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Duma to consider proposal to criminalize compliance with anti-Russian sanctions

The Russian parliament will soon pass an amendment introducing criminal responsibility for executing sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States, a high-ranking member of the parliamentary majority caucus has said. The idea was proposed by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin last week, when the parliament discussed legislation to counter the latest round of anti-Russian sanctions introduced by the United ...

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Duma gives nod to bill on multimillion-ruble fake news fines

The Russian lower house has passed in the first reading a bill that counters internet fake news by ordering fines of up to 50 million rubles (US$ 800,000) for refusal to delete illegal, false or slandering information. Once the bill is passed into law, all owners of “public networks” or websites that attract over 100,000 visitors daily would have to ...

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Head of Duma defense committee promises military response to any US aggression in Syria

The head of the Duma defense committee and former commander of Russian airborne troops has said Moscow would take all measures, including military ones, in response to a possible US strike on government forces in Syria. “The double standard policy has overstepped all possible boundaries. At this point, the [pro-Putin parliamentary majority] United Russia party must responsibly state that we ...

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Slander websites face crackdown under new Duma measures

The Russian lower house has passed a bill allowing court bailiffs to restrict access to websites that refuse to delete slanderous information about citizens or businesses. The bill changes the current situation, under which owners of websites that publish slanderous reports can be ordered to delete them and can be fined for refusal to comply, although there are no legal ...

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Convicted pedophiles face life sentences under Duma proposals

The Russian lower house Committee for Family, Women and Children has approved calls to hold a vote on introducing life sentences as possible punishment for sex crimes against children. If passed, the bill would change the current situation in which the maximum punishment for sex crimes against persons under 14 years of age is 20 years in prison. It also ...

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Duma mulls sanctions against Latvia over new law targeting Russian in schools

The Russian lower house has passed a statement decrying as “inadmissible” the Latvian ban on teaching in minorities’ languages in schools. The statement also warns Riga of potential reciprocal economic sanctions. The statement approved by the State Duma on Tuesday reads that the Latvian authorities’ actions contradicted the mutual respect, understanding and cooperation between all people who live in the ...

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Duma refuses to denounce ‘anti-national’ Gorbachev & Yeltsin for sparking USSR collapse

The Russian State Duma has refused to pass a draft address describing the activities of former leaders Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, which led to the fall of the Soviet Union, as “destructive and anti-national.” The rejected address was drafted by the nationalist-populist opposition party, the LDPR. “For the sake of historical justice it’s necessary to give an assessment of ...

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Duma committee rejects social network ban for Russian children

A Russian parliamentary committee has advised scrapping a bill which would introduce obligatory verification of internet users and ban under-14s from social networks. It cited the bill’s high costs and complexity. The bill was drafted by MP Vitaly Milonov (United Russia), who had earlier gained nationwide and worldwide notoriety as the main sponsor of the Russian law that banned the ...

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US and EU failed to impose ‘pet president’ on Russia, says Duma speaker

The speaker of the Russian lower house has said the West’s sanctions policy has been a response to Moscow’s increased competitiveness, and had crashed Western plans to put a “tame and obedient” president in the Kremlin. “It is completely obvious that Russia is a very inconvenient competitor for them in many spheres, and they try to remove it from the ...

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Ukrainian law on Donbass slammed by Duma as step towards new war

Russian lawmakers have composed an address to major international groups in which they denounce a fresh Ukrainian law on the reintegration of Donbass. The law is seen as potentially leading to war and repression in the region. The draft address, that the Russian MPs want to forward to the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the ...

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