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‘You don’t see this everyday’: Plane makes epic emergency landing amid freeway traffic (VIDEO)

Motorists traveling down one of California’s busiest freeways got a shock when a single-engine plane was forced to touch down in an emergency amid all the traffic. El Cajon’s Interstate 8 became a makeshift runway for the pilot of the stricken plane, which managed to make an incredible safe landing just before midday on Friday. According to NBC 7 San ...

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Putin to Poroshenko: Don’t be like Georgia’s Saakashvili, who lost vast territories

Ukraine pursues the same policy against its own people that cost Georgia to lose territory after then-leader Mikhail Saakashvili’s war on Ossetia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, warning Kiev not to go down the same road. “The Ukrainian authorities are not just leading the situation into a deadlock, they are pursuing an anti-state and anti-national policy,” the Russian leader said, ...

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A ton of people don’t know that Facebook owns WhatsApp

Americans looking to reduce their reliance on products from tech’s most alarmingly megalithic companies might be surprised to learn just how far their reach extends. Privacy-minded browser company DuckDuckGo conducted a small study to look into that phenomenon and the results were pretty striking. “… As Facebook usage wanes, messaging apps like WhatsApp are growing in popularity as a ‘more ...

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‘I don’t give a damn’: Secret service agent blocks reporter’s Kushner-Saudi questions (VIDEO)

US secret service agents are expected to take a bullet for those they’ve sworn to protect. But in a bizarre exchange a bodyguard for White House senior advisor Jared Kushner swooped in to block a reporter’s questions. The US president’s son-in-law was spared potentially tough questioning on Saudi Arabia when an unidentified special agent pushed in front of Errol Barnett, ...

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‘3 tons max? Don’t care!’ Big rig attempts to cross fragile bridge that collapses (VIDEO)

A big rig flips over and ploughs right into a river after its driver decides to ignore a warning sign and tries to defy the basic laws of physics by driving his heavily-loaded vehicle through a flimsy wooden bridge. A video shared by Belarus news outlet SB.BY shows a large white truck preparing to cross a small river through a ...

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US sanctions are ‘an irritant but don’t bite, doomed to fail in Iran, Turkey and Russia’

There is no ethical basis for US sanctions anywhere as they are aimed to serve US interests wherever it is needed, international oil economist and professor, Mamdouh Salameh told RT. Donald Trump’s efforts to punish Russia for its alleged election meddling could end up hitting US consumers in the pocket because aluminum imports are about to get more expensive. Since ...

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‘Don’t smile’: Indian airport police told to rein in grins because friendly staff ‘caused 9/11'

Smiling is usually hailed as ‘the key that fits the lock of everyone’s heart,’ but not in India. The country’s airport police have been ordered to smile less at passengers for a bizarre reason: because it caused 9/11. Armed officers of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) are being told to concentrate less on smiling, and the motive for the ...

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‘Why don’t that thing have missiles?’: Lee Camp on AI and the US military

The US military’s quest for driverless supply trucks is just the tip of the AI-ceberg when it comes to automating its killing machines. Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp takes a humorous, yet thorough look at AI’s future of warfare. Read more While a driverless supply truck may sound as innocuous as an organization that deals with death can get, it’s only ...

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‘Don’t fall for it!’ Anti-Kavanaugh protesters are paid professionals backed by Soros, Trump says

The “rude elevator screamers” protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court are “paid professionals” who are backed by George Soros, US President Donald Trump has tweeted. In the same tweet, the US president also encouraged his followers to “look at all of the professionally made identical signs. Paid for by Soros and others. These are not signs made in ...

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Don’t mention the Clintons? Senator quote about Democrats mocking abuse victim gets Kavanaugh twist

Arguing that Republicans have shown nothing but respect for the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Senator Lindsey Graham brought up a quote from the 1990s. But some reporters didn’t get it. Speaking at The Atlantic Festival on Wednesday, Graham (R-South Carolina) was asked about President Donald Trump’s alleged mockery of Christine Blasey-Ford at a ...

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