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‘Don’t let Trump rip up the Iran deal!’ 300 European parliamentarians pen letter to US Congress

Three hundred parliamentarians from Britain, France and Germany have called on the US Congress not to let President Trump abandon the Iran deal, warning it would undermine the very concept of diplomacy and any future negotiations. The letter, written by British MP Richard Bacon and his German and French counterparts, Omid Nouripour and Delphine O, was published in the Guardian ...

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‘Don’t have oral sex, your mouth’s for eating’: Ugandan president warns citizens

The president of Uganda has issued a public warning to citizens of the central African country: Don’t perform oral sex. Speaking during a televised press conference last week, President Yoweri Museveni spoke of the “wrong practices indulged in and promoted by” groups of non-nationals. “The mouth is for eating, not for sex,” he said, adding: “We know the address of ...

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Don’t invest like Donald Trump: Warren Buffett’s advice to students

The world’s third-wealthiest person, Warren Buffett, was not impressed by US President Donald Trump’s investing strategy in his Q&A session with students in 1991. He predicted the failure of Trump’s casino business. According to a document revealed by CNBC, when a Notre Dame University student asked Buffett about Trump’s casino business, the investor was not very enthusiastic about it. Read ...

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‘We don’t do Twitter diplomacy, need serious approach’ – Putin’s spokesman to Trump over Syria rant

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed Donald Trump’s attempts to talk to Russia through a barrage of tweets on Wednesday, and warned that the US president risked worsening “an already fragile situation.” READ MORE: Putin: The world is getting more chaotic, but we hope that common sense will prevail “We don’t do Twitter diplomacy. We are proponents of a serious ...

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‘Don’t mess with our elections’: Hackers stuff US flag into Cisco security hole worldwide

Unknown hackers have exploited a loophole in the Cisco protocol to strike internet service providers worldwide, in a coordinated attack against data centers, leaving a US flag and a message reading “Don’t mess with our elections.” Iranian data centers became some of the latest victims of the global bot attack late on Friday. Disabling router switches for internet service providers ...

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We don’t want apologies, we want common sense to triumph – Putin on Skripal saga

Published time: 4 Apr, 2018 14:37 As the case for Moscow’s involvement in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal is weakened by new revelations, Russian President Vladimir Putin says he simply wants the diplomatic fallout over the incident to end. “We are not waiting for anything,” the Russian president said at a joint press conference with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts in ...

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Meeting with foreign adversaries? Good if you like the president, bad if you don’t

Is it a good or bad thing for the American president to meet with the leaders of so-called ‘enemy’ nations like North Korea, Iran and Russia? Well, it seems the answer depends on who you ask – and when you ask them. When President Donald Trump announced last month that he would be willing to meet with North Korean leader ...

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‘100 suspicions don’t make proof’: Moscow quotes Dostoyevsky in reply to Boris Johnson over Skripal

Chiding Boris Johnson, who quoted Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment in reference to the Skripal saga, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman recalled another line from the novel: “a hundred suspicions don’t make a proof.” In a speech on Thursday, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson added some Russian flavor to accusations that Moscow was behind the poisoning of former double agent Sergey ...

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Most Russians don’t believe their country is complicit in Skripal poisoning, poll shows

Just three percent of Russians believe the MSM theory about the country’s involvement in the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, while a large majority believe the attack was carried out by Moscow’s enemies. According to research conducted in late March by state-run polling agency VTSIOM, a total of 82 percent of Russian citizens are aware of the ...

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Antitrust: Majority of Americans don’t trust Facebook to protect their data – poll

More than 50 percent of Americans don’t trust Facebook to adhere to the country’s privacy laws, according to a new poll. The company has been besieged by privacy complaints following recent revelations that the data of 50 million Facebook users was leaked to Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm accused of using the data to influence the outcome of the ...

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