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Drop sanctions & reach out to Russia or drive it into China’s embrace – France’s Sarkozy

Europe should reach out to Russia and abandon “counterproductive” economic sanctions – or risk seeing it drifting further towards China, former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy has warned, in a candid interview. Alienating Russia brings nothing but harm to European interests, Sarkozy told France’s Point media outlet. “Europe and Russia must work together in an atmosphere of trust,” he said, ...

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US military red-faced as Humvee misses drop zone, falls into rural community

US military officials have admitted that a heavy combat vehicle used in conflicts like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was accidently parachuted into a North Carolina neighborhood, miles away from its intended drop zone. The four-wheel-drive Humvee, an armored combat vehicle often fitted with gun shields and turrets, reportedly fell from a Boeing C-17 transport plane on Wednesday. According to ...

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Drop the diktats, try diplomacy: Major takeaways from Lavrov’s UN speech

At the UN, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov lashed out at the West’s “political blackmail and brute force,” saying diplomacy should not give way to diktats and unilateral sanctions. Trying to preserve their “self-proclaimed status as world leaders,” some Western powers have no qualms about putting pressure on others, Foreign Minister Lavrov told the UN General Assembly on Friday. He ...

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‘We don’t want 2nd fiddle role’: Russia may drop lunar station project with NASA, mulls own

Russia may walk out of a joint project with NASA to build a lunar station as it doesn’t want to “play second fiddle” in the effort. Instead, Moscow mulls joining forces with BRICS countries, a Roscosmos head has confirmed. The fate of the joint program to build a Russian-American station to explore the moon is now at odds as both ...

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'Too young to prosecute': German police drop case of 10yo Afghan boy who raped classmate

German authorities have dropped a case in which a 10-year-old Afghan boy raped a classmate during a school trip while Syrian and Afghan accomplices held him down, as the perpetrators are apparently not old enough to be tried. The incident began when 38 students from a Berlin school went on a field trip to Schloss Kröchlendorff, a castle in Nordwestuckermark, ...

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‘I miss them so much’: DC gets misty-eyed as Obama and Biden drop by Georgetown bakery

Many Americans still pine for the days when Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in the White House, judging by the reactions to the former president and VP’s lunch at a bakery in Georgetown, an affluent part of Washington, DC. Obama and Biden stopped by the Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown on Monday, mingling with the customers and ordering sandwiches ...

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Hold for the drop: Twitter to purge locked accounts from follower metrics

Twitter is making a major change aimed at cleaning up the spammy legacy of its platform. This week it will globally purge accounts it has previously locked (i.e. after suspecting them of being spammy) — by removing the accounts from users’ follower metrics. Which in plain language means Twitter users with lots of followers are likely to see their follower ...

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Voice of doom: Radio geek may have intercepted order for B-52 bomber to drop nukes

A radio enthusiast has recorded what is said to be a coded message directing a B-52 strategic bomber to launch a nuclear attack off the US Pacific coast. The nightmare scenario was part of the drills simulating nuclear warfare. The dialogue was intercepted on Tuesday by radio and Boeing aircraft enthusiast Matt Cawby. It appears to be one of the ...

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India & Iran drop dollar in oil trade to bypass US sanctions – report

India will reportedly pay for Iranian oil in rupees as the two countries seek to bypass the US economic pressure on Tehran, industry officials have told the Sputnik news agency. Read more Under the deal, the payments for oil will be made through India’s state-run UCO Bank, which has no US exposure. The countries are also discussing the barter-like system ...

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Europe & Iran now have the perfect excuse to drop the US dollar – Max Keiser

The re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran and Washington’s threat to punish European companies for doing business there provides a good opportunity for ditching the dollar, according to RT’s Keiser Report host, Max Keiser. “The US uses the dollar as a weapon to promote US dollar hegemony and the US Empire. The world now sees clearly that the US dollar ...

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