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‘We’re feeding a monster’: Resigned Israeli defense minister gives last sinister warning about Hamas

Israel’s outgoing defense minister has slammed the security cabinet for capitulating to Hamas and terrorism, blaming politicians for feeding a “monster” that will soon match the power of the Lebanese Hezbollah. Accusing the Israeli security cabinet of effectively granting “immunity” to Hamas by accepting the terms of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire deal, which halted boiling-hot hostilities on the Gaza strip this ...

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LA celebs cough up $60 million for Israel Defense Forces at gala event

Hollywood flocked to a gala for the Israel Defense Forces and raised a colossal $ 60 million for the armed force. Some of the celebrity attendees, however, faced a backlash online for appearing at the Beverly Hills event. The Friends of the Israel Defence Forces (FIDF) annual gala was a star-studded event attended by actors like Ashton Kutcher and Gerard ...

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Focus on air defense: Iran flexes military muscle as US reimposes sanctions (VIDEO)

Iran has showed off its latest air defense systems in a massive drill, the same day the US has formally reinstated a large batch of sanctions targeting hundreds of people and companies. Read more Iranian troops honed their air-defense skills at the same time as officials in Washington gave speeches on how they aimed to reduce Tehran’s oil revenues to ...

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'Fake News made me do it': Would-be terrorist’s lawyers deploy ‘Trump defense’ in court

Attorneys for wannabe bomber Patrick Stein are asking a judge to consider the toxic political climate when sentencing their client, who called himself “Orkin Man” and wanted to exterminate Muslim “cockroaches.” Stein is facing 15 years to life on charges of weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights. He was convicted in April alongside two other Kansas militiamen ...

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Was the ‘Desert Fox’ a Nazi? German defense ministry official sparks debate with Rommel tweet

A German defense ministry official became the target of an angry Twitter mob after paying tribute to Erwin Rommel, igniting furious debate about whether the German general was a hero or a Nazi war criminal. Peter Tauber, a senior defense ministry official who previously served as the Secretary General of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), took to Twitter on ...

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‘You’ve gained public trust’: Japan’s Abe boasts army’s reputation as he drives to beef up defense

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that 90 percent of the Japanese population respects the military as he pushes to expand it and change the country’s constitution to get rid of its post-WWII pacifist requirements. “Ninety percent of the population now treats the Self-Defense Force (SDF) with respect,” Abe said during a military-themed event on Sunday. “You have gained public trust ...

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US Defense Secretary Mattis wants 80% of key fighter jets ready for war

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has called on the Pentagon to bring at least 80 percent of its key fighter jets to combat readiness. For a country always at war with someone, surprisingly few of its warplanes are kept sky-worthy. True to Washington’s increasingly saber-rattling rhetoric, the world’s largest military is putting its money where its mouth is.  Secretary of ...

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Kim Dotcom jokingly mulls ‘insanity defense’ as he vows to fight ‘deep state’ (VIDEOS)

Facing the real prospect of extradition to the US on several copyright charges, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has again publicly vowed to “fight for internet freedom” and joked how his lawyers advised against an insanity plea. Dotcom’s years-long battle through the New Zealand court system against criminal copyright and racketeering charges abroad took a hit earlier this year when it ...

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US envoy’s threat to Russia is ‘way of increasing interest in NATO & boosting defense spending’

The US NATO envoy’s accusation that Russia is developing missiles in violation of the INF treaty is almost a theological argument to convince NATO to boost its defense spending, says international affairs expert Jonathan Steele. America’s ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison is on something of a damage-control mission after pledging to “take out” Russian missiles – the development of ...

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Russia’s Bastion coastal defense fires supersonic missiles in first Arctic drills (VIDEO)

The Russian Navy has test-fired a supersonic Onyx anti-ship cruise missile for the first time. It was launched from the Bastion missile-defense system, which was recently deployed to the Russian Arctic. A video of the launch shows one P-800 Onyx missile, which can travel at speeds of up to 1,980mph, shooting up in the air and then gliding above the ...

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