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Something’s broken inside Earth? Scientists explore why millennia-old process has stalled

Scientists have diagnosed the Earth with a bizarre geological condition known as ‘stagnant slabs’, meaning tectonic rocks subducted into the fiery hot mantle mysteriously become wedged hundreds of miles below the surface. But researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder believe they have discovered the reason for what appears to be a glitch in the Earth’s internal mechanism. READ MORE: ‘Most ...

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Lady Liberty-sized asteroid to make close approach to Earth at over 37,000 mph

A huge asteroid dubbed 2018 SP1 is hurtling towards Earth. The space rock is estimated to be about the size of the Statue of Liberty or larger. The giant space rock, discovered by NASA on September 19, is closing in on Earth at the speed of 37,600 mph, or some 60,000 km/h. Read more SP1 measures between 229ft and 524ft ...

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‘Hell on Earth’: MSF doctor tells RT of rape, violence, inhumane conditions in Lesbos refugee camp

One toilet for over 70 people, rape, and mental health issues – a doctor from Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and an aid worker told RT about the dire conditions in the overcrowded Moria refugee camp in Greece. The overcrowded camp on the island of Lesbos, built to accommodate 3,100, houses around 9,000 people. “It’s a kind of hell on Earth ...

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ISS crew shares mesmerizing view of Storm Gordon from 255 miles above Earth (VIDEO)

The crew of the International Space Station (ISS) has the best view of many of the Earth’s most magnificent, and often terrifying, weather events. Thankfully, the crew brought its HD cameras along to share with the rest of us. Cameras outside the ISS recently captured views of Tropical Storm Gordon as it bore down on the Northern Gulf of Mexico ...

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Water worlds can support life – we don’t need another ‘Earth,’ study finds

A world entirely covered in water could support life, according to a new study which challenges the prevailing scientific thought that living entities need a planet like Earth in order to survive. After running more than 1,000 simulations, researchers at the University of Chicago and Pennsylvania State University found that ocean planets can stay in the “sweet spot” needed to ...

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Asteroid the size of Great Giza Pyramid making a ‘close approach’ to Earth

An asteroid listed as “potentially hazardous” by NASA and estimated to be about the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza is hurtling toward Earth at 20,000 mph – but don’t cancel your end-of-August plans just yet. The giant space rock, known as 2016 NF23, measures between 230ft and 525ft in diameter and is expected to make a “close approach” ...

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Earth, fire & water: NASA maps atmospheric aerosols in psychedelic image

A new NASA image outlining the various types of aerosols in the air shows that we may be getting more than we bargained for with every intake of breath. READ MORE: Pence vows US will regain manned space flight capability ‘very soon’ & reconquer Moon by 2024 Aerosols – solid and liquid particles emitted from oceans, deserts, mountains and forests ...

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Try finding Earth in this stunning Hubble image

NASA’s deep space Hubble Telescope has made a new stunning picture, capturing thousands of galaxies in a single shot that would make one looking at it feel really tiny. One of the most detailed possible pictures of the universe features an unbelievable 15,000 galaxies, the NASA team behind the telescope said. Hubble used its ultraviolet sight and joined forces with ...

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‘Hothouse Earth’: Planet will become ‘uninhabitable’ if climate tipping point reached, study finds

The world is perilously close to moving into irreversible “hothouse” conditions with global average temperatures climbing as much as 4-5 Celsius — even if emissions reduction targets are met, according to a new study. A group of scientists from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the University of Copenhagen, the Australian National University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research said ...

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The Perseids: Astronomers prepare for Earth to ‘plow’ into fiery meteor shower (PHOTOS)

A glowing shower of meteorites is set to light up the night skies this August as hundreds of burning space rocks wipe out in Earth’s atmosphere, much to the delight of stargazers across the globe. The Perseids is a prolific shower of fiery space particles that has streaked over our planet annually for generations as Earth encounters debris falling off ...

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