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Pompeii horse discovered during investigation into grave robber tunnels (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The full body of a horse swamped by lava during the volcanic eruption at Pompeii has been unveiled by archaeologists. The remains are part of a number of artefacts rescued as the Italian military investigated grave robber tunnels. The secret tunnels, which Italian investigators believe were built by thieves targeting valuable antiquities, were intercepted last August. READ MORE: Ethiopia demands ...

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Curing HIV: New study method discovered as experts debate future vaccination

Scientists have developed a new way of studying cells infected with the HIV virus, raising hopes that the elusive cure might be found. According to researchers at Rockefeller University in New York, a new strategy could enable scientists to identify latent cells carrying the virus in patients. Published in Nature Medicine, the method involves the use of protein to enrich ...

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‘Exploding’ ants discovered: Kamikaze insects kill predators with toxic… well, selves

A new species of kamikaze-style ants has been found in Borneo, Southeast Asia. The ‘exploding’ critters sacrifice themselves to attack predators and defend their colony. The ‘colobopsis explodens’ was discovered by a team of international researchers who identified 15 separate species of exploding ants in the tropical rainforest. Details of the study have been published in Zookeys. The team noticed ...

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World’s oldest: Over 5000yo figural tattoos discovered on Egyptian mummies (PHOTOS)

Horned animals and geometric motifs have been found tattooed on two Egyptian mummies. One male and one female, the mummies date back more than 5,000 years. Over a century after their initial discovery, the naturally mummified bodies have revealed new secrets. What appeared to be dark smudges on their skin have in fact turned out to be tattooed images, now ...

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Wreck of Japanese destroyer used in Pearl Harbor attack discovered

An Imperial Japanese Navy vessel that took part in the attack on the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor during World War II was found submerged off the coast of Japan. Read more The destroyer Isokaze was discovered off the southern coast of Japan by Fukada Salvage & Marine works, Japan’s Chugoku newspaper reports.   The warship took part in ...

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Kim Jong-un's secret Brazilian passport discovered (PHOTOS)

Brazilian passports, which were used by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his father in an attempt to get foreign embassies to issue them travel permits, have been revealed for the first time. Black-and-white scans of the passports, which were issued by the embassy of Brazil in Prague in February 1996, feature real photos of then-Korean leader Kim Jong-il and ...

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Special delivery: Machine gun discovered in parcel sent to Siberia

Someone in Siberia won’t be getting his machine gun thanks to the vigilance of Russian Post employees, who discovered the contents of the illegal parcel and handed them over to the police. An attempt to send a RPK (Kalashnikov hand-held machine gun) and two Simonov rifles via mail was thwarted on Thursday, the Russian Post said in a statement. The ...

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‘Only the beginning’: 2,000yo mummies discovered at major Egyptian tombs (VIDEO)

Ancient tombs filled with coffins, mummies, and artifacts have been discovered in Egypt. Archaeologists say this is just the beginning of the discovery, as the site is expected to take five years to excavate. The large necropolis (or cemetery) was uncovered south of Cairo, near the Tuna al-Gabal archaeological site that’s home to a range of tombs. It’s believed to ...

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Physical evidence prophet Isaiah existed discovered in Jerusalem

An ancient clay seal discovered in Jerusalem may have belonged to the prophet Isaiah and could be the earliest physical evidence of the biblical figure. “We appear to have discovered a seal impression, which may have belonged to the prophet Isaiah, in a scientific, archaeological excavation,” lead archaeologist Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology said ...

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Fertility secrets of the Pharaohs: 4,400-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt (VIDEO)

An ancient 4,400-year-old tomb has been discovered outside Cairo, Egypt. The remarkable find was unveiled to the public on Saturday near the country’s famed pyramids of Giza. The tomb is said to be that of a high-ranking ancient Egyptian priestess known as Hetpet. Archaeologists believe that she was close to fifth dynasty (c. 2,500 BC) Egyptian royalty. Hetpet is thought ...

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