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‘Anti-Russian brainwashing in US higher than during Cold War’ – ex-envoy Kislyak

The level of anti-Russian indoctrination in the US has reached its apogee, and the average American does not see or hear anything other than stories about how Russia threatens the US, Russia’s former envoy has said. “I can’t recall such intensity of anti-Russian brainwashing in the US, even during the Cold War,” Russia’s former envoy to the US, Sergey Kislyak, ...

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Putin to meet Erdogan, Rouhani in Turkey during his first visit abroad since re-election

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Ankara, where he is due to meet with Turkish and Iranian leaders. The talks will center around resolution of the conflict in Syria and S-400 deliveries to Turkey, among other issues. Read more On Tuesday, Putin began his first visit abroad since re-election in the Turkish capital Ankara. The Russian leader is expected to ...

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Merkel’s party bought voter data from Deutsche Post during 2017 election race – report

Germany’s national mail service Deutsche Post reportedly sold personal data, including information on voters’ gender, wealth and consumer habits, to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party ahead of the 2017 elections. Both the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) began acquiring information from a Deutsche Post subsidiary in advance of the September 2017 general elections, Bild newspaper revealed. ...

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North Carolina will no longer shackle inmates during childbirth, but many states still do

North Carolina has ended the practice of shackling of women prisoners while they are giving birth. The US state joins only 18 others that regulate the practice, according to civil rights groups. State Prisons Director Kenneth Lassiter announced this week that restraints must be removed once an inmate is in labour unless she is a threat to herself or others or ...

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100+ snipers authorized to use live fire during Gaza protests – IDF chief

Israel has created a sniper task force, authorized to use live fire, ahead of the upcoming mass protests in the Gaza Strip, IDF told local media. Palestinians won’t be allowed through the border fence at any cost, it warned. The rallies are expected to kick off Friday and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it’s ready to opt for the ...

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Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War – Saudi crown prince

The Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism began as a result of Western countries asking Riyadh to help counter the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told the Washington Post. Speaking to the paper, bin Salman said that Saudi Arabia’s Western allies urged the country to invest in mosques and madrassas overseas during the Cold War, in ...

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Massive DDOS attack on Russia’s Defense Ministry website during vote on new arms names

Published time: 22 Mar, 2018 18:57 Russia’s Defense Ministry website suffered a massive DDOS attack during an online vote to select the names of new Russian military hardware, with all hacking attempts repelled by cyber security services, the ministry said. “Attempts to attack the website were performed from the territory of Western Europe – the country is established, the North ...

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Most Erdogan guards accused of beating protesters during Washington visit off the hook – reports

US federal prosecutors have reportedly dropped the charges against the majority of the Turkish president’s security guards in connection with their stand-off with protesters during a visit to Washington in 2017. Charges were initially brought against 15 of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s bodyguards, adding to the strain in relations between the US and its NATO ally. But prosecutors have ...

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Jews moved to Warsaw Ghetto during WWII to avoid non-Jews & ‘nasty Poles’ – father of Polish PM

Jews moved to the ghetto during WWII to avoid non-Jews, including “nasty Poles,” an ex-senator and father of the current Polish PM said. The claim comes amid the ongoing spat between Israel and Poland over Warsaw’s Holocaust bill. “Do you know who chased the Jews away to the Warsaw Ghetto?” Kornel Morawiecki asked while speaking to Polish Kultura Liberalna magazine ...

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