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Imposter ‘Saudi prince’ caught after eating pork during $50,000 scam

A con artist who defrauded his victims of millions of dollars while posing as a Saudi prince got caught after a Miami hotelier noticed the supposedly devout Muslim royal was eating pork during their meetings. Anthony Gignac, a Colombian-born scammer known for targeting super-rich real estate developers, worked under the alias ‘Sultan Bin Khalid Al-Saud’ as he finagled gifts worth ...

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Storm in a soda cup: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologizes for eating Chick-fil-A

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey seems to spend his time rushing from one crisis to another as the social media platform routinely finds itself in a storm of controversy. The latest debacle sees Dorsey apologizing for eating Chick-fil-A. The rumpus began when Dorsey tweeted a screen grab from the fast food restaurant’s mobile app showing a 10 percent discount he received. ...

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‘Don’t have oral sex, your mouth’s for eating’: Ugandan president warns citizens

The president of Uganda has issued a public warning to citizens of the central African country: Don’t perform oral sex. Speaking during a televised press conference last week, President Yoweri Museveni spoke of the “wrong practices indulged in and promoted by” groups of non-nationals. “The mouth is for eating, not for sex,” he said, adding: “We know the address of ...

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'Vampire’ mice eating adult albatrosses alive (GRAPHIC PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The largest albatross colony in the world is under attack by bloodthirsty mice. Thousands of the birds have died in the last three years alone and many more have been left severely injured after the attacks. “This was something we had never expected to occur. Mice preying on adult albatrosses simply hasn’t been recorded here,” said Matt Brown, Superintendent for ...

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Dark web pedophile blackmailed victims into ‘licking toilet & eating dog food,’ court hears

One of the UK’s most prolific pedophiles blackmailed his victims into performing degrading acts such as eating dog food and licking toilets before sharing photos of them on the dark web, a court heard. Cambridge University graduate Matthew Falder admitted to 137 offences relating to 48 people, including the extortion of indecent abuse images from his victims. The court heard ...

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More teens eating Tide Pods despite warnings, as meme earns commercial appeal

YouTube and Facebook have been desperately trying to stop kids from participating in a popular new trend that involves eating laundry detergent, but it’s not working. Now, some businesses are taking advantage of the phenomenon. Earlier this week, the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) issued a “high alert” warning that said the trend of teens intentionally ingesting Tide ...

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Bon appetit! Man fined for eating foie gras & watching film while driving in France

A man in France was fined by police after making his ride a little too comfortable. The motorist was eating a plate of foie gras while watching a film on his laptop, which was perched on his dashboard. His elaborate set-up landed him a fine of €750 (US$ 919), with police in the town of Laval determining he was “driving ...

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Shaquille O’Neal can’t take the heat after eating world’s hottest tortilla chip (VIDEO)

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 18:01 NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal found himself in an uncomfortable situation after eating the world’s hottest tortilla chip during sports talk-show ‘Inside the NBA.’ Read more Former NBA legend O’Neal was attempting to take part in the ‘One Chip Challenge,’ which requires contests to eat a Paquie Carolina Reaper chip spiced with the hottest pepper ...

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Broncos' Garret Bolles Spit Shamed at Rookie Hot Dog Eating Contest

Broncos’ Garret BollesSpit ShamedAt Rookie Hot Dog Eating Contest 8/9/2017 8:36 AM PDT Breaking News Denver Broncos rookie Garett Bolles is no Joey Chestnut  — and was booed out of a rookie hot dog eating contest last night when he grabbed a trashcan and prepared to blow chunks.  Bolles — the 20th pick in the ’17 draft — lined up next to ...

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Joey Chestnut Crushes Competition at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest!!!

Joey Chestnut Destroys the Fieldat Hot Dog Competition!!! 7/4/2017 10:32 AM PDT Breaking News Joey Chestnut is a BEAST because he ate like one … scarfing down a record 72 HOT DOGS to win his second straight Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Joey blew away the competition Tuesday in Coney Island to win his 10th title. He had set a ...

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