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Stash of bullets discovered near Christmas market in Berlin not linked to terrorism – police

Published time: 10 Dec, 2017 22:14 Edited time: 10 Dec, 2017 22:46 A “large amount” of ammunition was discovered Sunday evening near a Christmas market in Berlin, prompting the police to sweep the area. Authorities, however, claim the discovery is not uncommon, and unlikely linked to terrorism. The ammunition, according to the publication, was discovered by a tenant of an ...

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Flesh-eating ancient ‘marsupial lion’ species discovered

Published time: 7 Dec, 2017 12:36 Scientists have discovered a strange new species of marsupial lion in northern Australia. The fearsome predator has been extinct for at least 18 million years. The animal was uncovered by a team of Australian scientists who analyzed fossilized remains of its skull, teeth and upper arm bone, all found in the Riversleigh World Heritage ...

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Lost castle discovered submerged in giant Turkish lake (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 13:49 Landlocked by volcanic rock, Turkey’s Lake Van has captivated more imaginative locals with stories of a mythical monster lurking within. But now researchers have uncovered a more concrete reason for people to visit – a secret underwater castle. Essentially, Lake Van is to Turkey what Loch Ness is to Scotland. Stretching between the provinces ...

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Cosmic communities? Newly discovered exoplanet could be home to alien life

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 19:02 Whether life exists beyond Planet Earth is still a mystery – but if aliens really are out there, there’s a good chance they’ll be found on Ross 128b. The newly discovered exoplanet seems to have all the right qualities for extraterrestrial existence. It may seem like an out-of-this-world claim, but if there was ever ...

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Human-animal hybrid cave paintings from lost civilization discovered (PHOTOS)

A team of archaeologists has discovered a vast array of pre-European conquest artwork from a lost civilization in a series of tiny caves on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean. Some of the artwork was already known to archaeologists but had been misidentified as far more recent than it actually was. The Taíno people, a forgotten civilization that were wiped ...

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Hitler only joined the Nazis after being rejected by a bigger party, newly discovered document shows

Published time: 30 Oct, 2017 13:10 Edited time: 30 Oct, 2017 13:15 Adolf Hitler didn’t always have his heart set on joining the Nazis, it seems. According to a newly uncovered document, the German dictator was denied membership of a much larger far-right party, forcing him to look elsewhere. The rest, as they say, is history. How different it all ...

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What lies beneath: 'Monster' plankton discovered in Arctic ice (PHOTO)

Published time: 21 Oct, 2017 09:20 Edited time: 21 Oct, 2017 09:21 A new species that has been dubbed a hidden ‘monster’ of the plankton world has been found lurking under Arctic sea ice in Canada. The fortuitous discovery of the eight-legged creature – which freakishly only has one eye, no mouth and two hairy antennae – was made by ...

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Body of Houston hotel worker trapped during Harvey discovered

The body of a Houston hotel employee who volunteered during the worst of Harvey was found nearly two weeks after she made her final call for help. Jill Renick’s remains were discovered earlier this week in the basement of the Omni Houston Hotel, where she worked as a spa manager. An employee found the 48-year-old Houston resident’s body in the ...

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Bodies of missing Colo. couple discovered on Aspen mountain

The bodies of a missing Aspen couple have been found near the summit of a Colorado mountain where two other people have died this summer. Ryan Marcil and Carlin Brightwell were recovered from Capitol Peak near Aspen on Tuesday evening, Jesse Steindler with the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office told the Aspen Times. A search helicopter spotted their bodies on the ...

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Wreckage of USS Indianapolis discovered in Pacific Ocean

The wreckage of the legendary USS Indianapolis — whose sinking set off one of the worst disasters in U.S. Navy history that included relentless shark attacks — has been found. The cruiser went down in the waning days of World War II and researchers scoured the Pacific for decades for it to no avail. It became ingrained in sea lore ...

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