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Over half of Russians say Syrian conflict can develop into new world war

The percentage of Russians who fear that the current conflict in Syria could develop into a global war has increased from 48 to 57 in less than two years, but experts explain this by natural deviations. According to newly released research by the independent Russian public opinion center Levada, 16 percent of Russians have serious fears that the Syrian war ...

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Scientists develop ‘artificial retina’ in hope to restore sight to the blind

A cheap new artificial retina could soon be used to restore sight to the blind, according to joint research by scientists at universities in Israel and Sweden. Researchers from Tel Aviv and Linkoping have developed a small, photoactive film capable of converting light into electrical signals that stimulate light-sensitive nerve cells in the eye. It is hoped that the research ...

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Revenue from US sales used to develop cutting-edge rocket engines, says Russian weapons chief

The Russian deputy PM responsible for the defense industry has said that a ban on rocket-engine sales to the US is undesirable because it provides funds to Moscow for R&D, but such sanctions would be manageable if they’re imposed. Read more “You know this engine that we are supplying to the United States, the NK-33. We have made a decision ...

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Pentagon wants more money to develop its own hypersonic nukes, just like Russia’s

The Pentagon may not be surprised by the new Russian hypersonic missiles – but why not use them as a pitch for more money? A military budget about 10 times that of Russia is not enough, according to the DARPA director. Asked by a gathering of journalists on Thursday if the United States is spending enough on its own hypersonic ...

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Turkey must develop ‘unmanned tanks’ & more as NATO refuses to share military tech – Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instructed the Turkish defense industry to develop a home-produced unmanned tank, and has criticized NATO states’ reluctance to share modern military technology with their ally Ankara. Ankara hopes to design, produce and deploy an unmanned tank to circumvent a technology gap that NATO countries are reluctant to fill, President Erdogan stated on Wednesday, unveiling the ...

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Saudi Arabia begins uranium exploration to develop nuclear energy

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 11:14 The House of Saud has started a survey for uranium and thorium resources, according to a report by Argaam, a Saudi Arabian financial news portal. The kingdom will not use it for military purposes, officials say. Exploration has begun in the Hail region of the Al Hail Province by the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) ...

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Spain running out of jamon after Chinese develop taste for it, prices soar

Published time: 27 Nov, 2017 09:40 Spain’s famous jamón ibérico (Iberian ham) may soon be harder to come by. Demand from Chinese consumers is about to outstrip supply, causing rising prices and difficulties for Spanish families ahead of Christmas. Jamón ibérico – the culinary pride of Spain – has finally found its “right place in the market, alongside high-end caviar ...

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‘Underpinning UK prosperity:’ New facility opens in Hampshire to develop & test laser cannon

Published time: 26 Nov, 2017 09:21 UK arms giant QinetiQ has opened a new ‘center of excellence’ for the development and testing of cutting-edge laser cannon. The new facility, named Dragonworks, will be an operational playground for lasers designed for the military. Among other things, the facility in Farnborough, Hampshire boasts a dedicated clean room for assembling laser weaponry, as ...

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Russia will promptly ‘develop & adopt’ mid-range missiles if US violates INF treaty

Published time: 9 Nov, 2017 17:42 Edited time: 9 Nov, 2017 17:43 Russia has the military and technical capabilities to develop and adopt new intermediate-range missile systems, should the US begin the development of a new missile. Mentioned in a recent US budget bill, the weapon would potentially violate a 1987 missile treaty. “If the missile announced by Congress indeed ...

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Russia to develop business links with US firms despite sanctions – Trade Minister

Published time: 27 Oct, 2017 12:44 Moscow is ready to talk to US businesses and won’t discriminate against foreign companies based in Russia despite the tension between the two countries, said Trade Minister Denis Manturov. He is currently on an official visit to the US. Read more “First of all, we are interested in developing relations and business,” he said, ...

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