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US Air Force destroys ICBM after ‘anomaly’ during test launch

A Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile test ended in failure when the projectile was ordered to self-destruct due to an “anomaly” that developed during the flight, the US Air Force has confirmed. The test missile, minus the nuclear warhead, was launched early Tuesday morning from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The self-destruct signal was sent at 0442 Pacific time ...

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Crocodile bites trainer’s arm during Thailand circus show (VIDEO)

It’s hard to know what a man expects when he puts his arm into the mouth of a crocodile – but one circus handler in Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand got exactly what one would think. Footage captured at Bogotara Wildlife Park on Sunday shows the man reaching into the mouth of the reptile before putting his whole arm into ...

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'Who will heat us during winter?' Turkey rejects US plan to torpedo Iran’s oil exports

Turkey is happy to receive oil from Iran and won’t be joining US efforts to block Iranian crude exports, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, refusing to cut economic ties with “strategic partner” Tehran. “Iran is both our neighbor and our strategic partner,” and severing ties with Tehran on America’s whim goes against Turkey’s “understanding of sovereignty,” Erdogan said on Wednesday. ...

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Defense Ministry proposes ‘recruitment’ of private cars during war time

The Russian Defense Ministry wants to include private vehicles, especially those with increased off-road capabilities, into the list of vehicles that can be commandeered from their civilian owners during times of war. The Defense Ministry prepared amendments to the 2014 legislation allowing the military, during times of martial law, the right to confiscate any cargo truck or towed trailer from ...

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Foreign tourists shelled out $1.6 billion in Russia during World Cup

The Russian economy got a significant boost in June and July from increased tourist revenue during the FIFA World Cup, according to the CEO of the FIFA Organizing Committee Alexey Sorokin. “In total, Russia got around 100 billion rubles ($ 1.6 billion),” he said. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said earlier that the Russian capital received about 13 billion rubles ($ ...

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Astronaut rocks synth from International Space Station during Kraftwerk gig (VIDEO)

Kraftwerk gave fans an out of this world music experience when they commanded the synth skills of astronaut Alexander Gerst, who banged out futuristic tunes live from the International Space Station. The incredibly in synch earth-to-space collaboration was put into action at the Jazz Open Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Footage posted by the European Space Agency reveal how German astronaut ...

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Ecuador's president to hand Assange over to UK during London visit – Greenwald

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno is either about to strike or has already struck an agreement with British authorities on withdrawing the asylum protection of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald reports. Moreno is visiting the UK as part of his European trip between July 22 and 28. His visit is not said to be an official one, so he is ...

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Robbery on the go: Moving bus looted during World Cup celebrations in Grenoble (VIDEO)

Some people took advantage of the French national team’s victory at the World Cup – a group of young men were filmed robbing a bus as it was driven through Grenoble during the celebrations. Men chasing a bus and emptying its luggage compartment in broad daylight were caught on film. The video was widely shared on Wednesday. The vehicle is ...

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Horror handshake: Twitter digs Melania’s facial expression during Putin meeting

Melania Trump was secretly horrified by a handshake with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to some eagle-eyed viewers who believe video footage of her facial expression during the introduction gave the game away. The US first lady was accompanying US President Donald Trump to Helsinki for a meeting with Putin and participated in some of the visit’s official events. The ...

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Only in Russia: New armored vehicle airdropped WITH crew during 'historic' drills (PHOTOS)

The Russian military has successfully tested a new airmobile armored personnel carrier during large-scale drills in central Russia. The APC was parachuted with a crew onboard – a daring technique used only by Russian troops. Over 200 armored vehicles and some 2,500 servicemen took part in the joint drills of Transport Aviation and Airborne Troops, which concluded on Friday. One ...

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