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Christian leader urges viewers to ‘cool down’ anti-Saudi rhetoric, and protect vital arms deals

Evangelical leader Pat Robertson has urged viewers to “cool down” and give Saudi Arabia a pass on the apparent murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, arguing that the US’ arms deals with the Kingdom are more important. “I just want to cool down the temper of those who are screaming blood for the Saudis,” Robertson said, speaking on Christian television show ...

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Portland mayor clamps down on violent protest, as nation struggles with left vs right street brawls

After repeated accusations of inaction, Portland’s mayor has proposed new measures to separate brawling protesters. Across the nation, cities are struggling to handle violent protests, as America’s political divide widens. Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, proposed emergency ordinance on Monday afternoon that would allow police to separate rival groups of protesters, and corral any protesters with a history of violence ...

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Woman smacks down banker’s attempt to get sex for loan approval (VIDEO)

Video of a woman bashing a bank manager with a large stick has gone viral in India. The woman reportedly accused the man of asking her for sexual favors to approve her loan application. The footage went viral on social media Monday and was shared by news agencies across India and beyond.   According to local media reports, the banker, ...

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It’s frighteningly easy to track someone down via DNA, scientist reveals

A scientist at Israeli genealogy firm MyHeritage has published a paper revealing that public genealogy databases can identify relatives – third cousins and closer – in nearly two-thirds of people of European descent. This means that if your second cousin sent a DNA sample to MyHeritage or a company like it, that sample can be used to identify you too, ...

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Down with dads? Researchers spawn healthy mice from 2 mothers

In a major breakthrough in the field of epigenetics, scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences may have just rendered males obsolete… well, for mice anyway. For now. The rules of reproduction may have changed irrevocably after the researchers overcame the the joint male-female barrier to sexual reproduction in mammals for the first time, using 210 embryos to create 29 ...

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‘How is this not racist?’: CNN’s Don Lemon shouts down guest, laughs at ‘token negro’ comment

CNN anchor Don Lemon is in hot water after telling a contributor to “shut up” in a debate on anti-Trump violence and laughing along with another guest who called Trump-supporting rapper Kanye West a “token Negro.” Speaking on ‘CNN Tonight’ on Tuesday with network contributor and Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis, Lemon became angry when Lewis suggested that the protesters ...

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Google+ to shut down after coverup of data-exposing bug

Google is about to have its Cambridge Analytica moment. A security bug allowed third-party developers to access Google+ user profile data since 2015 until Google discovered and patched it in March, but decided not to inform the world. When a user gave permission to an app to access their public profile data, the bug also let those developers pull their ...

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Google+ shutting down after data breach which was never revealed to users

Google is closing the Google+ social network after an error exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of users last spring, in an incident which the company never disclosed to those affected. Google put the “final nail in the coffin” of the Google+ product by shutting down “all consumer functionality,” the Wall Street Journal reported citing an internal memo. ...

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Trump signs law allowing US authorities to shoot down private drones without warrants

US authorities are now allowed to shoot down personal drones if they deem them to be a threat, thanks to a new bill which has been signed by President Donald Trump. But critics say the law could be easily abused. The FAA Reauthorization Act, signed by Trump on Friday, includes several points which are aimed at bringing US aviation rules ...

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Gunned down man found tied to a bed on Saudi Arabia road (VIDEO)

A bizarre incident has occurred in Saudi Arabia, in which a dead body tied to a bed was discovered in the middle of a road. The victim, who turned out to be an illegal migrant, had been gunned down, according to local police. Motorists made the chilling discovery 11 km away from the southern Saudi city of Abha late on ...

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