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FBI’s Strzok calls Congress hearing a ‘victory for Putin,’ denies anti-Trump bias

Anti-Trump text messages he exchanged with Lisa Page were expressions of “deep patriotism” and not bias, FBI agent Peter Strzok told US Congress. He also claimed the hearing was a victory for Russian efforts to destroy America. Strzok, the former deputy assistant director for counterintelligence of the FBI, faced the House Judiciary and Oversight committees on Thursday, to answer questions ...

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Pentagon denies review of US forces in Germany linked to potential troop pull-out

The Pentagon has denied reports that an audit of US troops stationed in Germany was ordered by the White House ahead of plans to reduce the number of US forces in Europe, as its not contributing enough to NATO. Read more The Department of Defense undertook the cost review on its own initiative, as a routine audit, Pentagon spokesman Col. ...

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‘I was stoned’: Syrian denies Berlin belt attack on Jew was anti-Semitic (VIDEO)

A Syrian man in Berlin has apologized to the victim of a suspected anti-Semitic attack as Germany continues its crackdown on resurgent hostility towards Jews in the country. The 19-year-old asylum seeker was on trial Tuesday after video emerged of him attacking a youth wearing a kippah in an affluent neighbourhood in the German capital in April. He is alleged ...

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Baghdad denies that US is setting up base at Iraq-Syria border

An Iraqi general has rejected reports that a US military base is being built on Mount Sinjar. A local official had earlier claimed that the Pentagon would use it to fight Islamic State terrorists and Iran-backed Shia militias. Multiple reports of the Pentagon setting up a base on Sinjar Mountain are fake, the commander of military operations in Iraq’s Nineveh ...

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Vatican ‘denies’ agreement signed with Saudi Arabia includes building churches

News that Saudi Arabia was to allow the construction of its first Christian church following a visit from a top Vatican official recently made headlines, but the claim appears to be overblown or premature. According to the Daily Mail, the Holy See has simply dismissed the story as “false.” RT has contacted the Vatican to request a more detailed clarification. ...

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Kremlin denies plans to launch internet firewall similar to China’s

As the state internet watchdog Roskomnadzor continues its attempts to block the Telegram messenger service, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed reports that Russia is planning to install a nationwide online firewall. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Peskov was asked if the thus far unsuccessful efforts to enforce the law and block the Telegram messenger on Russian territory were ...

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Zuckerberg denies knowledge of Facebook shadow profiles

The fact that Facebook probably has a profile of you whether you’re a Facebook user or not might come as a surprise to some users, though today even the company’s chief executive denied knowledge of the practice — or at least the term used to describe it. In this morning’s hearing with the House Energy and Commerce Committee, New Mexico ...

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‘If my plane explodes, ask CIA’: Duterte denies seeking alliance with China & Russia against US

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t ruling out that the US might be very annoyed and consider a threat his decision to procure weapons from China and Russia, after Washington refused to supply Manila with arms. The Philippines has been seeking modern weapons and small arms to step up combat against ISIS-linked Islamists, ever since Duterte assumed office in June 2016. ...

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Cambridge Analytica denies accessing data on 87M Facebook users, claims 30M

Cambridge Analytica is refuting a report by Facebook today that said Cambridge Analytica improperly attained data on up to 87 million users. Instead, it claims it only “licensed data for no more than 30 million people” from Dr. Aleksandr Kogan’s research company Global Science Research. It also claims none of this data was used in work on the 2016 US presidential election ...

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Kellyanne Conway denies claim she is White House’s ‘number-one leaker’

Kellyanne Conway has denied a new claim that she is the “number-one leaker” in President Donald Trump’s White House. Read more In an interview on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper, author Ronald Kessler made the surprising claim that Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager, was the source of most leaks coming out of his administration. Kessler, who is ...

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