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Google CEO: ‘I don’t regret’ firing James Damore

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says he still believes that it was appropriate to fire James Damore. “I don’t regret it,” said Pichai, in an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher and MSNBC’s Ari Melber. “It was the right decision,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, echoed onstage. It’s been almost six months since the company dismissed the engineer, who authored a controversial memo about purported ...

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‘Don’t eat laundry detergent’: Tide Pod meme prompts police warning (VIDEO)

A Kansas police department has actually been forced to warn people not to eat laundry detergent after a series of online memes sparked a dangerous ‘challenge.’ The joke about Tide laundry detergent capsules being fruit-flavored snacks has been circulating on the internet for years. The so-called “challenge” of eating the pods started in 2016, but the ridiculous trend has recently ...

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Don’t call drug users ‘junkies’ or ‘crackheads,’ Soros & Branson-backed campaign urges

Published time: 11 Jan, 2018 09:28 Drug users shouldn’t be labelled “junkies” or “addicts,” George Soros’ Global Commission on Drug Policy has said, amid complaints that drug users are stigmatized. Instead, they should be called a “person who uses drugs.” The commission, backed by Virgin tycoon Richard Branson and former Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg, says drug users are victims ...

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'French people don’t need Big Brother to debunk fake news for them'

If France really is a democracy, all people should be able to express their opinions, otherwise we will have the ministry of propaganda from ‘1984’ – defining what’s true and what’s not, political analyst Nikola Mirkovic says. Following his announcement to tackle the spread of fake news, French President Emmanuel Macron is facing an unexpected backlash, with a surge in ...

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F1 star Hamilton apologizes for ‘boys don’t wear princess dresses’ comment

Published time: 27 Dec, 2017 10:59 Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has apologized for an Instagram video in which he criticized his young nephew for wearing a dress. The British F1 world champion had made the comments in a video posted on his Instagram account, apparently filmed on Christmas Day, which showed Hamilton’s young nephew wearing a pink and purple ...

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‘I don’t want to suffer any more’– Belgian Paralympian Marieke Vervoort ready to be euthanized

A Belgian Paralympic athlete who suffers from an incurable form of progressive tetraplegia has revealed she is ready to be euthanised to get over the pain which has become unbearable. Marieke Vervoort who won four Paralympic medals, including the coveted gold in London in 2012, signed euthanasia papers in 2008 so she can decide when to end her own life. She, ...

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‘Why don’t we talk to people before we use sanctions & bombs?’ – Ron Paul

Speaking to RT, former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul said that the recent phone call between Trump and Putin was a good sign, but the hawkish wing of American politics is always standing at the ready. On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a call to his American counterpart, Donald Trump, to thank him and CIA director Mike ...

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‘Don’t let Nazis govern’: 1,000s protest new coalition govt in Austria (PHOTOS)

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 10:52 Thousands of demonstrators have gathered in Vienna to protest the swearing-in of the new Austrian government. The rally targeted the anti-immigrant Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), which has joined the coalition government. Up to 6,000 people gathered in the Heldenplatz area near the official residences of the Austrian president and chancellor, Vienna police said ...

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Russians don’t need red jerseys to be Red Machine in PyeongChang – hockey boss to RT

The IOC decision to ban the Russian flag and anthem at the 2018 Olympics was “tough,” but its hockey team will be recognizable even without their red jerseys, International Ice Hockey Federation chief Rene Fazel told RT. “There was some wrongdoing (on the part of Russia). Nobody will say something against that. But 50 days before the start of the ...

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Monsanto promises cash to farmers who don’t abandon weed killer linked to crop destruction

Monsanto is offering cash incentives to US farmers who use a weed killer that is facing heavy restrictions. Critics say the perk program is meant to increase sales of a product that is believed to harm crops. The American agrochemical and biotech corporation is offering cash back to US farmers who use XtendiMax, Monsanto’s controversial herbicide, while growing soybeans engineered ...

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