renowned arms producer Kalashnikov, are soon expected to be sold for export for the very first time, following an agreement with a major company from the United Arab Emirates. A memorandum of agreement has been signed with the UAE company Mawarid Holding on the sidelines of the Army-2018 forum on Friday, Kalashnikov Concern’s press service ...

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‘Eat it, Elon’: Internet greets Kalashnikov electric supercar with love & hate for old-school looks

The just-unveiled Russian electric supercar concept by AK-47 creator Kalashnikov has caused heated debate online. Many mocked its old-school design, while others said they’d gladly drive such a vehicle for that very same reason. Forestalling the obvious parallels with Elon Musk’s creations, Kalashnikov Concern said that its CV-1 “electric supercar concept… will allow us to stand in line with the ...

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General Electric engineer charged with stealing trade secrets encrypted in sunset picture

Xiaoqing Zheng, 55, a US citizen with interests in several Chinese businesses – some state-funded – has been charged with stealing troves of General Electric data using sophisticated encryption. He faces up to 10 years in jail. FBI agents handling the engineer’s case say it is the first time they have seen a suspect using this method of encryption, “uncommon ...

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Nothing to see here, folks – it’s just a dog crashing an electric tricycle into a China shop (VIDEO)

A small shop in China was smashed by an electric tricycle after a dog took control of the vehicle, accidentally hitting the gas when he was left unattended in the cabin by his owner. The stunning pet ride was caught on camera. The footage, said to be taken in Taizhou, a city on the east coast of China, shows a ...

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‘Electric cars are evil’: Hyundai union chief warns of future job losses

Hyundai’s union chief has condemned electric cars as ‘evil’ and says workers at the company “are feeling a sense of crisis”, amid predictions of future job losses. Ha Bu-young, the head of the Hyundai Motor union, told Reuters that he fears a similar crisis to the one hitting General Motors in South Korea may lay ahead for the auto manufacturer. ...

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Electric storm at 30,000ft: Airplane passenger captures astounding pyrotechnics (PHOTO, VIDEOS)

Alabama was subjected to hurricane-force winds and tornados as an extremely powerful weather system descended on the state. One resident managed to capture some spectacular atmospheric pyrotechnics through her plane window. Martha Hart Mulligan was traveling home from North Carolina on Monday as the tempest hit. The pilot of American Airlines pilot flight 5566 reportedly took the long way around ...

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The self-contained Fusion electric guitar lets you truly rock out

As a hard-core rocker and roller I find that my gear has to be ready to rock and/or roll at a moment’s notice. There is no telling when I’ll have to lay out a face-melter during jury duty or blast out some Stairway while giving plasma at the local blood bank, and I often note to friends that I enjoy ...

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Private investors buying electric power stations in Russia to mine cryptocurrency

Two electric power stations in Russia have been sold for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining, the Kommersant newspaper reported, citing sources. It is the first such deal in the country. The two power stations are in Perm Region, on the western slopes of the Middle Ural Mountains, and in the neighboring Republic of Udmurtia. The facilities will be used to ...

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China’s first solar powered highway will recharge electric cars (PHOTOS,VIDEO)

Published time: 30 Dec, 2017 23:56 China has successfully tested its first solar powered highway, opening the one-kilometer stretch of road to traffic ahead of plans to use it to recharge electric cars. The solar road developed by the Qilu Transportation Development Group, was opened Thursday in Jinan, the capital city of China’s Shandong province – a year after the ...

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