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‘Rulers need myth that US is a democracy to give Americans illusion of control’ – Lee Camp

Jeff Bezos has $ 141 billion, and 63 percent of Americans say they can’t afford a $ 500 emergency. The system of massive inequality is unsustainable, but it keeps going thanks to the myths we are told, Lee Camp says. Comedian Lee Camp breaks down the eight great myths of American society in the latest edition of his satirical talk ...

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Digital campaigning vs democracy: UK election regulator calls for urgent law changes

A report by the UK’s Electoral Commission has called for urgent changes in the law to increase transparency about how digital tools are being used for political campaigning, warning that an atmosphere of mistrust is threatening the democratic process. The oversight body, which also regulates campaign spending, has spent the past year examining how digital campaigning was used in the UK’s ...

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‘Is this not democracy?’: No conditions will make Russia return Crimea to Ukraine rule – Putin

Moscow will never return Crimea to Ukraine, because the republic overwhelmingly opted to reunite with Russia in a free referendum, Vladimir Putin has told Austrian ORF broadcaster, in an exclusive interview. “There are no such conditions and there can never be” for Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine, Putin, who is to visit Austria on Tuesday, said. Russia was forced ...

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Democracy in the EU? Only when convenient for Brussels

The European Union fancies as a champion of ‘democracy,’ but its action show this doesn’t cover dissenting views, whether from an Eurosceptic party in Italy, austerity-hating Greeks, or any folks voting against its grand plans. Concerns about Europe’s disregard for the opinions of normal, non-technocrat, non-banker people have bubbled to the surface of social media after Italy’s recent close-call with ...

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Ukrainian sanctions on Russian media undermine democracy, should be called off – HRW

The newly-imposed ban on Russian media outlets in Ukraine limits freedom of expression and undermines democracy in the country, Rachel Denber, deputy director for Human Rights Watch (HRW) in Europe and Central Asia, said. “The Ukrainian government’s sanctioning of Russian state media outlets is part of a series of measures it has taken that limit media pluralism and freedom of ...

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'Idea that Saudis, who don't practice democracy, want democratic Iran is laughable'

Saudi Arabia and Israel don’t want regime change in Iran, but would prefer to have an incompetent regime that mismanages the economy, and not allow it to truly live up to its full potential, author Trita Parsi told RT. RT America’s Ed Schultz discussed the latest developments on the Iranian deal with Trita Parsi, the author of ‘Losing an Enemy: ...

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Barbarians at the gate? End of democracy? Most hysterical establishment takes on new Italian govt

Mainstream political analysts have unleashed their doom-laden predictions about the impact of Italy’s Five Star-Lega coalition, though their hostility is tempered by new-found concern for the “desperate,” misguided electorate. ‘The Weimar Republic’ “It may be too late. The spiral of populism is: unhappy voters; irresponsible promises, bad outcomes; even unhappier voters; still more irresponsible promises; and worse outcomes. The story ...

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Progressive advocacy groups call on the FTC to “make Facebook safe for democracy”

A team of progressive advocacy groups, including MoveOn and Demand Progress, are asking the Federal Trade Commission to “make Facebook safe for democracy.” According to Axios, the campaign, called Freedom From Facebook, is set to launch a six-figure ad campaign on Monday that will run on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among other platforms. The other advocacy groups behind the campaign ...

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US supports Venezuela's democracy by accusing Maduro of drug profiteering ahead of elections

The US has criticized the upcoming Venezuelan elections as ‘fake’, and rushed to support ‘democracy’ by slapping a top ruling party member with new sanctions and accusing president Nicolas Maduro of drug trade profiteering. The “second most powerful man in Venezuela,” Diosdado Cabello, immediately brushed aside all accusations and new US sanctions introduced against him for allegedly heading a drug ring, ...

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To ‘protect democracy,’ scandal-fearing Facebook teams up with ‘unbiased’ Atlantic Council

Would you like a think tank advocating acts of terrorism, war and suppression of the media working with Facebook to protect democracy and elections worldwide? If so, great news! Facebook is “excited to launch a new partnership with the Atlantic Council, which has a stellar reputation looking at innovative solutions to hard problems,” Katie Harbath, Facebook’s director for global politics ...

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