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Facebook cracks down on opioid dealers after years of neglect

Facebook’s role in the opioid crisis could become another scandal following yesterday’s release of harrowing new statistics from the Center for Disease Control. It estimated there were nearly 30,000 synthetic opioid overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2017, up from roughly 20,000 the year before. When recreational drugs like Xanax and OxyContin are adulterated with the more powerful synthetic opioid ...

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Alex Jones’ flagship radio station shut down by Federal Communications Commission

The US communications regulator has shut down Alex Jones’ flagship radio station and slapped it with a $ 15,000 fine. A lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Austin this week accuses Liberty Radio of operating without federal consent since at least 2013, the Austin American-Statesman reports. The Austin-based station has been solely streaming online since December, when it ...

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Facebook's anonymous censors take down Latin America's Telesur, and nothing can stop them

When Facebook decides to censor, there is absolutely nothing to stop them. For the second time, left-leaning Latin American news network Telesur has had its Facebook page removed, with no explanation given. When Telesur’s page was first taken down in January this year, no explanation was given then either. ‘Kafkaesque’ is an overused phrase, but here it is absolutely valid. ...

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Teenage ‘devil worshipper’ suspected of burning down unique wooden church in Russia

A historic 18th century church has burned to the ground in Russia’s Republic of Karelia, after being deliberately set on fire. A teenager, referred to by some locals as a devil worshipper, is suspected of the arson. The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, built in 1774 on a picturesque lakeshore in the town of Kondopoga in northwestern Russia, ...

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Russian warship tracked down US nuclear sub – paper

A Russian warship in the Mediterranean Sea reportedly tracked down a US nuclear-powered submarine this spring. The incident took place in April, the month the US, UK, and France launched airstrikes against Syria. The frigate Admiral Essen of the Russian Black Sea Fleet managed to track down one of the Ohio-class submarines currently in service with the US Navy, Izvestia ...

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Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds today

Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds sometime today, according to a message posted in the Facebook app. The feature allowed users to scroll through only those posts from one of their designated friend lists – for example, family, work colleagues, neighbors, industry peers, and so on. The end result was a much more personalized version of Facebook – one ...

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Too much sex & drugs? Amsterdam to crack down on red light district crowds

With quaint canal streets crammed with tourists, Amsterdam’s city council has unveiled plans to reduce crowd numbers in the famous red light district. It is the latest in a series of laws aimed at cleaning up the city. The red light district occupies just two canalside thoroughfares and a warren of alleys and passageways in the city’s centuries-old heart. The ...

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Virus shuts down factories of major iPhone component manufacturer TSMC

Apple touts the cybersecurity of its iPhone, but less can be said for the exclusive manufacturer who makes the processor for the iPhone. Semiconductor foundry TSMC, or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, was hit by a virus late Friday night, which forced it to shut down several factories according to Debbie Wu at Bloomberg. The virus and the shutdown were confirmed ...

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10ft shark terrifies tourists & shuts down beach after being attacked by ray (VIDEOS)

A 10ft long shark terrified tourists in Mallorca, Spain on Thursday, sparking the evacuation of a beach as the large fish lingered in the shallow waves of Cala Domingos. The tintorera shark appeared in the waters on Thursday, swimming close to the shoreline and causing panic among holidaymakers who fled the sea. The beach was shut down as a precaution. ...

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