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Scientists determine what God looks like for Americans

What people envision God to look like varies broadly, depending upon demographics and politics. Whether God is male, female, black, white, young or old is entirely subjective and often our God looks a bit like we see ourselves. However, the most commonly accepted image of God, in literature and art at least, remains that of an elderly, white, man. A ...

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Chris Soules' Social Media and Cell Phone Will Determine Fate in Fatal Crash

EXCLUSIVE Chris Soules‘ fate in the fatal car crash could be determined by his cell phone … and the stakes are high — a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution. Law enforcement sources involved in the investigation tell us they’re especially interested to know if Soules was a distracted driver by using his cell phone at the time of the crash. We’re ...

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It will determine the future' Italian populist Salvini wants alliance with Donald Trump

Leader of Italy’s Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, has lavished praise on the American billionaire claiming they agree on a wide variety of issues.  He said they stood together on policies concerning “labour, immigration, national security, and the proper role of supranational organizstions, such as NATO, the European Union, and the UN”. He added: “These issues will determine the future.” ...

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Determine If a Master’s in Finance Is the Right Move

Applicants should find out which concentrations and electives schools offer when deciding where to go, experts say. If you’re interested in finance, employers are interested in you. The job market may be especially favorable to people with this academic background, according to a January report from the Graduate Management Admission Council. “78 percent of employers who hired Master of Finance ...

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