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‘Don’t repeat Hitler’s mistake’ – Kadyrov warns Russia’s enemies

The head of the Chechen Republic has called upon foreign nations to not repeat Hitler’s mistake and to avoid antagonizing Russia without learning the history of failed attempts to conquer it. Ramzan Kadyrov issued the warning through his Telegram Messenger blog on Friday as Russia was marked the Day of Memory and Grief – the anniversary of the Nazi Germany’s ...

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‘We don’t want European-style immigration here’: Trump slams Merkel’s policy

Amid a national furor over his immigration policy, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to call for stronger border laws, citing Germany’s ‘open-door’ migration policy as a “big mistake.” “Why don’t the Democrats give us the votes to fix the world’s worst immigration laws?,” Trump tweeted Monday. “Where is the outcry for the killings and crime being caused by ...

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A friendly reminder: Don’t put passwords in Trello

A new bit of research from David Shear at security firm Flashpoint found that there are hundreds if not thousands of open Trello boards containing passwords, login credentials, and other potentially sensitive stuff including employee on-boarding documents. He and Brian Krebs reported the boards to Trello although some folks have already been notified by well-meaning hackers who wrote “Change your ...

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Be nice & don’t spread manure: Canadian farmers asked to avoid smelly fertilizer during G7

Farmers in Charlevoix, Quebec were urged not to spread smelly fertilizer before the G7 summit in order to protect high-ranking guests from an unpleasant odor, according to media reports. The move may jeopardize crops, however. The call for farmers to avoid spreading manure on their fields came ahead of the G7 summit, which will take place in Charlevoix on June ...

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‘Strategic partners? Don’t wrong us then’ – Erdogan tells US over plans to block F-35 sales

President Erdogan warned NATO ally the US that it should behave more like a strategic partner rather than place legal hurdles for Turkish arms deals. The remark was in response to US plans to block F-35 sales to Ankara. “We say that the US is our strategic partner. As our strategic partner, the US should not say we should knock ...

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Chilling video shows Parkland shooter plot massacre, but survivors don’t want it shared

Chilling new videos show the Parkland High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz, plotting his deadly attack. Survivors of the massacre are furious, and are demanding nobody watch or share the videos. “My name is Nik and I’m going to be the next school shooter of 2018,” Cruz announced in one video. “It’s going to be a big event, and when you ...

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We don’t need trade wars or trade ceasefires, we need trade peace – Putin

The global economy is facing a threat of a spiraling protectionist measures that can lead to a devastating crisis, Vladimir Putin warned. Nations must find a way to prevent this and establish rules on how the economy should work. The Russian president spoke out against the growing trend of using unilateral restrictions to achieve economic advantage, as he addressed guests ...

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Putin on cyberwarfare: Action causes reaction, you don’t like reaction – let’s talk rules

Nations that don’t like being the targets of cyberwarfare have the incentive to work on common rules of cyberspace the same way rules for nuclear weapons were negotiated, said the Russian president. Vladimir Putin made the comparison in response to a journalist’s question about the latest accusation in the US that Russia used its cyber capabilities to interfere with the ...

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‘Don’t be evil?’ RT explores fallout from Google’s new Pentagon partnership (VIDEO)

Google has nixed its unofficial motto – ‘don’t be evil’ – from its code of conduct, amid reports that staff have been resigning in protest over a controversial Pentagon project. RT takes a closer look at the PR nightmare. According to Gizmodo, around a dozen Google employees have resigned in recent weeks in protest over the company’s cooperation with the ...

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Toward transitive data privacy and securing the data you don’t share

Anshu SharmaContributor Anshu Sharma is a serial entrepreneur and a former venture partner at Storm Ventures. More posts by this contributor The unbeatable advantage of Apple and Amazon An engineer’s guide to picking a startup We are spending a lot of time discussing what happens to data when you explicitly or implicitly share it. But what about data that you ...

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