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The art of disaster: 5 times Trump kept election promises, but probably shouldn’t have (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been hailed as a leader who keeps his promises. But the horrific violence and diplomatic rows in the wake of the US embassy’s move to Jerusalem illustrate how not all campaign pledges are created equal. Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed that the decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was “yet another example ...

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Iran deal was ‘recipe for disaster’: Israel thanks Trump for his ‘brave’ decision

Following US President Donald Trump’s announcement that Washington will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised his move as “brave and correct.” Read more The Iranian deal was “a recipe for disaster, a disaster for our region, a disaster for the peace of the world,” Netanyahu said in a televised address just moments after Trump ...

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Trump plan to ax oversight on US arms sales will ‘lead to disaster’ – analysts to RT

Loosened US policy on arms exports contradicts Washington’s alleged commitment to protecting human rights, and makes it easier for rogue groups to acquire weapons and perpetrate conflicts, analysts told RT. Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday unveiled its plans to foster US armed sales to foreign countries. The new changes will allow for American arms supplies to sell weapons to US ...

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Disaster looms over Libyan oil

Is General Khalifa Haftar dead or alive? The leader of the Libyan National Army (LNA) disappeared from the public eye earlier this month, and now rumors surrounding his health are beginning to circulate. Some media reports say he is dead, others insist he is alive. If we are to trust a quote by Libyan Express of the French foreign minister, Haftar is alive ...

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Jimmy Carter says Trump’s NSC adviser choice Bolton is ‘disaster for our country’

The 39th US President has slammed Donald Trump’s pick of Bush-era war hawk John Bolton to lead the National Security Council. The effects of the move, which has sparked a lot of criticism, could be disastrous, Jimmy Carter said. The 93-year-old former President has echoed the concerns of Democratic lawmakers that have been sounding the alarm over Trump’s decision to ...

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Tributes paid in Manchester & Munich for 60th anniversary of Man United disaster

Memorial services have been held to mark the 60th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, which tragically decimated a Manchester United football team known as the ‘Busby Babes’ on February 6, 1958. Eight first team players were killed and a further 15 – including crew, club officials and journalists – lost their lives when the team’s plane attempted to take ...

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Tributes paid to ‘Busby Babes’ killed in Munich air disaster 60 years ago

Tuesday marks the 60th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, which all but wiped out a burgeoning Manchester United team, known as the ‘Busby Babes.’ The ‘Babes,’ named for their collective youth under the stewardship of United’s legendary manager Matt Busby, had won the English First Division in the preceding two years before tragedy struck on February 6, 1958. Having ...

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Lethal radiation amounts still detected at crippled Fukushima plant 7yrs after disaster

An inspection of the Fukushima nuclear plant has detected extremely high amounts of radiation, says operator TEPCO. Just an hour of exposure would be lethal. A remote-controlled inspection detected 42 Sieverts (Sv) per hour of radiation outside the foundations of the crippled Unit 2 of the plant, according to a newly-released report. And that’s a lot, as just one Sv ...

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Fukushima operator turned down tsunami simulation plan 9yrs before disaster

Nine years before disaster struck the Fukushima nuclear plant, its operator TEPCO rejected a government watchdog’s advice to carry out a tsunami simulation. The company cited a lack of evidence regarding a tsunami threat. A government research group warned that large tsunami waves could hit anywhere along the Pacific coast of Japan back in July 2002. The group referred to ...

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Seconds from disaster: Pilot makes emergency landing on LA freeway (VIDEOS)

An ice-cool pilot was forced to make a Hollywood-style emergency landing on a Los Angeles freeway after the aircraft’s engine lost power and strong winds made it impossible to divert to a nearby airport. READ MORE: Turboprop plane buffeted by gusts of wind in harrowing landing (VIDEO) Pilot Israel Slod was flying with friend Daniel Gross when the engine of ...

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