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RT correspondent tries to ‘hijack’ tank during V-Day parade rehearsals (VIDEO)

An RT reporter got up close and personal with Russian military hardware during Victory Day parade rehearsals in Moscow, getting a ride and (unsuccessfully) trying to sneak behind the wheel. Ilya Petrenko jokingly tried to convince the tankmen to let him drive during the rehearsals, but the offer was rejected by the servicemen, who take the rehearsals very seriously. As ...

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Explosion during ‘domestic’ hostage situation in Connecticut injures 4 officers

Published time: 3 May, 2018 02:51 Edited time: 3 May, 2018 02:57 At least four officers have been injured after a sudden explosion rocked a house in Connecticut, where police and SWAT officers were negotiating with a man who had taken his wife and family hostage. DETAILS TO FOLLOW Multiple officers injured. I saw about four police officers being put ...

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Here’s why you shouldn’t charge your brain implant during a lightning storm

In a scene reminiscent of sci-fi films, a woman’s brain stimulation device was shut down after her house was struck by lightning. Though, unfortunately, she didn’t acquire a superpower, she was lucky to escape with her life. Brain stimulators are used to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and severe muscle spasms by sending periodic shocks through the brain to ...

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Putin to boost health, education & infrastructure spending by $162 billion during this term – report

Russia may see a hike in health care, education and infrastructure spending by around $ 162 billion in the next six years, with cuts in its defense spending, according to a report on Vladimir Putin’s plan for his term in office. The 10 trillion rubles ($ 162 billion) spending plan has been under consideration for several months now and is ...

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Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for offending gay community during online Hannity spat

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has apologized for his part in a vicious online spat with Sean Hannity after he was criticized for sexual innuendo about the Fox News presenter and US President Donald Trump. Kimmel, who initially became embroiled in a feud with Hannity over comments the former made about the First Lady’s Slovenian accent, apologized if he ...

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Turkish police confiscate 'ancient' bible during routine traffic stop (PHOTOS)

Police in Turkey have reportedly seized an ancient leather-bound bible during a routine traffic stop in the country’s central province of Nigde on Saturday. Various Turkish media report that the surprising find was made when police stopped a vehicle during routine traffic inspections on the Aksaray-Adana highway. Four men, including two Syrian nationals and one Iraqi, were taken into custody ...

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Running from gas in Gaza: Palestinians resort to DIY protection during Great Return March (PHOTOS)

With plumes of smoke blanketing the Israel-Gaza border, Palestinians rallying for a second week have resorted to makeshift gas masks. They burned tires as cover from sniper fire. The IDF responded to the protest with tear gas. From old plastic bottles to onions to simple scarfs, all types of improvised protection were used by thousands of protesters on Friday.Some were ...

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Six Palestinian journalists injured during Gaza protests – reports

Six local journalists have suffered injuries while covering the second week of the Palestinian protest in Gaza, media has reported, citing the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate. All of them were reportedly shot by Israeli forces. The local journalist’s union said that they were shot and injured by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) despite wearing special clothes with markings that clearly identified ...

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Russian anti-gay lawmaker wants ‘vice squad’ to target prostitution during 2018 World Cup

A Russian pro-Christian MP says ahead of the 2018 World Cup the police should launch special units manned by “true patriots” and deploy them in cities to fight “asocial persons” including prostitutes and pimps. Vitaly Milonov, widely known as the key sponsor of the Russian law that bans the promotion of “non-traditional” sexual relations to minors (also known as the ...

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Desecration of Eucharist? Drone delivers ‘Body of Christ’ to altar during Brazil Easter mass (VIDEO)

A Catholic church in Brazil has come under fire for its innovative yet controversial approach to carrying the Blessed Sacrament to the altar during an Easter Sunday mass. Footage recorded at São Geraldo Magela church in the Archdiocese of Sorocaba on Easter Sunday shows a drone flying in the door and delivering the Eucharist to the priest during mass. The ...

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