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US doesn’t seek ‘good relations,’ it demands total submission – Nicaragua President

US foreign policy is based on expansionism and oppression, President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua told RT Spanish, adding that those countries that refuse to submit to Washington’s will are then demonized and destabilized. “We have always wanted to have normal relations with the US but we see only aggression in return,” Ortega said in an exclusive interview with RT Spanish. ...

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Flagging friendship: New Zealand demands Australia change national banner

The once-close relationship between allies Australia and New Zealand is cracking under unprecedented pressure after the NZ prime minister accused the Aussies of copying his nation’s flag design – and demanded they change it. New Zealand voted against changing their own flag back in a 2015 referendum. Read more “We had a flag which we had for a long time ...

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Whoopi Goldberg demands Homeland Security stage Trump intervention

As pundits across the US continue their descent into rage over President Donald Trump’s “treasonous” meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Whoopi Goldberg has called on Homeland Security to intervene. Speaking on ‘The View’ on Monday, Goldberg and her fellow presenters competed to see who could be the most enraged about Trump’s behavior at the Helsinki summit with Putin. John ...

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Insults, demands & advice: Trump’s whirlwind European tour causes stir online

On his EU visit, US President Donald Trump lectured Germany on doing business with Russia, demanded tribute from NATO and offered advice on British politics. Many Europeans were having none of it, venting their spleen on Twitter. Trump flew into Belgium for the NATO summit on Wednesday, then jetted to the UK for a state visit on Thursday. He is ...

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Trump demands bigger bed & red, white & blue paint job for ‘more American’ Air Force One – report

Apparently unimpressed by the iconic aircraft used to ferry US presidents around the world, Donald Trump has reportedly commissioned two new planes – with bigger beds and “more American” paint jobs – to serve as Air Force One. Read more According to a scoop landed by Axios, in February Trump personally oversaw a $ 4 billion deal with Boeing for ...

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NATO summit day 1: Divided alliance unites against Russia, as US demands immediate contributions

The first day of the NATO summit has shown that, despite a row within its ranks that needs urgent, diplomatic pacification, the ‘defensive’ alliance is still united and ready to adopt another set of measures aimed against Moscow. From the outset, the NATO summit has demonstrated that the contradictions between once-close allies run deep. While NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ...

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Polish ruling party leader Kaczynski demands WWII reparations from Germany

The leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, has demanded reparations from Germany for the murder of “millions of people” and the destruction it brought during the Nazi occupation in WWII. “This is a Polish-Germany issue, I mean it was Germany who invaded Poland, murdering millions of people, destroying material goods, and we must be compensated for ...

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United States demands that Japan stops buying oil from Iran – reports

Washington has asked Tokyo to halt all crude purchases from Iran, insisting that its allies cease all trade with the country, according to Bloomberg. Read more The request was made during a meeting between US and Japanese officials in Tokyo this week, according to the media. No decision has been made yet, though, and talks will continue. This means that ...

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Russia rejects US demands to free convicts as propaganda and double standards

US authorities have no moral right to demand the release of convicted inmates, because Washington itself has been convicting Russian citizens in violation international law, Russian diplomats have stated. The Russian embassy in Washington released the statement as a reply to the resolution, in which the US Department of State demanded that the Russian authorities immediately release all people who ...

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