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Trump touts US military readiness after N.Korea destroys its nuke test site

After cancelling a long-awaited summit with Kim Jong-un, President Donald Trump warned North Korea that US military ‘more ready than ever before.’ The fallout comes hours after Pyongyang dismantled its nuclear testing site. Touching upon the cancellation on Thursday, during a signing of a banking reform bill, Trump chose to point out US military strength. “Our military, which is by ...

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Judge awards graffiti artists $6.7mn after 'callous' landlord destroys buildings (PHOTOS)

A New York judge has awarded a group of graffiti artists $ 6.7 million after buildings that displayed their work were destroyed to make way for luxury condos. The artwork had been displayed for decades in an area of Queens known as ‘5Pointz.’ The graffiti had become a huge tourist attraction, drawing in thousands of visitors daily until it was ...

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‘Ferocious’ fire destroys 1,400 vehicles in Liverpool multi-story car park (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

A devastating fire has destroyed around 1,400 vehicles in a multi-story car park next to Liverpool’s Echo Arena. Hundreds of people were forced to abandon their vehicles and were stranded in the English city overnight after the fire broke out in an SUV and quickly engulfed seven levels of the Kings Dock car park. READ MORE: Huge fireball over UK ...

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Prominent Russian sports host destroys his chair on air (VIDEO)

Published time: 4 Nov, 2017 00:14 Edited time: 4 Nov, 2017 00:15 Prominent Russian media host Vasiliy Utkin crashed form his chair during a live broadcast on a sports radio. He confessed it was by far not the first one he had destroyed in his lifetime, just the first on camera. The incident occurred on Thursday, as Utkin took part ...

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Fire DESTROYS Vesuvius park as soaring temperatures cause blazes to spread across Italy

Police arrested a 24-year-old man from Torre del Greco, in a joint operation with the Forest Guard, a the request of the local prosecutor’s office.  Leonardo Orsino, allegedly used a simple lighter to ignite the forest fire on July 14, a blaze that erased most of the protected areas of the Vesuvius National park, near Naples.  Orsino, who is already ...

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Cubs shortstop Javier Baez’s wild throw destroys Braves iPad

An iPad in the Braves dugout experienced a spinning ball of death Monday night. When attempting to turn a double play, Cubs shortstop Javier Baez tried to get the ball to first base with a sidearm throw. Instead the ball came out of his hand and flew into the Braves dugout, striking the screen of an iPad in the process. ...

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Angry woman destroys Texas Taco Bell

Hell hath no fury like an employee scorned. A Texas woman destroyed a Taco Bell in a fit of rage after returning to pick up her final pay check. The violent rampage, which included the throwing of two tea dispensers, was captured on video by a bystander. In it, the woman can be heard shouting at a man later identified ...

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Large piece of scrap metal nearly kills Fla. man, destroys car

An Orlando man narrowly escaped a gruesome death Saturday morning when a giant piece of falling scrap metal crushed his van. The giant pillar came crashing 200 feet down from a highway and landed on the 2003 Pontiac van driven by Jesus Armando Escobar, who walked away with only minor injuries. The hunk of scrap metal had been strapped to ...

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Ready for war – Moment US destroys missile using THAAD as North Korea threat rises

As tensions heat up on the international stage, this new dramatic footage shows how the US would intercept an intermediate-range ballistic missile, (IRBM) similar to North Korea’s. Released by the US Missile Defence Agency (MDA) the drill shows an IRBM fired from a US Air Force C-17 cargo plane over the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii.  The THAAD was launched at ...

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Blac Youngsta Posts Mock Crucifixion, Internet Destroys Him

Blac YoungstaPosts Mock Crucifixion Pic… Internet Destroys Him 7/11/2017 7:14 AM PDT Blac Youngsta put himself on a cross, and now he’s actually getting $ 10,000 offers … to delete the damn photo. The rapper/master s**t stirrer posted the pic Monday of himself fully mocking the crucifixion with Tupac‘s lyrics, “HAIL MARY COME WITH ME.” He also said “R.I.P. TUPAC.” ...

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