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No-deal Brexit is ‘more likely than ever,’ Donald Tusk tells EU leaders

European Council President Donald Tusk has said that a ‘no deal’ Brexit is “more likely than ever before” and that it must be prepared for. Read more Tusk made the comment in a letter to EU leaders ahead of meetings scheduled for 17 and 18 October. “We must prepare the EU for a no-deal scenario, which is more likely than ...

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'Resistance' poster-boy Avenatti is picking a literal fight with Donald Trump Jr.

Abrasive attorney Michael Avenatti may soon have the opportunity to do what every Democrat dreams of doing: taking a swing at Donald Trump. During a lunch date with MSNBC reporter Dylan Byers, Avenatti proposed a three-round MMA fight with Trump Jr. for charity. In a later tweet, he clarified that his half of the proceeds would be split between the Rape, ...

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US President Donald Trump says he expects to hold second North Korea summit 'quite soon'

US President Donald Trump is expecting to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the second time “quite soon.” The American leader did not elaborate on the place and the exact date of the possible meeting. The second summit with Kim is to be worked out in the immediate future, Trump told media on Monday after a meeting at ...

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‘Totally legal’: President defends Donald Jr’s Trump Tower meeting with Russians to get Clinton dirt

Donald Trump has labelled reports that he is concerned over the legality of his son’s Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer as “fake news”, and said getting dirt on 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton was “totally legal.” The US president took to Twitter on Sunday to call it a “complete fabrication” that he was worried over his son Donald ...

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Democrat & Nazi policies ‘heavily aligned’: Donald Trump Jr sparks wrath of Twitter

Donald Trump Jr has come under fire for equating the Democrats’ platform and that of the Nazi party in an attempt to dismiss the concerns of “kids in dreadlocks running around screaming about fascism” in the US. Trump made the remarks at the premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, ‘Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the Making of the ...

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Donald Trump answers prank call aboard Air Force One

A US comedian claims he tricked President Donald Trump aboard Air Force One with a prank call in which he pretended to be a Democratic senator, discussing immigration, his Supreme Court nominee, and a public scandal. Comedian John Melendez posed as Senator Bob Menendez for the joke and says he actually spoke to the president’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, ...

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WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump & Kim Jong-un arrive at historic summit in Singapore

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are meeting in Singapore to discuss a peace treaty and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. It’s the first ever such summit between the heads of the two countries. Trump and Kim are scheduled to start their meeting at around 9:00 am local time, and they will spend the next hour ...

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The Onion resurrects old Cohen e-mail complaining about ‘Donald Trump’ op-ed

The Onion has joined in on the media feeding frenzy surrounding Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, publishing an obtuse cease-and-desist letter that Cohen allegedly sent to the satirical site. In a snarky piece published on Monday, The Onion revealed the contents of a strongly-worded e-mail sent to them by Cohen in January 2013. Objecting to a commentary piece satirically ...

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Will Donald Trump kick the can over Iran nuclear deal?

US President Donald Trump has used a bombastic approach to gain the attention of European nations, using them as leverage as he bids to alter the Iran nuclear deal, former Pentagon official Michel Maloof tells RT. Despite international pressure, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says his country plans to stay in the agreement even if the United States backs out – ...

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Climate change activists plan bizarre Donald Trump iceberg project

A climate change group is attempting to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund its mission to carve the face of US President Donald Trump into an iceberg. Finnish environmental activists ‘Melting Ice’ made the appeal after announcing its plan to sculpt Trump’s famous face on to a 115ft piece of Arctic sea ice. The plan, dubbed ‘Project Trumpmore’ ...

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