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Communists draft bill ordering 6 years in prison for election officials who allow violations

Russian Communist Party lawmakers have drafted a bill which would drastically increase the fines and prison sentences for members of election commissions who allow the falsification of election results. A note was attached to the bill – published on Tuesday on the parliament’s online database – which reads: “Repeated incidents in which members of election commissions have violated the existing ...

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Trump administration slaps new sanctions on Venezuela after ‘sham’ election

The Trump administration has stepped up economic pressure on Venezuela, announcing new financial sanctions which prohibit US citizens from purchasing any Venezuelan debt. The move comes in response to the reelection of President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday, which official Washington has dismissed as a “sham” and refused to recognize. “We call for the Maduro regime to restore democracy, hold free ...

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Maduro wins Venezuelan election branded ‘illegitimate & undemocratic’ by US and opposition

Nicolas Maduro has been declared the winner of Sunday’s presidential election, which saw a 46.1 percent turnout, according to Venezuela’s electoral council, after the opposition branded the vote a fraud and called for a boycott. With 92.6 percent of the vote counted, Maduro has won presidential election with 5,823,728 of the votes, National Electoral Council chief Tibisay Lucena announced. His ...

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The art of disaster: 5 times Trump kept election promises, but probably shouldn’t have (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been hailed as a leader who keeps his promises. But the horrific violence and diplomatic rows in the wake of the US embassy’s move to Jerusalem illustrate how not all campaign pledges are created equal. Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed that the decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was “yet another example ...

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'Both Iran & US lost in Iraq election, betted on different candidates'

The US will have much more difficult times ahead dealing with the incoming government in Iraq than with Abadi and al-Maliki before, Sabah Alnasseri from York University in Toronto told RT. A Shia cleric with strong anti-American views looks on course to become the most powerful figure in Iraqi politics. Muqtada al-Sadr’s coalition is sweeping to victory in the parliamentary ...

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Iraq’s first post-ISIS election: Nation votes as US closely watches pro-Iran candidates

Iraqi people are heading to polls in the first parliamentary election since the defeat of Islamic State in the country. The US is closely watching the election, as at least two key candidates have expressed support for Iran. Roughly 24.5 million voters in the war-scarred country will choose among candidates for 329 parliamentary seats this Saturday, with almost 7,000 people ...

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Mexican politicians busted after registering as transgender to avoid election quota

Politicians don’t like to be defeated, so when 17 of them were barred from entering a Mexican election due to a gender quota, they simply registered as transgender. However, their plan was foiled and their applications rejected. Read more The 17 candidates in Oaxaca, although innovative, are not transgender at all, according to local media cited by Reuters. Instead, they ...

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Russian gas sales to EU hit record high despite the Skripals, election meddling & all that jazz

European countries boosted imports of Russian gas to unprecedented levels in April with overall supplies in 2018 expected to climb above 200 billion cubic meters for the first time ever, ignoring the impact of strained relations. In the first quarter of this year, Gazprom’s gas deliveries to Europe reportedly increased by 6.6 percent against the same quarter a year ago. ...

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'Russian hackers' could have affected 2016 election in a few states, but didn't – Senate committee

The first interim report by the US Senate Intelligence Committee on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election found no evidence of votes being manipulated by Russia’s alleged ‘malicious’ activity. In its preliminary report released on Tuesday, the committee claims that the so-called “actors affiliated with the Russian government” interfered with voting systems in at least 18 states, and ...

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Armenians celebrate protest leader’s election with snowball fight (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Supporters of newly elected Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan celebrated in extraordinary fashion by unloading a truck full of ice in the capital Yerevan and staging a mass snowball fight. The bizarre skirmish heralded in a new era as opposition leader was voted into power by parliament at the expense of former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, who had been briefly ...

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