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Close encounters? Clinton & Comey within 1km of each other on Dublin trip (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton could be forgiven for thinking she’s unable to escape James Comey’s shadow – they each traveled thousands of kilometers from home to find themselves just 700 meters of each other in the Irish capital. While it’s not known if the pair actually had an awkward encounter on the Emerald Isle, the odds of an unexpected meeting in a ...

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Palestinians & Israelis need to stop dreaming of getting rid of each other – ex-IDF chief to RT

Palestinians and Israelis should stop having “illusionary dreams” that they can simply “get rid” of each other, and should seriously focus on reconciliation, former IDF Chief of Staff Benjamin Gantz told RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze. “I think that for the benefit of the future of the Palestinian kids that were born yesterday, today or will be born tomorrow – and the ...

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'Takes two to tango': China & US expect each other to back down in trade dispute

Beijing remains hopeful that a full-scale trade war with Washington can be avoided, but has placed the ball in the US court, hoping for fair negotiations, China’s US ambassador noted, following talks with a top US diplomat. “Negotiation would still be our preference, but it takes two to tango. We will see what the US will do,” Cui Tiankai said ...

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Hong Kong’s massive cash giveaway: 2.8 million citizens to get $510 each

The government of Hong Kong has announced its decision to share the city’s record $ 18 billion surplus with more than one-third of its residents. “[We are] trying to cover more people who may not directly benefit from the budget,” said Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po at a press conference on Friday. According to him, the handout was meant for ...

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Twitch will now give Prime users free games each month

A bit of fun news for Amazon / Twitch Prime users: you’re going to get some free games each month. Twitch has just announced Free Games With Prime, a program in a similar vein as Microsoft’s Games with Gold on Xbox Live, or Sony’s offerings alongside PlayStation Plus. In short: each month, they’ll offer a selection of PC games. Download ...

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Smoking kills 3,000 people each year in UAE

Almost 3,000 people die from smoking-related illnesses in the United Arab Emirates each year, an international report has revealed. The problem cost the country about $ 569 million in 2016 in lost productivity and health expenses. Of the 2,900 people who were killed by smoking in 2016, the vast majority (2,728) were men, while 265 were women, according to the ...

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Italian ‘noblemen & commoners’ beat the pulp out of each other in annual Battle of Oranges (VIDEO)

Residents of the Italian town of Ivrea donned battle armor and armed themselves to the teeth with juicy oranges for this year’s “Battle of the Oranges.” Sunday’s symbolic rebellion takes place every year. The festival saw locals and tourists bombard each other with thousands of oranges in a reenactment celebrating a local legend about the townsfolk rising up against a ...

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(Un)safe & (un)professional: How NATO, Russian planes chase each other (VIDEOS)

Regular air patrols and the overall confrontational reality lead to dozens of incidents in which NATO and Russian planes shadow each other. Western military leaders often accuse Russian pilots of acting unprofessionally. In fact the current dominant narrative says NATO pilots always act in a safe and professional way while the bad Russkies are risk-takers and show-offs. The Russian defense ...

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Russia again offers US to seal pact on mutual non-interference in each other's affairs

Published time: 28 Dec, 2017 23:58 Edited time: 29 Dec, 2017 00:26 US Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman, has been handed a proposal for Washington and Moscow to exchange guarantees of non-interference in each others internal affairs, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has said. The memorandum, in which Russia’s “readiness to exchange letters or other forms of guarantees of mutual non-interference ...

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‘Not enough even for coffee’: UK troops in Afghanistan get £1 each to celebrate Christmas

Published time: 24 Dec, 2017 11:14 As PM May praised the military for keeping the UK safe in her Christmas message, troops abroad were not exactly in a festive mood. It has emerged that 500 soldiers in Afghanistan received just £1 each to celebrate the holiday. Read more Five hundred British troops deployed to Afghanistan were allocated a total of ...

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