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'Highly medicalized culture' in US leads to high risk of multiple drugs fatally interacting – study

One in 12 of US children who use prescription drugs on a regular basis is at risk of a major drug interaction that could stop their heart, a new study says. The authors cited America’s tendency to turn to pills over other options. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, found that one in every ...

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Too much sex & drugs? Amsterdam to crack down on red light district crowds

With quaint canal streets crammed with tourists, Amsterdam’s city council has unveiled plans to reduce crowd numbers in the famous red light district. It is the latest in a series of laws aimed at cleaning up the city. The red light district occupies just two canalside thoroughfares and a warren of alleys and passageways in the city’s centuries-old heart. The ...

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Brazen woman accused of selling drugs in courtroom right before her court appearance

A Kentucky woman hauled before a judge for making a series of threats has been accused of using her court date as a chance to sell methamphetamine. Telby Fields allegedly offered to provide three people with drugs while she was waiting for a judge to appear at her hearing in a Magoffin County courtroom. The 24-year old was appearing before ...

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‘Most new drugs are from the US and Europe, not China’ – Beijing on the opioid epidemic

China has rebuffed allegations that it is flooding the American market with “cheap and deadly” designer drugs. Beijing says the US should do more to crack down on its domestic manufacturers instead. Last year’s US congressional report labeled China the “primary source” of fentanyl, a popular synthetic painkiller that is 50 times more powerful than heroin and leads to thousands ...

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Philippines plans to give free guns to ‘clean’ community leaders willing to fight drugs & crime

The Philippines’ Interior Ministry has announced plans to provide some 42,000 community leaders with free handguns to ramp up the statewide battle against drugs and crime, which continues to draw the ire of human rights defenders. The decision to give state-issued handguns to the community leaders – known locally as barangay captains – was announced by the ministry on Wednesday. ...

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Bisexuality, drugs & raffling Swedes: TV star exposes Escobar cartel’s bizarre parties

A Colombian music producer has given new insight into the wild and debaucherous parties thrown by members of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin drug cartel. Jairo Martinez told Colombian broadcaster Caracol TV that he attended parties thrown by the infamous drug kingpin as well as his chief lieutenant Carlos Lehder. The entertainer said he was in good company at a lot of ...

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Sweden arrests record number of smugglers with nearly 1,5 tons of drugs

A record number of smugglers have been arrested in Sweden since late 2017, according to a report. Investigators seized record quantities of illegal drugs, including nearly 1 ton of cannabis, 330 kg of cocaine and 40kg of heroin. The report concerns Sweden’s Region South, which consists of the Skane, Blekinge and Kalmar counties.  Customs officers have made as many as ...

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13 percent of people have drugs on their fingertips – study

More than 10 percent of people who don’t use drugs may still have traces of banned drugs on their fingers, new research suggests. The astonishing figures are a stark reminder of the prevalence of cocaine and heroin in society. Scientists from the University of Surrey in the UK collected samples from the hands of 50 people who claimed not to ...

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Defiant Duterte withdrawing Philippines from ICC as international tribunal probes his ‘war on drugs’

The confrontation between Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and the International Criminal Court (ICC) has escalated after the defiant leader moved to withdraw Manila from the Rome Statute. “I therefore declare and forthwith give notice… that the Philippines is withdrawing its ratification of the Rome Statute, effective immediately,” he said in a statement released to media on Wednesday.  Read more The ...

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UK ‘complicit’ in Duterte’s war on drugs – anti arms-trade group

The UK is “complicit” in human rights abuses in the Philippines as it has emerged it is selling spying equipment to President Rodrigo Duterte. The country’s leader is currently waging a war on drugs that has killed thousands. According to the Guardian, the British government has sold some £150,000 worth of spying equipment to Duterte as he endeavors to hunt ...

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